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Rauhauser Loses Yet Again, At Yet Another Cause

Flashback, February 2012

Neal Rauhauser and business partner Beth Becker, after continually  failing to get any political clients elected to any political seats at all in their now defunct Progressive PST, put on “hoodies” in support of Travon Martin, the Florida 17-year old who was killed by George Zimmerman.

Unaccustomed to backing winners, they were on the wrong side of the ticket, AGAIN today, as Mr. Zimmerman was found not guilty of 2nd Degree Murder.

I give you Neal and Beth, in their hoodies, hoping Las Vegas takes bets on the next cause these two take up next.

"Justice For Trayvon"

“Justice For Trayvon”


3387966673_239ee9bb7aPicture from Daily Kos

Neal Rauhauser Manifesto (With “Veracity”)

What does “Veracity” have to do with this document and its’ relevance  here? That will be explained soon….

Also found by @Sanguinarius

His blog here

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Ron Brynaert Calls Me From Blocked Number This Morning

Ron told me this morning that he was going to call my police department today or soon unless ” I or Hexicon or Swiftread” stopped saying that Lane Lipton,aka “qritiq“, was Occupy Rebellion.

I informed Ron that he was as free as an American to call them and complain, and even offered the correct people to ask for and to speak to. He also informed me that I was a ” thug, had a history of stalking women, and a criminal history, and that would make them believe him….”

I informed him that Neal Rauhauser has contacted them on almost a monthly to weekly basis and even inferred with his “Kookpocalypse” crazy-talk that I was involved with illegal activities. He said that he could convince them because he is a journalist, Neal is crazy, and he can talk to them in a calm and sane way.

I invited him to contact the police, once again, telling him that I welcome the opportunity to speak to them.

After a few more minutes of being called a stalker and a criminal, I was told by Ron that he was going to start tweeting out all of my old posts from the internet and the forum where I was an adult moderator. He was going to remind everyone about “my past”, and to let the police know about it. Because, you know, he has always been so rational.


Neal Rauhauser Is Obsessed With Weiner(gate)

On Tuesday, Neal Rauhauser called my local police department to complain that my blogging about him has violated the mediation agreement that he was required to sign in lieu of my dropping four harassment charges against him. He emailed the Captain and told the detective that he will stop writing about me and will take everything down he’s ever written about me if I “do the same.” Why now?

Today’s gem from The Gaped Crusader:


Always “Mike Stack Holding The Bag”. Notice? From the guy with the gallons of sewage seeping over the top daily?

Neal Rauhauser ” Good Luck Getting Local Or Fed Law Enforcement To Care” 10/22/2011

Many interesting things in this email from Neal to Lee Stranahan. Lee has printed this before but an original was forwarded to me when it was written. Summary of the TIDY stuff after the text.

nealemailtoleessayinggoodluckfindingLEthatwill care1anealemailtoleessayinggoodluckfindingLEthatwill care2b

That last two  paragraphs, once more……

nealemailtoleessayinggoodluckfindingLEthatwill care3c

“The real world challenges of Occupy Wall Street….” Challenges? Of what? Sponging off of Bitcoin donations? Getting a new camera from a “nice person”? Running sock accounts? Doxing police departments? I will post all of those screen shots……

Here we go with the James O’Keefe ramblings. Is he in jail? Stalking him too. Continuing to go after all political enemies.

Thomas Ryan, HB Gary. Yawn. Obsessive Retard? ( he called me that, didn’t he?)

“Finding a new batch of kids to entrap….”  Huh? LulzSec? CabinCrew? I mean, Cabin John Crew?   (I don’t write it like seasoned “hacker” Neal Rauhauser because I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not) They  got busted too, right? You have tons of tweets to them. Some asking them to come after a lot of us, your “enemies”.

Accusing others of “criminality, incompetence and not being “real journalists” (the exact description of Mr. Projection himself) ( I forgot egotist,  narcissist, and accomplice )

Lumps himself in with Brett Kimberlin’s VELVET REVOLUTION, ANONYMOUS, and the “people behind the SABU persona in general”..( I have all the tweets of the friendly conversations that have now been scrubbed with SABU) (and not the one from the story/movie “The Jungle Book“)

And the usual “drivel” at the end. Threats, intimidation, and inferences that Neal will do some damage to you if you try to take action against him.

And the FBI card. Which he’s been playing for how long now?

Lulzsec Hung Jake Davis

Lulzsec Hung Jake Davis (Photo credit: 4d4mbr0wn)

Hilarity Ensues…From The Rotten Mouth Of…..







Mr. Rauhauser Comes To Montgomery Township, New Jersey

Confirmed today, via a Lieutenant: Neal Rauhauser visited the Montgomery Township Police Department in May before my court case with him.

At first, the Lieutenant tried to feign amnesia when I questioned him  about the allegation today, until it was revealed to the Lieutenant that Neal has written extensively on his travels to my town and about his communications to them, the court, and has posted his emails to them on his blog. Then the Lt. “kind of” remembered Neal coming there and meeting with a few detectives. He then told me that he’d “get back to me”

Last June, the same Lieutenant tried to feign the same amnesia when asked if Neal was contacting them about my SWAT-Ting case. When pressed, he said that yes, indeed, Neal had called, offering information about WHO THE SWATTER WAS. He said that he told Neal if he had information, to call the Readington Township PD, where the call came into. Neal did that, also. I have just contacted them today to speak with the Chief on Monday. I’d like to make sure that they hear about Neal’s latest gig as a Confidential Informant. And if he’s so reliable, why is he pushing a libelous video/audio of Brandon Darby as the SWATTER? The case is closed, NEAL.

I made two more  calls today after today’s discussion with the Lieutenant. One to the newspaper that I have worked with for two months to get this whole story into focus and the second –not to the FBI, who is poisoned by Neal and his trademarked brand of crazy.

Here’s the fun part–a lot of things happened that May of 2012.

Here’s the most fun part–I have taken some corrective action on these things and because of Neal writing about, basically bragging about what he can get away with or has gotten away with, the correct people are opening their eyes. Of course, it is with persistence and determination that I am FORCING them to look into these actions.

Neal can write whatever he wants and can attempt to manipulate outcomes but the bottom line is this–the people he has manipulated are ultimately going to be held responsible. They made the decision to listen to him, to take his calls, and to allow themselves to get caught in his muddle. I warned them ahead of time, and it was allowed to  continue as time went on.

As time passed, their interest in bringing me justice passed also. Yet, they met with Neal in their headquarters, took emails and phone calls from him. All the while, being willfully ignorant of the history dating back a year between the two of us.

They called him a “crackpot, a lunatic, a weirdo, etc., ” It’s just the Internet”, “stop blogging”, “stay off the internet”, was repeated over and over to me, but they entertained him in their headquarters. On the day of our court case. When he had warrants out for his arrest. When they were fully aware of this due to me picking up a packet of discovery  on May 11,2012 and showing copies of the warrants.

Let’s wait and see. Justice will be served.

Does This Make Neal A Suspect? And About That Grain Of Salt…….

A third piece are the cluster of four alleged political swattings. The June 23rd, 2011 event in Montgomery Township is legit – I spent an hour in person with a detective there in May prior to a hearing. It is my opinion that two of the other three were softball pitches from the caller, done to further the narrative. The last one definitely happened, I’ve talked to Prince William County Virginia law enforcement about this, but I wasn’t interested enough to actually order the report. The voice on the three calls we do have bears a striking resemblance to @brandondarby. There is a second theory about these calls, which requires someone who is an excellent voice mimic, and Lee Stranahan completely failing to notice that a caller to his show sounds EXACTLY like a close friend. Taken alone the theory is weak, failing to explain a variety of other circumstances, but the person offering it has been very right about other things, so I am trying to keep an open mind.

Note that Neal is going to keep an “open mind”

Neal Rauhauser claims that he went to the Montgomery Township Police Department before our  hearing on May 15,2012 to discuss a SWATT-ing??? Hmmmm. Funny coming from a man who is listed as a suspect on my police reports. Also, a recipient six complaints of harassment via my doing. More on this statement of Neal’s alleged visit tomorrow.

(from Neal’s stalker blog)




Jan 2012–Neal Contacts The Montgomery NJ Police About Me


After I blogged that I had pressed harassment charges against Neal, because of Martin Luther King Day weekend, I couldn’t go to the court until that Tuesday. Neal, in his everlasting quest to beat people to the punch, contacted a detective at the Montgomery Police Department to complain about me. After his rambling explanation, the detective asked him a few questions, “Do you want to press charges against Mr. Stack”?, “Do you want to leave us your information, etc.,?” To which Neal replied, “No, I was just calling for INFORMATIONAL purposes.”


They DID NOT give him a CASE number because he did not make a CASE. He called for INFORMATIONAL purposes. They give him an “incident” or a “reference” number.

This was the first time, but far from the last that Neal contacted the police department in my town. This will all be revealed.

With all the information coming out now, it’s going to be a few interesting months as the people who were fooled and manipulated by him ( police, prosecutors, and court) are going to be filled in on all of this.


RyanCLucascontactinfo for nealpictureGuyFawkesAAa



People shouldn’t complain about moderated blogs when you cannot even make a registered user’s comment without Jesse Wood’s approval.

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Dear Jessie Woods,
My blog is about my SWAT-ting, not your girlfriend’s.
Neal Rauhauser is the reason I was SWAT-ted.
Your girlfriend is friends with Neal. She also posted a tweet trying to dox the other day, that you don’t mention , my supporters on a public timeline.
They have been on this blog since DAY ONE,not “INCOGNITO”,, whom you two seem to have a problem with.
You have a long-standing war with Jen Emick and the only reason that she was thrown into the mix was because again of what Neal Rauhauser did with the Michigan Police Department.
So I suggest you take your qualms up with him, instead of turning a blind eye to blatant criminals that YOU have the relationship with, not me.
For the record, I am very much in touch with the FBI.
This will be “The Last Stand”, (a Neal Rauhauser favorite),(for me) which did not escape my notice as the title of your blog.
It sure seems strange that your girlfriend finds it acceptable to ignore the attacks on LE who have helped me for over a year and when it suits her she attacks them on a public timeline.
Make up your mind. You’re either a law-abiding person or you use it for when it’s convenient for you.
I’m not interested in the latter.

Mike Stack
New Jersey

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Hows that going to bode for tracking down their SWAT-ting story until he has “no life left in his body”?

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