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Blacklist – Enough Is Enough

Originally posted on Don Charisma:

Those of you that read my blog have heard a little of the morons that I have to deal with on a daily basis. My friend and fellow powerblogger Jason Cushman “A Opinionated Man” from Harsh Reality blog is also fairly vocal on the subject.

Yesterday I posted a genuine opportunity for a writer for an internship. Danny and I are perfectly capable of doing the writing ourselves, but thought someone might find it beneficial. We’re also offering to help them in their own blogging. Win-win. How much more generous and helpful I do not know that I could be.

Then, today I received this message (on my intern post), from someone who continuous leaves incoherent (and sometimes inappropriately sexual messages for me) :

hello there.. plz click on my profile and click the UNFOLLOW button

  1. NO, yours is a public blog and I’ll follow who I please. If you don’t want…

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I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

Originally posted on hogewash:

I have just received the following email—

Matt Osborne
Legal Notice

Dear Mr. Hoge:

As Section 3-803 of the Maryland Criminal Law Code allows for a person to make such a request on behalf of another, I am officially and legally asking you to cease and desist all harassment of William M. “Bill” Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, Maryland. This includes referring to Mr. Schmalfeldt by such derogatory and defamatory “nicknames” as “Cabin Boy” or “Oedipal Bill” or anything other than his actual name. This includes the filing of any additional frivolous charges against him. Mr. Schmalfeldt can not preclude you from writing about him, but he considers derogatory nicknames, especially when they are spread by your followers all over the Internet, to be a textbook definition of harassment. Also, as all your previous criminal charges against Mr. Schmalfeldt have been dismissed by the Carroll County, Maryland, State’s Attorney, but…

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Is This A Joke??


The answer? Not found in a Pastebin.


The Best ARG Neal Post Ever!

“I don’t think this is an ARG. I think this person is genuinely crazy”

They are, of course, speaking about Neal Rauhauser bringing his unique brand of crazy to an ARG ( Alternate Reality Game) forum. It spews the usual line of nonsense, including crimes that even we didn’t know we were guilty of at the time.

Still not imprisoned for, either.

Alternate reality? Neal? Hrmph……



Neal Rauhauser Picks Up His Toys And Goes Home–Again

His Blog, used to stalk many of us, is now “Post Free”

For how long, we shall see.


Note that “Neal Rauhauser Has No Friends”


I know we’re seeing you out there as 100’s of different Twitter personalities…..

Brooks Bayne Is Suing Me For Defamation In Small Claims Court

I overnight-ed my answer today and it’s scheduled to arrive there tomorrow.

This is the only comment that I will make on the matter.

Another Example Of The FBI Working With Criminals (cough,cough)

The Feds Let ‘Whitey’ Get Away With Murder

Most interesting statements–
“And across all the decades he always bet his future against his victim’s lives and continually won because he had a merger agreement with the FBI, literally partners in crime.”

“Years ago, when his brother Bill was a state senator from Boston, I indicated that no drug — heroin, cocaine, marijuana — moved in South Boston, Bulger’s own neighborhood, without James’ knowledge. Bill took great offense at the charge and told me that I didn’t know what I was talking about and that he, Bill Bulger, had been assured by people who knew far more about drug trafficking than I did that I was flat out wrong. His source: the FBI, specifically John Connolly, a former agent now serving a 40-year sentence in Florida for conspiracy to commit murder.

Psychos and killers partnering with the FBI.
And we’re at their mercy.

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