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All Hail Brooks Bayne (Again)

Brooks Bayne Named CEO of

This image is linked from an article named “Brooks Bayne Named CEO Of

(Editors Note: This is a re post of a blog post from November 30, 2012 that was removed on July 16, 2013 due to a DMCA complaint by one Brooks Bayne. Needless to say, I have been given permission by WordPress, AutoMattic, Inc., to republish this post due to no proof ever being given that I broke anyone’s copyright or violated any copyright laws.)

Brooks has made his bones again..Drawing attention to his antisemitism on the blogosphere and further convincing this kook  that I should have listened when many told me to get far, far away from him.  My next post will show some very interesting email exchanges between Brooks, Neal Rauhauser, the team’s opinions on this, and more. Also, how Brooks left it off with Neal, the picture he sent as a farewell, and the irony behind it.
Name: Brooks Anthony Martin – From 12/01/1989 to 06/01/2012
Name: Brooks Anthony Bayne – From 06/01/1991 to 07/31/2009
Name: Brooks B Martin – From 06/01/1991 to 12/01/1999
Date of Birth: 04/11/1967 (45)
Social Media: @BrooksBayne (Twitter)
SSN’s In Use/Used
SSN: Issued in Florida, 1983
SSN: North Carolina, 1934-1951 – Gertie L Rhodes (Deceased)
SSN: Puerto Rico, 1965
SSN: Florida, 1983
SSN: Florida, 1983
SSN: Florida, 1983
SSN: Florida, 1983
Subject Using Deceased Individual’s SSN: Gertie L Rhodes
Date of Death: 10/22/2003, Died at 95
Zip Code at Death: 28712
Other Names Associated With Subject (Aliases):
Brooks E Martin
Other DOBs Associated With Subject:
None found
Other Possible Phones Associated with Subject:
Judgements: YES
Criminal/Traffic: YES
Phones Plus: 20 found
Driver’s License: 2 found
Motor Vehicles Registered: None found
Criminal History: 4 found
Addresses: 27 found
Employers: 1 found
Professional Affiliations: (None Found)
Professional Licenses: (None Found)
US Business Affiliations: (None Found)
UCC Filings: (None Found)
US Corporate Affiliations: (None Found)
Weapons Permits: (None Found)
Voter Registrations: (2 Found)
Judgments: (2 Found)
Evictions: (1 Found)
Occupation: Guitarist
Email Addresses Associated with Subject:
Brooks Anthony Martin
DOB: 04/11/1967, 45 years ago
Address: 233 DeLeon Rd, Debary, FL 32713 (Volusia County)
Gender: M
Ethnicity: White
Source State: FL
Criminal Violations / Arrests / Convictions:
Case Number: 00060277
08/16/1992 – Volusia, FL
Crime County: Volusia
Crime Type: Misdemeanor
Category: Criminal/Traffic
Offense Code: 83205 – 4
Offense Description: Know/Utter/Issue Worthless Ck
Charges Filed Date: 08/16/1992
Court: FL Volusia Circuit and County Courts
Case Number: CTC9204186MMAWS
12/31/1991 – Volusia, FL
Crime County: Volusia
Crime Type: Misdemeanor
Offense Code: 83205
Degree of Offense: First Degree
Offense Description: M/Worthless Check
Case Number: 48481994MM009585AXXXOX
03/04/1994 – Orange, FL
Crime County: Orange
Category: Criminal/Traffic
Charges Filed Date: 06/06/1994
Court: Orange
Offense Date: 04/14/1984
Case Number: 1994MM009585AOMARBRO
Category: Criminal/Traffic
Offense Code: 365.16
Offense Description: Obscene or Harrassing Phone Calls
Charges Filed Date: 06/06/1994
Case Type: Second Degree
Court: Orlando
Case Number: 37824
Category: Criminal/Traffic
Offense Code: Statute
Offense Description: DWI
Disposition Date: 12/16/1985
Disposition: Convicted
Confinement: 1M
Fine: $375
Name: Brooks Anthony Martin
DOB: 04/11/1967
Birthplace: NC
Address: 3545 S Ocean Blv, S Palm Bch, FL
Arrest Agency: St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office, St. Lucie, FL
Arrest Date: 10/22/1985
Judicial Agency: St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office – Charge 001 Court Seq
County: St. Lucie
State: Florida
Possible Employers (1 Found):
Delias Cleaners – From 2004 to 07/07/2011
Phone: (615) 309-0599
Address: 8113 Moores Ln STE 2200, Brentwood, TN 37027 (Williamson County)
Address Summary (27 Found):
Current: 11413 Gun Fight Ln, Austin, TX 78748-1932 (Travis County)
From 08/15/2012 to Current
Prior: TN, CA, FL, IN, AR (26 Found – Matches Found on Within Record)
Brooks Anthony Martin
Address: 11271 Ventura Blvd #221, Studio City, CA 91604-3136
County: Los Angeles
DOB: 04/11/1967 (45)
Filing County: Los Angeles, CA
Plaintiff: Nicolle Michelle Martin
Creditor: Lose Angeles County Department of Child Support Services
Court Case Number: BL0063124
Deed Category Type: Placement
Damar Document Type: Abstract of Support Judgment
Recording Number: 907788
Recording Date: 6/17/2009
Brooks Bayne
Address: 4388 Arno Rd, Franklin, TN 37064-8007
County: Williamson
Filing County: Willi
Filing Type: Forcible Entry / Detainer
Plaintiff: Darin Scheff
Court Case Number: 16625A
Court: Williamson Co General Session (TNWILM1)
Court Address: 305 Public Square, #104, Franklin, TN 37064 (Williamson County)
Court Phone: (615) 790-5444
Filing Date: 10/03/2005
Filing Date: 10/03/2005
Court: Williamson CO General Session (TNWILM1)
Court Address: 305 Public Square, #104, Franklin, TN 37064 (Williamson County)
Court Phone: (615) 790-5444
Name: Brooks Bayne
Address: 4388 Arno Rd, Franklin, TN 37064 (Williamson County)
Case Number: 16625A
Filing Type: Forcible Detainer
Filing State: TN
Unlawful Detainer: Y
Plaintiff: Darin Scheff
Name: Brooks Bayne
Address: 14133 Califa St, Van Nuys, CA 91401 (Los Angeles County)
Date of Registration: 10/20/2008
DOB: 04/11/1967 (45)
Party: DS (Declined to State)
Gender: Male
Name: Brooks A Bayne
Address: 704 Huffine Manor Cir, Franklin, TN 37067 (Williamson County)
Date of Registration: 10/02/2004
DOB: 04/11/1967 (45)
Party: Independent
Gender: Male
Brooks Bayne a/k/a Brooks Anthony Martin

10 Responses to “All Hail Brooks Bayne”

X0pht February 20, 2013 at 4:15 AM

If you like this, you love this.
@ToddKincannon on Twitter.
This is when he tried to copy the idea of our voice channel. The day after he saw ours. LOLosers
I’m hoping I set it all up right, but I keep getting server connection failed, remote host closed the connection.
On Sun, Jul 1, 2012 at 7:18 PM, Brooks Bayne wrote:
* Server
* Port31555
* Server Passwordarthelliggen
* Server Namethe trenches
feel free to join us anytime, but you might wanna join us tonight. ;)
there’s a piece we’re dropping very shortly.

Brooks Bayne
(424) 222-9630
twitter: @brooksbayne

X0pht February 20, 2013 at 4:20 AM

UPDATE: They just tried to break into the FaceBook account. Brute-force, really? REALLY? LOL
This should have been everyone’s first clue about Brooks Bayne. A comment by Munchma Quchi on March 18, 2012 at
Munchma Quchi March 18, 2012 11:27 AM
Brooks Bayne regularly implores his 100K followers to call the businesses and clients that his targets work for. The goal is obviously to get the targets fired or to lose business. And for what? Because they disagreed with him on Twitter. This is beyond the pale. It is destructive. And, it is a form of suppression of dissent.
In case it wasn’t obvious, Brooks Bayne* is a very bad person.
* Brooks Anthony Martin changed his name to Brooks Bayne when he left TN. Prior to that he had filed for bankruptcy multiple times and had been evicted from his home, court records show. He came to LA by way of Las Vegas, with a new identity and a fabricated story of how he was a successful entrepreneur.
The best stuff is usually in the comments or on pastebins.
Good luck trying that with me. My employer would eat him for lunch. I’m immune to his tactics and BS. The 424 number goes to an address in Harbor City, CA 90710- likely mommy and daddy’s place. More later – nice write up BTW.
I was on tonight when I received an alert for the ZAPEM email account. Since I link that back to my Facebook, I saw something rather interesting. It was Brooks Bayne believing he was stalking Michelle and sending ME a friend request. I shot back a reply which I took screen shots of and promptly sent it and the email request to everyone. Look for it and forward it to the cops. I believe he was bothering the retired cop on another account. It all adds up in the evidence pool for later.
We’ve been sitting on a few exclusives and have a ton of new material to begin a multi-part series on the fraud that is a dead-beat dad, Jew and Christian – hating man with many names and aliases. If anyone wants to do a section it would be appreciated.

The “Not Guilty” and “It’s YOU Who Are Guilty, Not US” Protect Their Twitter (Again)




For a Tyson-esque beat down on aka Brooks Anthony Martin, check out @ToddKincannon Twitter feed.

For a full ” profile” on the man Neal Rauhauser said “invested successfully in some start-up companies, and did pretty well for himself”,  here is one of those building blocks toward the Bayne Empire  (CREDIT:Brooks Bayne,,,, took money for work, didn’t deliver then attempted to extort shares in my start-up Los Angeles California

Brooks Bayne Shredding. DUH.

(it’s so dark that you have to take their word for it.)

Brooks’ Goes To The Dallas FBI (and all he did was post a pic of a sign on a wall)

Fess up, Man Of Many Names and Aliases…….

You took the picture, during what. a sightseeing trip?

Why wouldn’t you get a picture of the offices, or the lobby, or something believable? Maybe a time stamp?



Submitted on 2013/01/04 at 3:29 AM | In reply to Prepostericity.

Seth…..Seth……Seth……..about Brooks Bayne.

Michelle clobbered him on history and made a fool out of him re: Federalism. I’ll have to look up the HACKED tweets but she did. He hated her guts for it so he ran out and made up this big, freaking lie that he was threatened and Michelle was the guy’s wife to give him an excuse. It’s still illegal and the cops are doing their thing about it, but that’s another story and I wouldn’t want to ruin that surprise.

Michelle also told him we had his real name before it even came out. He laughed it off but he was nervous and very unnerved by her and us. So what did he do about it? HE LIED, just like all the stories said about him. When he gets caught, he LIES.

He never visited the FBI. He tried calling and they basically hung up on him. He couldn’t back up his claims because they’re all lies. But now he’s stuck because HE’S the one who the FBI now knows about. Dallas FBI called Washington, DC FBI after some complaints and proof and it was downhill for Brooks from there. The fraud, the scams, the criminal history and the initiated threats on the phone for which he also has a history of. They both now know all about him. And the door pic? It’s a door. Of the FBI. He was never there and never in their office. So sayeth Dallas FBI. OK?

Then Pat Read left him in the dust along with some others. In the end, he desperately tried to keep Mike Stack dangling on but no dice there either.

The guy is just another Twitter addict trying to scam money off people like the record shows. It’s the usual type. Big mouth. No job. Cultish followers in on the scam with foul mouths who love to play the God card to seem legit.

They’re all going to Hell! ;)

Pictures of my face-to-face with Pope John Paul II

What a cool guy.  I took the picture quick. Like Brooks at the FBI HQ. Much like his meeting, my meeting with the Pontiff was lengthy, but beneficial to all.pope

Where Brooks Bayne Threatens To Take Legal Action Against Me

 Mind you, this is the same guy (Brooks) that is calling me mentally ill, claiming that he started the Tea Party, and has an unhealthy obsession with Michelle. I will document the story here. This is just today’s fun, though.

When I started as a “contributor” at The Trenches, I was told about the lawyers he had, the big money behind the “organization”, and how I needed to learn about Federalism. I was also told that he would do more for me than any “of the others”. These were all LIES. He promises to pay his writers, but never comes through on that either.

As his meltdown continues against Michelle and I, it’s amazing how others are coming out of the woodwork to remind me of the warning they gave me when getting involved with him. I take sole responsibility for wanting to be a part of it. But it was a learning experience. Some are scared of Brooks. Others are intimidated. I could care less. I have enough going on in my life. If you want to print lies about me and people who are my friends, make disparaging remarks about me, and hide behind a persona, so be it.

The facts tell the story in all the communications that I have in my possession. I can compare them to your tweets and prove that you lie most of the time. You called us “shut-in’s”, yet you tweet all day long.

Let’s get to the heart of the matter.

Brooks asks me to “cease and desist” in this email, yet hasn’t stopped spreading lies about Michelle and people incorrectly identified by him and others. He claims that he has emails that incriminate me and I have called him on it. His response—– “CRICKETS” …

Here I ask a question that obviously disturbs him a bit. He then launches into a diatribe about who else?, Michelle, and kooks, etc…..But wants me to cease and desist.

On Oct 17, 2012 7:11 PM, “Michael Stack” <> wrote:

I’m including Doug and Ole in case Brooks has me blocked.
After bombarding people with requests for info about Mandy and Lee, why didn’t you tell us about your criminal past, Brooks?
Seems as though you have a bit of a hatred for the police?
My blog is opening for business.
It’s amazing that you lie about me in tweets and act as though nothing happened.
On Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 5:30 PM, Brooks Bayne <> wrote:

More faildoxing from zapem I see. I don’t hate cops, and I don’t answer to you. The fact that I’m being lied about for pursuing action against Jeffrey Joy’s threats of physical violence against me tells me all I need to know about you and the kooks you run with. You’re all a bunch of shut in idiots.

You’ve asked to be left alone, but you keep sending me emails. Not the sign of someone who is wise.

You are hereby put on notice to cease and desist all communications with me or members of my organization. I will pursue vigorous legal action against you and all of the people you collaborate with if you ignore this notice. We don’t care about your paranoid delusions and your desire to relive twittergate and weinergate over and over.

I encourage you to seek mental help and a vacation.

I hope I’ve made myself clear


(Bold Emphasis Mine)




Wednesday, October 17, 2012 11:40 PM
Mike, this is also my formal request to no longer talk to me or compromise the Trenches. I don’t understand what made us your enemy, but please. If you can’t leave me out of it, please leave Brooks out of it. This weenie jihad is stupid and only helps those after you.

You’ve blocked me on Twitter, and I’ve told you I was the one alerting our organization you were sharing our private emails in Twitter and beyond. I don’t endorse this. At all.
Even the most recent email from Brooks, he asked you to chill and come back. You posted it. word for word, just stop losing us as friends and stop helping Neal. We’re there for you and and always have.
What is the point of this?
I’m now honoring Brooks request, I will not email or respond anymore. This is done.

My Response This Morning….And I’m Still Waiting For The Lawyer To Call

From: Michael Stack <>
Date: October 18, 2012, 7:31:33 AM EDT To: Brooks Bayne <>
Subject: Here’s My Address
Reply-To: Michael Stack <>
Fuck you Brooks.
Continue it on Twitter, I’m putting it on my blog and going to the police.
Dont threaten to come to Nj  to rip a cops throat out first and then not like the fact that he then offers to come to CA and watch you try. There’s a witness. You told me. As soon as you got off the phone.
Call [Redacted] and have (sic) sue me. He told us all about you too.
And your organization.
(left my address out of this printing)

Next Post: The Trenches : Digging Legal Holes

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