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Coming Soon: “Screwball”: Our Version Of Neal Rauhauser’s “Fameball”



Neal Rauhauser’s #OWS Greatest Hits

Success In Tampa!! How Sweet It Is!!!

Fight For The Right To……..Piss?




But, meanwhile, where people must not have to piss badly ( or they’re just shitting on police cars)

Posting license plate numbers, riling up people using the old Neal stand by “racist” or having people do his dirty work.

Fun stuff next.

279 576573503

076Typical Neal. Snooze.

“The first and last words out of my mouth………..”

“This is beyond us – it needs the FBI. NOW.”

 devil found in details (207+ / 0-)

If you go read the individual tweet streams you can tell he was picked as a target, then they went about engineering the event.

@patriotusa76 and @goatsred were in the middle of it, but it looks like this whole group was involved in making it happen.

This is beyond us – it needs the FBI. NOW.

“I See Beandogs Prowling Around”……..

  •  beandogs (31+ / 0-)

     I see beandogs prowling around. Underage girls? Porno site? Goats? They won’t be able to resist the fun …

    Go read Twittergate: How Internet  Jerks Pranked The Tea Party for some idea of what is liable to come Mike Stack’s way in short order.

    He trolled Congressman Weiner with spectacular results. Trolling like that means he’s one of them now, ready or not … I expect the whole bunch will get run down by the 4chan party van any minute.

The Most Likely Suspect Is @goatsred…..”got his name, address, birthdate…”

 actually, guy is in NJ (11+ / 0-)

 The most likely suspect is that @goatsred person and he’s definitely in New Jersey – got name, address, birthdate, the whole shootin’ match.

If you’re sure this Haystack guy is 53 and he’s in Broward county it definitely ain’t the same man …

Objective Facts, Progressive Views

by Stranded Wind on Fri Jun 03, 2011 at 08:02:23 AM PDT

200 Views Neal??? Hrmph!

According to Neal, his “Fuckery Files” saw 200 hits yesterday on PasteBin….

Close, but no cigar….

From article by Jon Thomas, Social Fresh

From article by Jon Thomas, Social Fresh

Gosh Who Do You Think Is Filling Weiner In ON All…The email where you allege to be feeding Anthony Weiner secrets, at last count….706 hits

Karma Is Coming!! about Neal’s friends (and his socks) doing what the do best-causing trouble–357 hits

Neal Rauhauser #OpTinFoil #OpHuntRauhauser 261 hits

Email to Ron B saying that  Neal I Know Who The Jester Is 363 hits

Let your voice be heard! #OpSheridan390 hits

Gaped Crusader Emails Redacted  317 hits

Neal Rauhauser Arrest Warrants 357 hits, 2 downloads, once by you Neal

The rauhauser emails     1006 hits

Montgomery  SWATTing Police Report 1400 hits 3 downloads, once by you Neal

You’re in the middle of all that FUCKERY.

"Local Is Local"

“Local Is Local”

, member of the United States House of Represe...

, member of the United States House of Representatives. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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