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Neal Rauhauser Picks Up His Toys And Goes Home–Again

His Blog, used to stalk many of us, is now “Post Free”

For how long, we shall see.


Note that “Neal Rauhauser Has No Friends”


I know we’re seeing you out there as 100’s of different Twitter personalities…..

Neal Rauhauser- “Creating And Operating Subpoena Proof Twitter Accounts”

Monday, October 01, 2012

From his former stalker blog at wordpress


Ironic, Huh?


This, from a coward who pretends that the account is not run by Neal Rauhauser, Brett Kimberlin, or The Harassing Grouch….

According to this tweet, threatening rape at a Twitter account they think is a woman is okay, but the IRONY of them saying that “men do not abuse women, only pansies do” is probably lost only on them.

Neal has admitted to “roughing up” his wife, and she has plainly stated that he abused her , while the court documents published in the posts at Hogewash the past few days tells interesting stories about life at the Kimberlin household.

Blast From The Past- Neal Rauhauser’s “Wingnut Watch” -First In A Series Of Flashbacks

All credit goes and belongs to Patrick Read for this report

Link: HERE for the following image.

PSTREADLook at the fake bio Neal set up. Mind you, this is from the “man” who takes it upon himself to be the judge,  jury,  and executioner of his “enemies” and their rights as he sees them.

BIO: “Teabagger”

“Enraged About Blacks And Gays Getting Equal Rights

Could one of you imagine what would happen if Neal The Stalker, during his endless hours of stalking Twitter accounts, came upon this phrase in a conservative-owned or a Twitter account that was operated by one of his “enemies”?

He’d call for a block and report and then preach to the  few friends that he has left the virtues of stopping racists and homophobes like this. The account would be suspended in an instant.

Neal Rauhauser: Suppressor Of Free Speech.

For a long time, Neal denied that this was him, but there’s the famous phone number that he has plastered on every email and communication that he uses to stalk his victims.

neal4112kkRemember post 9/11 RAMADAM.

Maybe his new sock account should be @1000days of RAMADAM

Is This Why Occupy Rebellion/”Missing” Porn Blogger Darrah Ford Is Obsessed With Pedophiles?


Many similarities between the two have been stored away for some time now. Lately, the Darrah Ford persona has started to appear more and more on Twitter through “Occupy Rebellion”. Especially one major slip-up. That is next.

I’ve Asked And These Guys Won’t Stop. Here’s The DM’s.

I don’t care who they are or what their politics might be, but I’ve asked them publicly and privately to stop alluding to being myself, Michelle, Greg W Howard, or Pat Read. Their pattern of continuing to inflame situations by statements, comments and allegations and then running off and  allowing others to think they are myself,  Michelle and others  is cowardly. These are just a few DM’s that took place on February 2, between 6:50 and 7:05 PM.

UPDATE:  Upon further review, evidence has come out that there appears to be not only a devious smear campaign going on, but a deliberate effort to drive wedges between people who were once friends by whispering untruthful accusations behind people’s backs and then sitting back laughing at the fallout.   The disguise of being conservatives in sheep’s clothing gig is up.  Most are onto you now and more will be soon enough.  The truth hasn’t even begun to come out, but it will.  Careful what side of the rails you’re standing on when the train rushes through.  We don’t do countdown whistles.

@P2_D2 is whoever he is and not anyone they’ve said he is.  That much has been established along with a nice look at this “reaching across the aisle” by deviants who are looking for sheeples to do their dirty work for them against innocent people.  We’re not buying it.  Neither is @P2_D2.  Thanks, @swiftread, for clearing this up!


The “Not Guilty” and “It’s YOU Who Are Guilty, Not US” Protect Their Twitter (Again)




For a Tyson-esque beat down on aka Brooks Anthony Martin, check out @ToddKincannon Twitter feed.

For a full ” profile” on the man Neal Rauhauser said “invested successfully in some start-up companies, and did pretty well for himself”,  here is one of those building blocks toward the Bayne Empire  (CREDIT:Brooks Bayne,,,, took money for work, didn’t deliver then attempted to extort shares in my start-up Los Angeles California

Brooks Bayne Shredding. DUH.

(it’s so dark that you have to take their word for it.)

When They Don’t Want To Call It Quits, aka #EpicFail


They do it for the LuLz or because they can?

anyway, here is one example where they still think they have “something” but since it began in nov 2011 and almost all pastebin got deleted…

It’s #EpicFail!

why were they  deleted? i can’t tell as a certainty, but a sane mind should catch the why and stop the #EpicFail?  hell no… or at least play safe and not tempt  fate

here are the events…

DoxCak3 – my legal team is on your case


C1TYofFL1NT – my legal team is on your case

DoxCak3 had disappeared for an  obscure reason

C1TYofFL1NT is still on twitter

AnonMarcus (the 1st who released this dox) account is protected and inactive

4d4mbr0wn  (the 2nd who released  a modified version of this dox) still posts about it from time to time


Olivier stated clearly that he is NOT testeux1

if you are speaking with @testeux1, do NOT forgot the 1!!!!!

was this clear enough? it seems not for those obsessed with the #EpicFail  ;-)

and C1TYofFL1NT can’t accept his #EpicFail

from time to time, he who  i call a “tool” re-posted the dox, with the usual suspect in the background…

re-tweet of C1TYofFL1NT by @spOOktehk1tty??


spOOktehk1tty u don’t know what happened when this dox was 1st released?



spOOktehk1tty prefers to stay ignorant…

maybe when he reads this article, he will see the light?

i have some doubts…


Another Countdown–February 6 2013

Neal Rauhauser has a “countdown clock” link displayed on his Twitter page.


Followed by the “Countdown Clock


For a man who never shows up in any court, he seems awfully active in counting down to spread misery to other people.

UPDATE--Thanks to The Other McCain for the link !


12:52 PM

BREAKING–Sources tell us that the blog in question, Neal Rauhauser’s WordPress, might have been forcefully removed from the Internet. This is still 30% speculation at this point, but we have it on very good authority.

If Occupy Rebellion has her Twitter account locked still, it would seem to make sense that an unexpected event took place last evening and some are scrambling to “clean things up”, if you will.

We will check back in an hour.


2:55 PM–Confirmed. Target destroyed. Confirmed source tells me that the WordPress site was taken down by outside sources, and NOT made private by it’s operator. It’s down, and not coming back anytime soon.

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