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12:52 PM

BREAKING–Sources tell us that the blog in question, Neal Rauhauser’s WordPress, might have been forcefully removed from the Internet. This is still 30% speculation at this point, but we have it on very good authority.

If Occupy Rebellion has her Twitter account locked still, it would seem to make sense that an unexpected event took place last evening and some are scrambling to “clean things up”, if you will.

We will check back in an hour.


2:55 PM–Confirmed. Target destroyed. Confirmed source tells me that the WordPress site was taken down by outside sources, and NOT made private by it’s operator. It’s down, and not coming back anytime soon.


Did the Weiner get saved by the Baker ?

My Lex Luthor ,vets74, rears his head in DailyKos comments about Weinergate..Same old “lawsuits and federal prosecution “ of Mike Stack rhetoric….( BTW—-I’m still not being accused of hacking Rep. Weiner, am I, “vets”?)

Responses to the questions/posts of the last few days?

The silence is deafening from one …………Lots of stuff to publish…..

The Wack Pack

The menagerie of characters included in these tweets by @Stormpeedo are interesting and suspicious to say the least.

Why is @Stormpeedo including @HowardStern @Tommyxtopher  @wittier  and  @RepWeiner in their dialogue ?

I know that @wittier is a HUGE Howard Stern fan (like myself) so that is a connection that I am on top of.

But, as they have told me, “Google is your best friend”

( notice the first inference of the legitimacy of @gk68 in these caps also)


Two screenshots from an alleged conversation between Rep Anthony Weiner and Gennette Cordova

These screenshots plus deleted tweets and more emails makes me very suspicious of a lot of people in this  scandal who have just drifted out of the spotlight. Their excuse has been “nobody cares anymore”.

I CARE . I have in my possession endless emails, screen caps,news articles, and assorted other examples of how my life is still affected by this.  I was almost killed as a result of a hoax 911 call to an address that I no longer lived at.  The police arrived at the correct address at which I live  now, at that point  dragged me out of my house at gunpoint and police swarmed my house looking for a body that the caller claimed  that I “murdered”. ( Yeah, it was my “wife”, the caller said. Not married and do not own a shotgun,the alleged weapon used in the “murder”)

I CARE. Maybe someone will learn something from this drama/smearing/defamation.  Especially for  those who had a hand in doing this to me and the others.Maybe it will be something that, looking back, they realize maybe that  they had the wrong person pegged as an idiot.

I CARE. And I have LOTS more. Emails and tweets coming in next posts.

Gennette Cordova- On The Record-From Off The Record

This is a DM from Nikki to Gennette that she shared with me. Gennette stopped following me on Twitter and stopped responding to emails after the summer. It sounds eerily like the ending of the Nikki and Marianela association, huh?

There are many things in the following DM that bother me. Take a look a few times and comment or contact us here at our tip page on the front of our site.

On Tue, Aug 2, 2011 at 2:08 PM, Gen Cor [<REDACTED] wrote:

Hey Mike,

I understand. I want you to know that I never had any ill intentions towards you or anyone else for that matter. I’m sorry for all of the crap that you had to go through during all of this.
Here’s the email:
From: Nikki Reid (
Sent: Sun 5/29/11 12:46 PM
To: Gennette.Cordova@com (
Hi Gennette – I wish we could IM or something because there is TONS.
I am involved already. I trust you as my friend you won’t share this either.
Andrew Breitbart and those same crazy nutjobs all set this up. They came after me and Marianela – remember my friend?
We both had to shut down twitter yesterday.
They wanted us to make up lies and say rep weiner and one of his top DEM donors were asking/paying us to go on dates with these dems as underage girls.
They WOULD NOT stop, Gennette.
I have those messages.
I also have a screen shot that is VERY SIGNIFICANT — before I shut my twitter down – it is the convo with you and me — it is only a couple of messages — I deleted the ones where both you and I said we had crushes on rep weiner.
I left the ones were both you and I said rep weiner never flirted with either of us and this gave us both hope in politicians and politics in general that they aren’t man-whores.
It’s only those couple tweets. I believe this is also HUGE because it shows way, way before any of thise both of us saying how he never did anything in a private DM convo.
Of course, we both know you were never involved with him.
I know that was a hack. They actively hacked him and I am working to prove that now too.
There is proof in their twitter timelines — @patrioutusa76 @goatsred and all the rest of them.
@patriotusa76 was THE FIRST person to get the screen shot and tweet to everyone about it THE SECOND IT HAPPENED HE HAD THIS LIVE.
What are the chances that one of that group — the SAME EXACT group that have been hating on rep weiner, spewing sick things about him, harassing all of us girls for MONTHS — what are the chances that of ALL THE MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of people on twitter that @patriotusa76 is the EXACT person that catches this go down live?  PLEASE.
This was a set-up. There is ample proof in their time-lines even without the fact that Breitbart and them contact me and Marianela.
I can tell you more but tell me what you think of all this so far????
BIG right?
I am involved. Too late.
I also went back and did some digging of my own.

The start of the email chain….just a few….Look, she calls me “Goat”…….

On Tue, Aug 2, 2011 at 12:45 PM, Gen Cor <[REDACTED] wrote:

On Tue, Aug 2, 2011 at 12:45 PM, Gen Cor <[REDACTED<] wrote:


this is Gennette. Let me know when you get this and I’ll forward along the email
On Tue, Aug 2, 2011 at 2:09 PM, Gen Cor <[REDACTED]> wrote:

Also, I got the IP from the headers on the emails and it places whoever this is in the LA area
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2011 14:21:36 -0400

Subject: Re: Hey! From: To:REDACTED
and, does that show anything significant???
From: Gen Cor <[REDACTED]> Date: Tue, Aug 2, 2011 at 2:22 PM Subject: RE: Hey! To:

I’m not sure yet. But I’ll let you know when I figure it out.

Next–Weiner and Gennette DM’s


The New Post —Nikki—Gennette—Mike—and the supporting cast

The new post that I am putting up in a few minutes has to do with emails between Gennette Cordova and myself in August of 2011.

I have withheld some stuff until now due to legal reasons and to have opportunities to compare it against all the other fools that have made our lives miserable since the Weinergate incident.

Some of the wording and accusations in Nikki Reid’s DM to Gennette is just very strange and the conversation even steers toward a conspiracy to cover for the Congressman.

The DM between Weiner and Gennette is weird in itself because one would never expect AW to use the word “trolls”, and the phrase  “digging up dirt” to someone who he did not even know.

Why not hire a “security company” at this point? If he was so concerned (concern troll?) why not call in Federal resources? Notice Nikki lay out the original “talking points” that would become the meme of the next two weeks………..

Sleeping Dogs Lie? Lying Dogs Still Lying?

Picking up steam:

A @gk68 update …. What we found out this week

A new dear friend enters our site(s)/sights

Remember Gennette Cordova?

Doxxhed By The Duhmb

Meet The Candidates

The FBI Agent that the fake FBI Agent wanted info on but had to ask from a non-LE source

My non-existent criminal record vs. a possible felony in the heartland?

             Last on the list, but always first in our hearts:

                          Keeping it classy. Always.

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