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Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y.(friend of Rauhauser and Beth Becker) Speaks Out Against Weiner

“I think he should pull out of the race. I think he needs serious psychiatric help,” Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y.

(or is he talking about Neal?)

(Druge Report Published This link)


Taken after Weiner resigned in 2011.

You can search her name and  Jerrod Nadler on Twicsy to see the proud image.


Note the irony here. Anthony Weiner offered his newest sexting partner a possible spot on  Politico Arena . Beth Becker carrying water for “Anthony “in 2011. Neal terrorizing people he claims “set up” Weiner since 2011..…..Birds Of A Feather Flock To Politico Together.

Beth Becker, Neal Rauhauser business partner, writes on May 31st, 2011 on Politico how someone should handle a “hacked Twitter account. Written immediately after Rep. Weiner insisted that he was hacked, and in unison with her paramour Neal, who claimed that I targeted The Weiner and was responsible for the non-existent “hacking”.



The third shot is the most interesting.


Her Bio:

Arena Profile: Beth Becker

Beth Becker is a co-founder of Progressive PST, a social media consulting firm that helps political campaigns, political non-profit organizations and legislative offices make the best use of social media to engage the community. Additionally, Beth recently joined as new media director. In her spare time, Beth blogs at Daily Kos and She also volunteers for Netroots for the Troops and Netroots Nation.


Neal helped found that company? Why no mention of him? Don’t you mean they re-named it to “Progressive Congress News” and put Darcy Burner in charge?



UPDATE!! Pastebin “WTF Is The Big Deal” By Kelly Hallissey, aka Brattiest (with screenshots)

I don’t have the date of this log, nor do I care. I just like  Neal’s Alibis and explanations of how he was “being set up”

Within this log, once again, Neal Rauhauser sticks to the story,  that Anthony Weiner was set up by some of us, and Neal almost stopped US from “driving him out of office”.

Yesterday’s big events once again put Neal on the losing side of things. That’s why this part of the log is so exciting.

Exit question: Has any of Neal’s “friends” ever told him that his theories are insane? NEVER. Till he (will and does) throw them under the bus.

Or, because they don’t like me and my friends, is it just easy to hate and not debate?

WTF is the big deal?  Nothing, Kelly. It just seems like in any of the communications that have come out, you never grew a pair and told Neal that it was crazy that Weiner could have been set up by conservatives.

Even trying to say that I pulled SWATT-ings


Of course, you told all of us that we are going to jail,

posted pics of The Hoover Building to infer that we might be headed to FEDERAL PRISON (joking that we couldn’t figure out what the picture was)



, offered to show gas receipts from your trip to NJ, kellyhallisseya

kellyhallisseyccontinuing her friendly relationship with persona non grata @OccupyRebellion aka @MissAnonNews , aka Neal Rauhauser ally.



accused us of “Federal Felonies”, posted a picture of a federal Vehicle saying that “someone shouldn’t have called her job”



and claimed that you were going to talk to “NJ District Attorneys“…Which we don’t have (prosecutors deal with bringing charges) and that some “are nearing the end of their freedom”


We’re still here.

Neal aka  @chr000t

Along with these IRC members: schmoop, nachash

Great LOG—--

 But, as usual, the  best part is  when Neal outs himself. Who other than him peddles this lunacy?

05:33:42 |@chr000t > Frey & Co. set up former NY-09 Congressman Anthony Weiner using teen girl sockpuppets
05:33:59 |@chr000t > and that was a paid hit because he turned in NY-13 Congressman Mike Grimm for extortion
05:34:15 |@chr000t > Frey hates me – I almost managed to stop them driving Weiner out of office
05:34:49 |@chr000t > and then last spring I stand guard over Nadia, get her Jay Leiderman as lawyer, he gets big civil suit
(TCW commentaryhe stood guard, they went to court, she lost. Before she lost, Liederman dropped out as attorney, also distanced himself from Rauhauser)

Brooksbayne Gets My Post Taken Down , I File Counter Notice


The Chilling Effects of this action??

We’ll see……

Neal Rauhauser Manifesto (With “Veracity”)

What does “Veracity” have to do with this document and its’ relevance  here? That will be explained soon….

Also found by @Sanguinarius

His blog here

Image Here

Deactivating @goatsred 2/29/2012




Deleted 2/29/2012. Confirmed that I could not get that name again.

Neal Reaches Out To Anthony “The Boss” Weiner

Reach out and touch someone, eh?

IMG_8682aaPhoto credit: Reader/commenter Black Betty

Neal Has No New Material



From Neal,

New Jersey Involuntary Civil Commitment |

Sunday, September 30, 2012

7:58 AM


« Finding Barrett Brown  |   Nimjahs »

New Jersey Involuntary Civil Commitment

1. A Screening Service Referral — Most applications for an order of temporary commitment are brought by a short term care or psychiatric facility or special psychiatric hospital to which an individual has been involuntarily admitted from a screening service referral. Such a person will have recently (within the past 72 hours) undergone an assessment at a screening service. The person may have voluntarily entered the screening service or may have been taken there involuntarily by a family member or law enforcement officer. The law enforcement officer may have acted upon personal observation (N.IS.A. 30:4-27.6(a)), the certification of a mental health screener who performed a screening outreach visit, (NJS.A. 30:4-27.6(b)) or a court order (N1S.A. 30:4-27.6(c)). At the screening service, a mental health screener would have first assessed the person and completed a screening document. N.J.S.A. 30:4- 27.5(b). The person would have been next assessed by a psychiatrist (or other physician’) who will have completed a screening certific ate, concluding that involuntary commitment was necessary.

Saturday:    IMG_8635aa

March 4, 2012 and on and on and on and on…….

Neal’s rantings:

This shows some of her contacts – @providesecurity is Tom Ryan of Robin Sage and OWS infiltration fame, @dmatthewstewart is Douglas Matthew Stewart, @TRPWL is Sean Tompkins, and I don’t have a name for @dust92 but this is one of the editors from the now defunct Everyone Draw Mohammed blogspot. The rest are unknown to me.

I have a lawyer lined up in New Jersey to deal with the criminal charge. I have drafted a libel suit against this person and it has enough meat on its bones that a judge will permit me the subpoenas required to get at her, but that would take many months, drilling through her defunct ZAPEM WordPress site, and I imagine she’d find someone to help her attempt to quash the discovery. I’m hoping her online trend of offending people holds true in the real world, or that someone has some inspiration and manages to pull an address out of the ether and bring it to me.

There isn’t a great rush time wise – there is a lawyer from Virginia in the mix who has a trial for 2nd degree assault on March 29th and if he doesn’t plead out before that I’m pretty sure he’ll get some jail time. Once he is neutralized it’s hard to imagine anyone sensible wanting to do pro bono work for such a badly behaved, high risk client.

If you get something DO NOT put it in pastebin and start spamming it around on Twitter. Just leave an anonymous comment on this article – I won’t be approving any of them, but I will carefully consider whatever information is provided. My plan is to file the civil suit and perhaps some related criminal complaints around the 1st of April.

Neal 2/1/2013



November 5, 2012

Remember, Remember, The 5th of November | Neal Rauhauser

Monday, November 05, 2012

3:41 PM

OCTOBER 27,2012
AW-201 2-12-21 -PJF-more-sting-stuff
Neal writes about emails that mention his name and how that was tantamount to a conspiracy.

New Material Soon, Neal? Like, maybe, I hacked Anthony Weiner? Oops!!

, member of the United States House of Represe...

, member of the United States House of Representatives. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why Did Neal Rauhauser Ally Nadia Naffe Want To Meet Me The Day After Our Court Case?

On May 15th,2012 in Hillsborough NJ, Doug Stewart, myself, Neal Rauhauser, and Neal confidant Brett Kimberlin met up in court (finally) to attempt to bring closure to four harassment complaints I had pressed against Neal. ( he has called these “barking dog” and “fabricated” complaints)

(What will probably happen here is that someone will take advantage of the quirk in New Jersey municipal court law, a sort of “barking dog” provision that allows misdemeanor charges to proceed without the involvement of a prosecutor. Someone did this to me in January and I ignored it until May, when it was convenient to resolve in conjunction with another visit to the state.)

Our case was sent to mediation ( audio and transcripts soon) but some very interesting screenshots are available. They ask some very compelling questions.


Nadia Naffe, who Neal brags about “introducing to Jay [Leiderman]” for her lawsuit against John “Patterico Frey, and I thrown together due to the fact that I had stopped communicating with the people from the Breitbart genre. The smell of the bad blood was enough for Neal to attempt to send qritiq,Occupy Rebellion, and even Nadia at me to try to get damaging information for a lawsuit or to possibly get the identity of a blogger, The ACE of Spades. It was even brought up to me that they wanted to attempt to get Pat’s wife on the stand to ask her about the  SWAT Ting that took place on June 30/July 1st, 2011. (The SWAT Ting that Neal is obsessed with)

Still just a regular conversation……


Now, the day of the court case with Neal. She knew that I was going to be in court. At lest she knew that Neal was going to be in court WITH ME at the very least. She asks me a question after three o clock that afternoon. Because of all the goings-on, I do not get out of court until after 6 PM. I see that she has her hearing with James tomorrow. I am never going to drive that distance and I am never going to show my face at something that involves him anyhow. It reeks.


Doug Stewart is with me at my house at this point and we both are still kind of shocked at what went on in court. After we grab a bite to eat and show him how to head back to his home state, I check my DM‘s again.


I never think that Neal would be meeting her there “to carry documents from the New Hampshire Attorney General” or have any involvement with her at all. But, it’s Neal Rauhauser we’re talking about. His plan is to destroy anyone who he believes is his enemy. O’Keefe got on that radar, and it ricocheted the crazy with me and James. Just our luck.


Needless to say. I never took her up on the offer. I did chat with her for a bit about all the stuff that was going on and the “craziness” that had surrounded our lives recently. But, still, not a thought had passed through my head that somehow Neal had wormed his way into the situation. Was he actually there when I was DM’ing her? Was he masterminding all different ways of trying to frame me yet again?

Much to my chagrin, I saw all of this bravado by Neal posted later…


“The photo of Nadia Naffe and I was taken on the Amtrak Northeast Regional to Boston. She appeared at a hearing in New Jersey, O’Keefe’s injunction was denied, and I followed her home to collect the information he had abandoned on both her phone and laptop. The ‘happy couple’ look was a calculated prank – I had met her for the first time a few days earlier when she was in D.C., we rode from New Jersey to Boston together, then I left the next day after collecting the information we needed.”

Mediation Day Shenanigans By Neal Rauhauser-Post One Of ????

There are similarities between these posts. Different people “communicating” with me, but saying the same things.

Neal sent me these texts the day of my mediation with him May 24, 2012 en route to Hillsborough,NJ court.









“Ambushed by “end of days nutters”…In Hillsborough, nonetheless. Of course, he claims that he’s a “lightning rod“, so people MUST be following him to middle-of-nowhere Hillsborough New Jersey. And with the police station in the same building, the conditions and surroundings are CERTAINLY conducive for a shootout.

All things considered, he had/has  labeled me a terrorist in the past/present and has no qualms asking me how to navigate around my town, so his Google skills must have brought to his attention that the End Of Days Nutters group meets in Piscataway, New Jersey  on Thursdays. (lucky for us, huh?)

The email that he’s speaking is one between him and Jay Liederman, who has since sworn off Neal due to Neal’s “shady past”..In the email, Neal asks Jay if maybe he can get a settlement from Patterico for me for , well…..I’ll print the email. Basic tomfoolery. Potential criminal activities. I passed the email to Patterico to protect his family and to make sure that Neal would not be able to set me up.

Before these texts, qritiq, aka Lane Lipton, ( link courtesy Doug Stewarts Ameristroika Blog) aka (another name) reached out to me “to help me and Neal come to an agreement”..Her emails to me will be printed in the next post. They are filled with typical Neal rantings about going to NYC to meet with the FBI, knowing who SWAT ted me , etc.

Neal-“Anonymous Has Asked Me To Include A Few Words And An Image In This Diary”

From Commenter Kelly

That quote of Neal Rauhauser announcing he’s in Infragard? May 30, 2011.

3 days later he falsely accused Mike Stack of hacking Anthony Weiner.

The very next day after that, The Smoking Gun systematically destroyed Mike’s reputation. For a LIE made by none other than Neal Rauhauser.

On 6-16-2011, Anthony Weiner resigned his seat from the United States Congress, confessing all before the world that he himself was to blame, no one else. He was NOT hacked.

One 6-23-2011, Mike Stack was SWAT’d in New Jersey, along with his parents and another couple residing at different locations. His name was repeatedly smeared from one end of the internet to the other at the direction of this liar. All because Neal Rauhauser refused to let go of his lies and because The Smoking Gun recklessly did not fact check and believed an asshole who would use the banner of Anonymous to threaten and his Infragard status to garner FBI attention. (see below)

Quotes taken directly from the June 2, 2011 false accusations:

Congressman Anthony Weiner was stalked, set up, smeared, and this was coordinated to protect Clarence Thomas from scrutiny.

Many people have taken an interest in this situation. One of them sent me a screen shot to the yfrog belonging to @goatsred [Mike Stack]

How did this come to be in this guy’s yfrog? I can think of three reasons: 1.) Utter dumbassery – not smart enough to cover his tracks. 2.) Purposeful disinformation placed by the user, planning to punk anyone credulous who finds this. 3.) Someone exercised the yfrog vulnerability they used against Congressman Weiner to set them up for an investigation.

So it was a short process from getting contacted by this anonymous person with a Hushmail account until I had this guy’s full name, his home address, his date of birth, and a collection of phone numbers. I wrapped it nice and neat and forwarded it to the FBI.

Here I will cross from facts which I collected myself and share some of the speculation coming from this anonymous source. They’ve looked at this very closely and they suspect that Mike Stack, the person who was guiding @patriotusa76 in his smear of Congressman Weiner, well, he might just be contributor Haystack from Big Government. The face on this profile is clearly not the person who appears in the yfrog images, but this could just be a legitimate bit of disinformation originating with Haystack himself.

This conservative crime wave isn’t going to just go away. As we’ve seen with Anthony Weiner, any individual who troubles them, even if that person by a United States Congressman, is going to get whacked.

And one final thing … the person or persons behind the Hushmail account that knew so much about Mike Stack? They’ve asked me to include a few words and an image in this diary.

We are Anonymous.

We are Legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us.

Not ONE word of it was true. NOT ONE WORD.

Anthony Weiner Press Conference: Resignation Met With Lewd Heckles


“I’m here today to again apologize … for the damage I have caused.”


Take your “Neal was set up” garbage and get a clue, Kelly Hallissey!

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