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Brooksbayne Gets My Post Taken Down , I File Counter Notice


The Chilling Effects of this action??

We’ll see……

Blast From The Past: The Gaped Crusader vs. Neal Rauhauser


Neal, on Tom Ryan

From The Powers That Beat  

This post shows the similarities between Neal and his obsession with Kimala Harris, Steve Cooley, others directly involved in Los Angeles County. Ahem, just like the Gaped Crusader…. (PDF)  (© Elyssa Durant and The Powers That Beat © 2010-2011)

Neal and his obsession with John Reid and the “fake” teens. Written by none other than “Stranded Wind” himself….


They both push “recommended reading” on Lane Lipton’s, aka “qritiq” blog….

The greatest indictment is here in Neal’s own diary on Kos. Almost all of the Gaped Crusader’s future material including his “expose” on Peter Pavel.
Finally, do you know where the Gaped Crusader idea came from?
He is/was a porn character. Just Google the name.
How could porn-hating, smearing, holier-than-thou Neal Rauhauser EVER come across an idea to name himself after a PORN character? Easy. He has plenty of connections to people in the business. ( Darrah Ford, Monica Foster, Desi Foxx and others ) Just like his habit of projecting upon others the past and present demons that haunt him.
  Some examples are his drug and alcohol problems, beating his wife (which he wrote about), being a deadbeat dad, a fugitive from justice, and all-around hypocrite. Not to leave out being guilty of trying to frame innocent people, going after others’ jobs, stalking and harassing while  hiding behind many Twitter socks while  privatizing his account and deleting offending tweets.

Part II Coming Up

How Long Have Neal and Darrah Ford Known One Another?

Exploring The Darrah Ford-Occupy Rebellion-Rauhauser/ Raincoaster Connection


The Rauhauser Emails, Volume One

Some have been printed recently but these flow nicely together, don’t they??

Mediation Day Shenanigans By Neal Rauhauser-Post One Of ????

There are similarities between these posts. Different people “communicating” with me, but saying the same things.

Neal sent me these texts the day of my mediation with him May 24, 2012 en route to Hillsborough,NJ court.









“Ambushed by “end of days nutters”…In Hillsborough, nonetheless. Of course, he claims that he’s a “lightning rod“, so people MUST be following him to middle-of-nowhere Hillsborough New Jersey. And with the police station in the same building, the conditions and surroundings are CERTAINLY conducive for a shootout.

All things considered, he had/has  labeled me a terrorist in the past/present and has no qualms asking me how to navigate around my town, so his Google skills must have brought to his attention that the End Of Days Nutters group meets in Piscataway, New Jersey  on Thursdays. (lucky for us, huh?)

The email that he’s speaking is one between him and Jay Liederman, who has since sworn off Neal due to Neal’s “shady past”..In the email, Neal asks Jay if maybe he can get a settlement from Patterico for me for , well…..I’ll print the email. Basic tomfoolery. Potential criminal activities. I passed the email to Patterico to protect his family and to make sure that Neal would not be able to set me up.

Before these texts, qritiq, aka Lane Lipton, ( link courtesy Doug Stewarts Ameristroika Blog) aka (another name) reached out to me “to help me and Neal come to an agreement”..Her emails to me will be printed in the next post. They are filled with typical Neal rantings about going to NYC to meet with the FBI, knowing who SWAT ted me , etc.

Neal Rauhauser-“FBI Comes By My Place A Couple Of Times A Month” 6/28/2011


Sorry about the quality. It’s been in mothballs.


The Tweet and The Irony Attached To It Of The Day


neal rauhauser Thu, Jul 19, 2012 at 11:19 PM
Just writing to let you know that I think we have found the right FBI agent regarding the false police reports that were directed at Mike Stack, John Patrick Frey, Erick Erickson, and Aaron Walker. They have heard the audio comparison of the caller to Brandon Darby’s voice and I received a “can’t comment on current investigations” response, but the manner in which it was conveyed indicates to me that there *is* a current investigation.
I am sure we’ll all be relieved when this dangerous practice is brought to a halt, and it’s a bit of a shocking twist that it’s a highly visible conservative activist who is behind it, don’t you think?
[Quoted text hidden]

This is her buddy Neal. Don’t forget, Kelly has a “Federal Investigation” into a SWATTing she was the so-called victim of.  “The manner in which it was “conveyed” to him indicated to him that THERE *IS* an investigation…..He’d better not have kids. OOPS.

The Best Neal Rauhauser And Kelly Hallissey Emails Ever!!

We’ll pick through them, little by little. But, for now, here’s the link:

Neal and Kelly via

Thanks for exposing this more and more.

And a taste:

From:neal rauhauser <>
Date: Fri, Jun 22, 2012 at 9:31 AM
Subject: Re: Talkoholic
To: Kelly Hallissey <>
e-dating? Meh, I am taking her off the list – constant chatter I ignored after the first day. She’s a
spacer between Jen’s goofiness.
I am doing quite good health wise, best I’ve felt since I got Lyme in 2007.
The nuttiness is out of control online though – do some Google searches:
“Mike Grimm”
Brandon Darby”
“Lee Stranahan”
Darby is the swatter, and they are all going stark raving mad with fear because no one believes
their theories any more and the feds have been stimulated by that letter from 85 House offices.
How fucking stupid do you have to be to pull something like that?

It’s the same tired schtick. With the same tired old actors.

Oh yeah, background checks. I’m all for them:



12:52 PM

BREAKING–Sources tell us that the blog in question, Neal Rauhauser’s WordPress, might have been forcefully removed from the Internet. This is still 30% speculation at this point, but we have it on very good authority.

If Occupy Rebellion has her Twitter account locked still, it would seem to make sense that an unexpected event took place last evening and some are scrambling to “clean things up”, if you will.

We will check back in an hour.


2:55 PM–Confirmed. Target destroyed. Confirmed source tells me that the WordPress site was taken down by outside sources, and NOT made private by it’s operator. It’s down, and not coming back anytime soon.

Who Was Ron’s Secret Source?

From a string of emails between Ron Bryanert and myself on April 19, 2012.

From first to last in order. In its original, pristine form.

From: Michael Stack <>
To: Ron Brynaert <>
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2012 4:14 PM
Subject: Peace?
Peace, till tomorrow???
From: Ron Brynaert <>
To: Michael Stack <>
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2012 4:29 PM
Subject: Re: Peace?
I’m not at war with you, Mike.
I like you a lot, consider you a friend, and am willing to be a witness in your hearing. And you are defending a sock in an unreasonable manner. You act like it’s your girlfriend or mom and you get all bent out of shape just because I’m asking questions. That’s what I do.
If I knew of one way this person helped you then maybe I could see the loyalty. But I think this person just injects confusion….and you refuse to accept the fact that her comments make your blog look wacky and she has done a lot to keep you away from me like Dustin and Socrates and LC.
Do all your friends like each other? I’m not sure why you get so uptight about this person which sounded to me like they were liberal and acted really weird… But I liked her and didn’t have a falling out with her. She has just been playing games with me…which you refuse to see.
And I need to see this person’s tweets.
Also, I don’t understand about Breitbart.
why you don’t see how he played you by ducking all your questions and asking you for favors instead…why should you do him a favor when he didn’t do shit for you….i don’t understand why you refuse to see the obvious.
Do you think Pollack and Nagy and Frey and Stranahan hoaxed Breitbart? No way. For one thing, remember the Sherrod deposition by O’Keefe showed that Breitbart had lied about ACORN videos. He met with O’keefe months before and plotted it out….which Breitbart lied about for two years and mandy and patterico and stranahan defended him on.Breitbart wasn’t your friend when he was alive and he ain’t your friend wherever he is now…he only talked to you after ducking you so that he could charm you. Which he clearly did.
Sean Tompkins and Doug both wanted to speak to me to convince me that they were legit….and they talk like real people. Michelle does not. Her reasons for avoiding me make no sense at all.
If I’m wrong then she’s in the clear like Sean and Doug…but if I’m right it breaks open the the same way that you listened to me about Patterico and Liberty Chick.Anyway, I’m still completely in your corner. I just want to talk to Doug and see if he will agree with me.
From: Michael Stack <>
To: Ron Brynaert <>
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2012 4:31 PM
Subject: Re: Peace?
you got it…tomorrow we shall resume.
From: Ron Brynaert <>
To: Michael Stack <>
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2012 4:48 PM
Subject: Re: Peace?
wow my sercret source is calling me all kinds of names…. i think im gonna be going public about him tonight……
aaron better get popcorn
From: Michael Stack <>
To: Ron Brynaert <>
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2012 5:07 PM
Subject: Re: Peace?
tip me off when its gonna start
From: Ron Brynaert <>
To: Michael Stack <>
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2012 6:41 PM
Subject: Re: Peace?
im giving him another 24 hours
he’s not gonna give me shit
i think im gonna pretend to calm down tomorrow and see if i can regain his confidence…his hamartia is hubris…it’s why he doesn’t hire lawyers….he got rid of the lawyers that got his first two trials hung because he was mad they wouldn’t listen to him more
he gave me a sob story about going to hospital today, too
he wont respond to my specific complaint..he lied about 9 guards pulling Aaron off…says it’s quibbling.….it’s possible that he’s just being menaced by aaron , socrates, liberty chic, breitbart, patterico and neal is working with them
but i very much doubt it…
your story is much better…let’s not mix up the plots…i was shocked you published that…..i’m not sure what you’re hoping to accomplish by blogging it………you should be talking to your lawyer, police and fbi in my opinon..but it’s too late now


Tweets Begging For Me To Be Found Guilty In An Internet Court (Ezra Dulis Residing)

Please note the cheerleaders, pleading with their “I’ve been hacked ” victim to make sure he looked at what “I said”. Damning evidence, it was. A week later he admitted that he was not hacked and soon after stepped down from his post. It is very strange, somehow ironic that these people just defended Dan Wolfe from the start, when 90% of the tweets came straight from him. Following the same path of trying to set me up for a fall?

To quote the person who  noticed this:

“Ezra seemed to be covering for Dan and putting the spotlight on you”…

I’ve sent a note to Ezra Dulis and let him know that I’m curious about why he was so pro-Dan Wolfe and so eager to bury me. Let’s see if the man has any scruples or ethics and responds, or if he falls into the same class as Joe Brooks, Tommy Christopher, and a few others that will not respond to my queries about their reporting on how I was portrayed in this “scandal”.

brettr4763BrettInfluential@RepWeiner Make sure you go to the actual page itself. The “proof” is in that pudding, so to speak

liberalupHeather Manley@RepWeiner Please, you really need to see this, to see very strong evidence in favor of YOU, before he deletes it

ilovemytroopsTamra M BurgessHighly InfluentialV @BrettR4763: @RepWeiner This pic will really help prove your case that someone STALKED Cordova in an apparent..

brettr4763BrettInfluential@RepWeiner Please, you really need to see this, to see very strong evidence in favor of YOU, before he deletes it

brettr4763BrettInfluential@danabashcnn Hey, check out this pic,, before the guy deletes it. From 19 DAYS AGO. Please. Thank you.

ezradulisE-DuHey, Kos genius “Stef”: @patriotusa76‘s 5/12 mentions of Weiner following young girls link to diff user’s yfrog

lovedinthekeysLovedinthekeys@Stranahan @FilmLadd Patriot RT’d Mike’s, “Big time congressman caught with mistress post”.  Who’s zooming who here

lovedinthekeysLovedinthekeys@patriotusa76 was NOT the first person to accuse Weiner of a sex scandal. He RTed a friend quoting a blog:

2liveinlibertyLiberty Warrior@patriotusa76 was NOT the first person to accuse Weiner of a sex scandal. He RTed a friend quoting a blog:

ezradulisE-Du@patriotusa76 was NOT the first person to accuse Weiner of a sex scandal. He RTed a friend quoting a blog:

I’ll use this to springboard back to more Daily Kos “coincidences” of the usual suspects and their uncanny knack of “predicting events to come”.

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