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Flashback: Neal Says–” Gosh, Who Do You Think Is Filling Weiner In ON All Of This”?

Ironic, Huh?


This, from a coward who pretends that the account is not run by Neal Rauhauser, Brett Kimberlin, or The Harassing Grouch….

According to this tweet, threatening rape at a Twitter account they think is a woman is okay, but the IRONY of them saying that “men do not abuse women, only pansies do” is probably lost only on them.

Neal has admitted to “roughing up” his wife, and she has plainly stated that he abused her , while the court documents published in the posts at Hogewash the past few days tells interesting stories about life at the Kimberlin household.

A New Pastebin POPS Up!! Number IV #OpTinFoil #OpHuntRauhauser

I cannot copy the picture that was made of Neal  on the Pastebin, but that can be seen on the SlideShare link below.

This Pastebin is very interesting, and a highlighted part is quite creepy.

Copied and pasted:

Open  message to  Neal Rauhauser , self proclaimed internet boogey-man and douchebag extraordinaire.
Neal Rauhauser is a guy who goes cross-country, paying cash for laptops, lodging at Netroots conferences, and time and energy to expend in Zuccotti Park trying to entrap Occupy Wall Streeters and Anon folks.  And yet Neal doesn’t have the time or energy to expend doing actual work that would reduce the over $30,000 he owes in back child support.  His ex-wife has successfully beat two bouts of cancer, all with zero support from Neal.   Neal’s ex-wife is a single mom doing the work of two parents because Neal isn’t man enough to get his act together and be present as an emotionally fit parent or a financially responsible father.
Hundreds of people have been subjected to Neal and @OccupyRebellion’s negative and defamatory attacks, online bullying, and threats.  Now you can hit Neal where it hurts: his pride.  You can all be the decent, empathetic, and caring individuals he isn’t, and the way you can do that is simple: donate to the Omaha Conservatory of Music, where Neal’s daughter studies. You can contribute at and hit Neal where it hurts.  Even if you only contribute a dollar, that’s a dollar more than he’s been man enough send the past few years.  You can designate your contribution for Madeline Rauhauser to offset the cost of lessons and instruments, or you can just contribute to the Conservatory itself.  The Omaha Conservatory of Music serves musically gifted children of all races, religions, backgrounds, and socio-economic statuses, and as a non-profit.
And Neal, if you’re out there…there’s still more to come.  Every individual that has an actual job doing something that contributes to society has waited for a moment to make a gesture that will drive you nuts.  Contributions to the Omaha Conservatory of Music are tax deductible, because the Conservatory is 501(c)(3).  Anyone who contributes to this cause will get a tax deduction for kicking Neal where it hurts with a compassionate gesture instead of being reduced to his level.
So what is Neal’s level exactly?   Well beyond just failing to pay child support, and having orders of protection filed against him for physical violence against his ex wife, Neal Rauhauser believes in suppressing the First Amendment rights of others.  Not only has he engaged in threats and attempts to silence others but in a manifesto he published, he even states specifically “We want to inspire responsible subversion, be it through computers or in real life.”   Responsible subversion?   Really?  What the hell is that?  Subversion is still subversion and it is everything that Anonymous is against.  This is not about suppressing the right to Free Speech it is about ensuring that right to all, even those we do not agree with.
Neal Rauhauser has attempted to “personal army” members of Anonymous for his own personal agenda in the past and this WILL NOT STAND.
Here is just one example of a recent threat in Twitter DMs exchanged a few weeks ago with @BullyVille regarding a move to out the @OccupyRebellion account for threats and libel against others. . . . .the following was sent by Neal to @BullyVille
CREEPY< SLIMY< SCARY PART—–the following was sent by Neal to @BullyVille
-  this is clumsy.  I’m at 202-XXX-XXXX.  I want no misunderstandings on this – you go after her you might get a SWAT attempt, won’t be me.
-  Nor is it anyone in her circle of contacts, those get done/ w an eye on framing me.
Neal, those statements are complete and utter bullshit.
THE REALITY Neal is that if you had any concern for @BullyVille’s personal safety or that of his family, you would have contacted the authorities or confirmed with @BullyVille on who is behind the @OccupyRebellion account for questioning.  And, you would have done the same for others that were “threatened” via your supposed network of contacts.  You didn’t.  And, we know the real reason WHY you didn’t.
THE REALITY is there is no reason for a SWAT to “get done” with an attempt to “frame you” because you are closely associated to the @OccupyRebellion account .
THE REALTITY Neal is you are not even RELEVANT enough that anyone would bother to try to frame you, except of course in your own conspiracy laden deluded mind.  You are an unemployed e-thug who no legitimate political candidate wants to associate with.
THE REALITY is you made those comments for one reason and one reason only – you’re a pathetic passive- aggressive lying douchebag who thinks he can intimidate people into shutting up and/or not exposing the individual behind the @OccupyRebellion and other sock accounts.
THE REALITY is you threatened to yank law enforcement assets around for your own personal agenda.  You’ve alluded to doing the same with federal assets.  And, it’s not the first time you have done so.   You’ve never been law enforcement and you’ve never been military.   You have no power to do what you claim and furthermore we all now know it.  The FBI and law enforcement think you are a joke, and so do we.
Your right to be stupid does not change the fact that you are in fact . . . stupid.  More importantly your right to be stupid does not subvert the rights of others to speak publicly or privately –whether you agree with them or not.  It’s about a little thing called Free Speech.  Perhaps you have heard of it.
Oh, and speaking of 501(c)(3) charities, there seems to be some question on how Neal is getting funded since he is apparently unemployed.  Perhaps that money is coming from Brett Kimberlin’s 501(c)(3)  charity “Justice Through Music” aka “Velvet Revolution”.  Well Neal, you’ve now brought a spotlight to that organization.  I’m sure the IRS and others will be most interested in the discrepancies we’ve already found and the implication that unlawful threats are potentially being funded through this organization.
Congratulations Neal, your reputation as an internet stupor spy has been secured. If you don’t think we can track you and put law enforcement on your ass, then you REALLY have not been paying attention.
WE ARE ANONYMOUS. . . . well many of us are . . . and some of us are ex military, and some of us are just ordinary people who are tired of your bogus threats, bullshit, and the fact you’re a deadbeat who doesn’t pay child support.
WE ARE LEGION . . . . . we are the masses, united on the internet under the auspices of Free Speech to expose you.
WE WILL NOT FORGIVE . . . . your pansy-ass threats to people in an effort to suppress Free Speech.
WE WILL NOT FORGET. . . . no matter how long this takes



Attempted Swatting Service Framing Of Me

I don’t subscribe to crazy, and with not even three dozen views, I was not too concerned at first.
Until I thought about all the alibi- pushing lately by the most concerned citizen in the world about the SWATTING’s that took place over the past two years.
Ironically, the attempted framing of me by Neal Rauhauser in re: Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account, combined with many other conspiracy-laden posts and PasteBin documents he publishes, makes me very wary of what I am about to publish.
I will say, however, that whoever published this attempt at framing me ( even just by putting my former email address in it) I have contacted the police in the town that this alleged person lives in.

It’s such a lame attempt at framing that its no wonder so few people even look at Doctor Dandruff’s rumblings anymore.


Mike Stack’s Swatting Service

1. Swatting Services
3. Few cops: $20
4. 3-5 cop cars: $35
5. 3-5 cops/Ambulance/firetruck: $50
6. Full s.w.a.t team: $70
8. Aim: jon_jones17
9. Skype: yezs.jon22

1. I am starting a swatting service very cheap.
3. $10 USD via PayPal per swat
5. Contact info: Mike Stack
6. Country: US
7. State: New Jersey
8. City: Absecon
9. Address: 421 Whalers Drive
10. Zip Code/Postal: 08202
11. Email:
12. Home Number: 609-241-8120
13. Cellphone Number: 609-287-3875

Blast From The Past: The Gaped Crusader vs. Neal Rauhauser


Neal, on Tom Ryan

From The Powers That Beat  

This post shows the similarities between Neal and his obsession with Kimala Harris, Steve Cooley, others directly involved in Los Angeles County. Ahem, just like the Gaped Crusader…. (PDF)  (© Elyssa Durant and The Powers That Beat © 2010-2011)

Neal and his obsession with John Reid and the “fake” teens. Written by none other than “Stranded Wind” himself….


They both push “recommended reading” on Lane Lipton’s, aka “qritiq” blog….

The greatest indictment is here in Neal’s own diary on Kos. Almost all of the Gaped Crusader’s future material including his “expose” on Peter Pavel.
Finally, do you know where the Gaped Crusader idea came from?
He is/was a porn character. Just Google the name.
How could porn-hating, smearing, holier-than-thou Neal Rauhauser EVER come across an idea to name himself after a PORN character? Easy. He has plenty of connections to people in the business. ( Darrah Ford, Monica Foster, Desi Foxx and others ) Just like his habit of projecting upon others the past and present demons that haunt him.
  Some examples are his drug and alcohol problems, beating his wife (which he wrote about), being a deadbeat dad, a fugitive from justice, and all-around hypocrite. Not to leave out being guilty of trying to frame innocent people, going after others’ jobs, stalking and harassing while  hiding behind many Twitter socks while  privatizing his account and deleting offending tweets.

Part II Coming Up

How Long Have Neal and Darrah Ford Known One Another?

Exploring The Darrah Ford-Occupy Rebellion-Rauhauser/ Raincoaster Connection


“Gosh Who Do You Think Is Filling Weiner In ON All Of This?”–Neal Rauhauser


Guess Who’s Not Coming To Another Court Date?

Neal doesn’t read Aaron’s blog? He screen caps everything we write.

Neal won’t be at court?  You can bet on that being a GUARANTEED winner.


Why Did Neal Rauhauser Ally Nadia Naffe Want To Meet Me The Day After Our Court Case?

On May 15th,2012 in Hillsborough NJ, Doug Stewart, myself, Neal Rauhauser, and Neal confidant Brett Kimberlin met up in court (finally) to attempt to bring closure to four harassment complaints I had pressed against Neal. ( he has called these “barking dog” and “fabricated” complaints)

(What will probably happen here is that someone will take advantage of the quirk in New Jersey municipal court law, a sort of “barking dog” provision that allows misdemeanor charges to proceed without the involvement of a prosecutor. Someone did this to me in January and I ignored it until May, when it was convenient to resolve in conjunction with another visit to the state.)

Our case was sent to mediation ( audio and transcripts soon) but some very interesting screenshots are available. They ask some very compelling questions.


Nadia Naffe, who Neal brags about “introducing to Jay [Leiderman]” for her lawsuit against John “Patterico Frey, and I thrown together due to the fact that I had stopped communicating with the people from the Breitbart genre. The smell of the bad blood was enough for Neal to attempt to send qritiq,Occupy Rebellion, and even Nadia at me to try to get damaging information for a lawsuit or to possibly get the identity of a blogger, The ACE of Spades. It was even brought up to me that they wanted to attempt to get Pat’s wife on the stand to ask her about the  SWAT Ting that took place on June 30/July 1st, 2011. (The SWAT Ting that Neal is obsessed with)

Still just a regular conversation……


Now, the day of the court case with Neal. She knew that I was going to be in court. At lest she knew that Neal was going to be in court WITH ME at the very least. She asks me a question after three o clock that afternoon. Because of all the goings-on, I do not get out of court until after 6 PM. I see that she has her hearing with James tomorrow. I am never going to drive that distance and I am never going to show my face at something that involves him anyhow. It reeks.


Doug Stewart is with me at my house at this point and we both are still kind of shocked at what went on in court. After we grab a bite to eat and show him how to head back to his home state, I check my DM‘s again.


I never think that Neal would be meeting her there “to carry documents from the New Hampshire Attorney General” or have any involvement with her at all. But, it’s Neal Rauhauser we’re talking about. His plan is to destroy anyone who he believes is his enemy. O’Keefe got on that radar, and it ricocheted the crazy with me and James. Just our luck.


Needless to say. I never took her up on the offer. I did chat with her for a bit about all the stuff that was going on and the “craziness” that had surrounded our lives recently. But, still, not a thought had passed through my head that somehow Neal had wormed his way into the situation. Was he actually there when I was DM’ing her? Was he masterminding all different ways of trying to frame me yet again?

Much to my chagrin, I saw all of this bravado by Neal posted later…


“The photo of Nadia Naffe and I was taken on the Amtrak Northeast Regional to Boston. She appeared at a hearing in New Jersey, O’Keefe’s injunction was denied, and I followed her home to collect the information he had abandoned on both her phone and laptop. The ‘happy couple’ look was a calculated prank – I had met her for the first time a few days earlier when she was in D.C., we rode from New Jersey to Boston together, then I left the next day after collecting the information we needed.”

Neal Rauhauser Is Obsessed With Weiner(gate)

On Tuesday, Neal Rauhauser called my local police department to complain that my blogging about him has violated the mediation agreement that he was required to sign in lieu of my dropping four harassment charges against him. He emailed the Captain and told the detective that he will stop writing about me and will take everything down he’s ever written about me if I “do the same.” Why now?

Today’s gem from The Gaped Crusader:


Always “Mike Stack Holding The Bag”. Notice? From the guy with the gallons of sewage seeping over the top daily?

Sent To Montgomery Police Last Year By Neal Rauhauser-Written Off As He’s A “Crackpot”

English: A caver standing beside the column in...

English: A caver standing beside the column in Crackpot Cave (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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