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From article by Jon Thomas, Social Fresh

From article by Jon Thomas, Social Fresh

“Gosh Who Do You Think Is Filling Weiner In ON All Of This”

2 weeks ago, 2 pages, 391 views

An Interesting Pastebin Pops Up

1 week ago, 3 slides, 228 views

Tom Ryan Lies

6 days ago, 2 pages, 155 views

Mike The Executioner Rogers By Neal Rauhauser

1 month ago, 2 pages, 74 views

Gaped Crusader Emails Redacted

1 month ago, 15 pages, 50 views


1 month ago, 2 pages, 100 views, 1 download  (Neal Rauhauser )


3 months ago, 3 pages, 1127 views, 2 downloads  ( one is Neal Rauhauser)

The rauhauser emails

4 months ago, 36 pages, 724 views, 3 downloads

Neal Rauhauser Protects His Tweets

Why? Surely not because of others tweeting and causing his reputation to be soiled?


Sent To Montgomery Police Last Year By Neal Rauhauser-Written Off As He’s A “Crackpot”

English: A caver standing beside the column in...

English: A caver standing beside the column in Crackpot Cave (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Originally published 12/26/2011

Official White House Photo of U.S. Vice Presid...

Official White House Photo of U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Would I pop a cap into Dick Cheney  in order to protect, well, pretty much the rest of humanity?


“A Bodhisattva may use all means, both peaceful and wrathful, in order to protect the maximum number of sentient beings”.
 “Soon we must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy.” – Albus Dumbledore

As far as I can tell, Iowa Boy was first reported as also being Neal Rauhauser by Free Republic on 10/7/10 in a discussion following an article by Robert Stacy McCain of The Other McCain blog ( regarding the Twittergate scandal.  (
In the comments you can see that researchers there are finding proof the alias “Iowa Boy” who made the death threats towards former Vice President Cheney is Neal Rauhauser.  They lead the reader to a blog where Neal Rauhauser’s known alias, Stranded Wind, wrote an article.  The mishap occurs when Neal Rauhauser comments on his own post using the wrong handle.

That’s right!  He cross-posted using his other alias “Iowa Boy” with his renowned mug in the profile, leaving no doubt that this was Neal; the same person who posted the death threat during a time when the Vice-President was still holding office.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop at the one death threat.  There’s a pattern:
Yikes @Markos! Ever seen @DailyKos comments by banned @NealRauhauser account where he talks about hanging Republicans?…

Retweeted by ftanonoccupy (this feed was deleted earlier today)

11:47 AM – 24 Dec 11 via web!/ftanonoccupy/statuses/150813411708633088  (deleted)
“If Nixon had been hung Cheney would be an insurance agent.” @NealRauhauser aka Iowa Boy wrote day before July 4, 2007:…

Retweeted by ftanonoccupy  (this feed has been deleted sometime today. Strange)

11:49 AM – 24 Dec 11 via web!/ftanonoccupy/statuses/150813380725321728  (deleted)

Perhaps it’s time to wrap this up in a nice little “tidy” package along with the glock references and threats and address it to:

U.S. Secret Service
Office of Government and Public Affairs
245 Murray Drive,
Building 410,
Washington, DC 20223

The Rauhauser Emails, Volume One

Some have been printed recently but these flow nicely together, don’t they??

Render Me Clueless, But I Get A Few Hits In The US



Alexa Stats For Render Blog Here

Alexa Stats For Crying Wolfe Blog Here

“Tampering With A Victim, Witness, Or An Informant”..Or All Three?



WE know he’s a perpetual victim.

WE know he tells people what he’s witnessed.

WE know that he passes himself off as or is an informant.

That explains this…..


Talking like a man who threatens, sets people up, and gets away with murder.

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