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Qritiq Has Left The Building?

According to Neal Rauhauser, Qritiq was the formal authority on Weinergate, arriving just as the scandal broke, and now, leaving a somewhat cryptic farewell just before the second-coming of the Uncontrollable-Wiener-Holder

I have tons of screen caps of Neal trumpeting her expertise, and will follow-up this post with them. I find it highly irregular that lunch companion Ron Brynaert hasn’t mentioned her disappearance, nor has Neal. She was a good friend and ally to them.

Her sign-off does, however, coincide with many rumors about her identity.

Right, Jen Preston?


“Neal Rauhauser and @Occupy Rebellion KNOW Anthony Weiner”


Sorry that the screenshot is so small. It took forever to find it and longer to fix it.

There she is, Darrah Ford, aka Occupy Something, aka Occupy Rebellion, aka MissAnonNews, thanking Neal Rauhauser in 2012 for all of his “hard work this past year” with her and Anthony ….




UPDATE!! Pastebin “WTF Is The Big Deal” By Kelly Hallissey, aka Brattiest (with screenshots)

I don’t have the date of this log, nor do I care. I just like  Neal’s Alibis and explanations of how he was “being set up”

Within this log, once again, Neal Rauhauser sticks to the story,  that Anthony Weiner was set up by some of us, and Neal almost stopped US from “driving him out of office”.

Yesterday’s big events once again put Neal on the losing side of things. That’s why this part of the log is so exciting.

Exit question: Has any of Neal’s “friends” ever told him that his theories are insane? NEVER. Till he (will and does) throw them under the bus.

Or, because they don’t like me and my friends, is it just easy to hate and not debate?

WTF is the big deal?  Nothing, Kelly. It just seems like in any of the communications that have come out, you never grew a pair and told Neal that it was crazy that Weiner could have been set up by conservatives.

Even trying to say that I pulled SWATT-ings


Of course, you told all of us that we are going to jail,

posted pics of The Hoover Building to infer that we might be headed to FEDERAL PRISON (joking that we couldn’t figure out what the picture was)



, offered to show gas receipts from your trip to NJ, kellyhallisseya

kellyhallisseyccontinuing her friendly relationship with persona non grata @OccupyRebellion aka @MissAnonNews , aka Neal Rauhauser ally.



accused us of “Federal Felonies”, posted a picture of a federal Vehicle saying that “someone shouldn’t have called her job”



and claimed that you were going to talk to “NJ District Attorneys“…Which we don’t have (prosecutors deal with bringing charges) and that some “are nearing the end of their freedom”


We’re still here.

Neal aka  @chr000t

Along with these IRC members: schmoop, nachash

Great LOG—--

 But, as usual, the  best part is  when Neal outs himself. Who other than him peddles this lunacy?

05:33:42 |@chr000t > Frey & Co. set up former NY-09 Congressman Anthony Weiner using teen girl sockpuppets
05:33:59 |@chr000t > and that was a paid hit because he turned in NY-13 Congressman Mike Grimm for extortion
05:34:15 |@chr000t > Frey hates me – I almost managed to stop them driving Weiner out of office
05:34:49 |@chr000t > and then last spring I stand guard over Nadia, get her Jay Leiderman as lawyer, he gets big civil suit
(TCW commentaryhe stood guard, they went to court, she lost. Before she lost, Liederman dropped out as attorney, also distanced himself from Rauhauser)

Anthony Weiner, Screaming Goat Video LOL

Flashback: Neal Says–” Gosh, Who Do You Think Is Filling Weiner In ON All Of This”?

The Dirty II : The “Changed” Weiner Hasn’t “Changed” At All

Quoth  The Anonymous Woman ( not a Neal-Freak in a mask) Credit to

I just want to clarify that although I was 22 and technically an adult, I was obviously immature and I acted irresponsibly. I realize my correspondence with Mr. Anthony Weiner was a huge mistake and I am embarrassed by it. But the facts are the facts, and he’s running for mayor of NYC so I felt I should get my story out there.

I have no reason to lie. I don’t want the attention or I wouldn’t have kept my anonymity. I didn’t get paid for anything. I quite literally have nothing to gain from this.

Some people have doubts about the facebook page he used to talk to me in the beginning, before switching to facebook/formspring/phone calls — It’s his personal account. It’s linked to his wife’s account. It’s deactivated at the moment because of the campaign. Aside from the fact that I know many people in the political realm who have verified that it’s his account, I also know from our phone calls.

And to be totally clear, I did not sleep with him or receive any funds from him. I’ve seen comments stating otherwise and they are all totally false. I think it’s important to reiterate the fact that all of this happened with him after his first scandal, so all of his campaign promises about being a changed man are absolute lies.

Weiner Can’t Control Himself—Note To Neal–Who’s To Blame For This One?

Broken By  “The Dirty”

From Nik Richie c/o “The Dirty”

EXCLUSIVE: Anthony Weiner Is A Sexual Predator Luring His Victims

EXCLUSIVE: Anthony Weiner SEX Messages Post Scandal With Another Woman, Not Huma Abedin

EXCLUSIVE: Anthony Weiner Hasn’t Changed Poor Huma Abedin, New Image Of His Penis

Photo Credit:


Who will Neal write to the FBI about this year?



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