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@goatsred Account Comparisons

My Original:


Because the account was suspended, I cannot screen print the account creation date,I am  waiting for the email to confirm, but the new one,after the “wait” on the old username had expired, was created on January 28th,2013.


User suspended:

goatsredsuspended2413aaWhatever these fools do with the @goatsred Twitter handle after this is strictly on them. But they will try. #Twittergate all over again.

Neal Rauhauser Is Obsessed With Weiner(gate)

On Tuesday, Neal Rauhauser called my local police department to complain that my blogging about him has violated the mediation agreement that he was required to sign in lieu of my dropping four harassment charges against him. He emailed the Captain and told the detective that he will stop writing about me and will take everything down he’s ever written about me if I “do the same.” Why now?

Today’s gem from The Gaped Crusader:


Always “Mike Stack Holding The Bag”. Notice? From the guy with the gallons of sewage seeping over the top daily?

The Rauhauser Emails, Volume One

Some have been printed recently but these flow nicely together, don’t they??

SWATting, a Deadly Political Game ( from LA Weekly)

By Simone Wilson

Read the whole thing here.

The comments are a tidy package of fun too!!

Time To Shed Some Light

It’s common knowledge that anyone can request public records as long as they are not convicted criminals. I have dealt with people who constantly ask ” How come there’s never been any media coverage of this swatting”?

With this question comes  the assumption that if it didn’t appear in the newspaper,it didn’t happen. So, for all you black hats, Anonymiss wanna-bes, and  fake FBI agents, here is what I have done:

Every month, I fill out a OPRA request for my records and another one to find out who else requested these same records. Because I am the victim in these reports, I have the right to this information. Amazingly enough, not any of you have stepped up to the plate and requested these records. This would mean actually giving up your ID or your addresses. Hence, all talk and no action. Just like a broken record. NOT ONE REQUEST!!!!!!!!!!

With all the “files” some claim that they have, it should be an easy task to make contact and get the reports.

For a newspaper reporter worth their reporting skills, this should be a no-brainer. But instead, take the word  (and ponder it) from a person pretending to be a part of Anonymiss. VERY VALID.VERY VALID.


NJ Freedom Of Information

NJ Open Public Records Act

I might actually get nuts and put up a more identifying part of this police report…tonite …or tomorrow….What do you think??

“Weinergate” (this time) Kos Commenter “vets74″

I’ve been told that I have developed a keen eye since the Weinergate Hoax took place. I didn’t see it coming , but learned afterwards to save the all the  words that speak untruths and lies about me. What I have found,however, after poring through tens of thousands of the screen caps, are some remarkable coincidences and language that just make what happened to me seem even more diabolical.

First Set vets74 commented “Conspiracy”-To take down a sitting Congressman?-I’ve heard this alot..”Misrepresentation of indentity”-By all means. (like the fake teens sent to me?) unmitigated glee at a situation that is how many days old?  Judge and Jury-“vets74″

Screencap #2–vets74 ” I like suing people” “No way these girls get less than $100,000. From each conspirator”. (can fake girls sue? do they get stimulus money? )

Appearing before that comment is “Babsnc” “Babs”? Do I know of anybody with the nickname “Babs”? Nah. Can’t be…Why would anybody use an “obvious nickname obvious?” She picks up the meme of harassment, and mentions the “girls mother”..But doesn’t the “mother” come later in the story?

Screencap 3 –With logic like this, and all the Kos Kids putting their heads together,this “crime” should have been solved in a day. Ironically enough, this poster “Organized Crime” knows down to the very minute DW or someone would be sitting at their computer. Why? How? Could they have sent a text over a VOIP ? Then an email? Hmmmmmm…….An interesting topic

Unwavering support for the victim, Gennette. Until AW comes out on the 6th and admits to sending the picture. Hints that “Veronica” might be graduating college in 2012? With a degree in ethics? A veiled insinuation that the commenter makes after that “someone might be interested in her part in this”…BTW- is there such a statute for “libeling a seated US Congressman”?

 Here it is, settled!!! Case closed!!!We got it! Ummmmmm…Oops……

And it begins……..

The shiteth starteth to hitteth the faneth….


Disclaimer: For Neal Rauhauser to refer to an event as “Kook-anything” makes me nervous.  In these emails he refers to a “back story” which has been not been revealed to the addressee of the emails. Also, Mr.Rauhauser tries to show the Twitter account and attempt to get Ron Brynaert to “follow for DM” as someone else other than him. Of course.

I have forwarded these emails to the proper authorities due to the fact that I fear some type of action being taken against me as part of this “event”. Also,February 7,2012 is a date that is important to me for my own selfish reasons. It will be interesting to see what this event is and where Mr.Rauhauser will “stage it”.

I do not want to put a link to Neal’s Tumblr page where he has a “clock” counting down to this “event”, but I will provide a screenshot after the emails. NEVER, EVER go on any site that has Neal’s hands involved with it.

Submitted for your approval:

From: neal rauhauser <>

To: Ron Brynaert <>

Sent: Wednesday, January 18, 2012 10:44 AM

Subject:Kookpocalypse: February 6th, high noon

Kookpocalypse is scheduled for high noon, February 6th, 2012.

   For better or worse, you are the only journalist that understands the backstory well enough to report on this. I’m giving you the exclusive.
    I took you off block. Please don’t yell at me, my nerves are a little frazzled.
From: neal rauhauser
 To: Ron Brynaert
Sent: Wednesday, January 18, 2012 11:34 AM
Subject:Re: Kookpocalypse: February 6th, high noon

Timing is important here, Ron. The clock on my Tumblr is there for a reason. I have some things to publish and people to see over the next nineteen days. I’m not giving this to any other journalists, it’s all you baby, but it come when it come.

   Follow @AnonyOps back – he’s shy about giving out his email address. He might send you DMs that sound like Laurence Fishburne
On Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 11:18 AM, Ron Brynaert <> wrote:

i like the name….
explain what you’re talking about
Does Scooby sound like Larry Fishburne when he recites quotes from The Matrix to you or does he use his regular speaking voice?
From: Ron Brynaert <>
 To: neal rauhauser <>
 Sent: Wednesday, January 18, 2012 12:20 PM
Subject:Re: Kookpocalypse: February 6th, high noon
You’re silly.
I’m not following Anonyops back.  I don’t do DMs with hackers, Neal.  Just because i sent a couple to your beandog pal Andrew Breit fartshit don’t think I’m stupid.
Just tell me by email…


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