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Tea Party Refugee and Neal? Possibly Separated At Birth?

Remember the Tea Party Refugee and his “enemies list” That I wrote about here and here?

Well, I came across this page from Neal’s Rebel Mouse account and it has an interesting amount of tweets that take shots at–you guessed it–the same shared targets–as the TPR!!!!

(This page from is copyright RebelMouse 2013)

Notice the subjects:

Stacy McCain. Lee Stranahan, Ali, Dan Backer, Aaron Worthing, TEA PARTY, James O’Keefe, KARL ROVE,

He openly gloats about the occasion when Stacy McCain’s website came down for a notable time.

He goes after Brandon Darby,

His pals Shoq, Karoli and catshitisimportant are all there to give him hugs and make lulz.

A PDF for when Neal “The Watchful Deleter” gets rid of the page.

Neal Rauhauser Manifesto (With “Veracity”)

What does “Veracity” have to do with this document and its’ relevance  here? That will be explained soon….

Also found by @Sanguinarius

His blog here

Image Here

Attempted Swatting Service Framing Of Me

I don’t subscribe to crazy, and with not even three dozen views, I was not too concerned at first.
Until I thought about all the alibi- pushing lately by the most concerned citizen in the world about the SWATTING’s that took place over the past two years.
Ironically, the attempted framing of me by Neal Rauhauser in re: Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account, combined with many other conspiracy-laden posts and PasteBin documents he publishes, makes me very wary of what I am about to publish.
I will say, however, that whoever published this attempt at framing me ( even just by putting my former email address in it) I have contacted the police in the town that this alleged person lives in.

It’s such a lame attempt at framing that its no wonder so few people even look at Doctor Dandruff’s rumblings anymore.


Mike Stack’s Swatting Service

1. Swatting Services
3. Few cops: $20
4. 3-5 cop cars: $35
5. 3-5 cops/Ambulance/firetruck: $50
6. Full s.w.a.t team: $70
8. Aim: jon_jones17
9. Skype: yezs.jon22

1. I am starting a swatting service very cheap.
3. $10 USD via PayPal per swat
5. Contact info: Mike Stack
6. Country: US
7. State: New Jersey
8. City: Absecon
9. Address: 421 Whalers Drive
10. Zip Code/Postal: 08202
11. Email:
12. Home Number: 609-241-8120
13. Cellphone Number: 609-287-3875

Blast From The Past: The Gaped Crusader vs. Neal Rauhauser


Neal, on Tom Ryan

From The Powers That Beat  

This post shows the similarities between Neal and his obsession with Kimala Harris, Steve Cooley, others directly involved in Los Angeles County. Ahem, just like the Gaped Crusader…. (PDF)  (© Elyssa Durant and The Powers That Beat © 2010-2011)

Neal and his obsession with John Reid and the “fake” teens. Written by none other than “Stranded Wind” himself….


They both push “recommended reading” on Lane Lipton’s, aka “qritiq” blog….

The greatest indictment is here in Neal’s own diary on Kos. Almost all of the Gaped Crusader’s future material including his “expose” on Peter Pavel.
Finally, do you know where the Gaped Crusader idea came from?
He is/was a porn character. Just Google the name.
How could porn-hating, smearing, holier-than-thou Neal Rauhauser EVER come across an idea to name himself after a PORN character? Easy. He has plenty of connections to people in the business. ( Darrah Ford, Monica Foster, Desi Foxx and others ) Just like his habit of projecting upon others the past and present demons that haunt him.
  Some examples are his drug and alcohol problems, beating his wife (which he wrote about), being a deadbeat dad, a fugitive from justice, and all-around hypocrite. Not to leave out being guilty of trying to frame innocent people, going after others’ jobs, stalking and harassing while  hiding behind many Twitter socks while  privatizing his account and deleting offending tweets.

Part II Coming Up

How Long Have Neal and Darrah Ford Known One Another?

Exploring The Darrah Ford-Occupy Rebellion-Rauhauser/ Raincoaster Connection


“Gosh Who Do You Think Is Filling Weiner In ON All Of This?”–Neal Rauhauser


Preemptive Strike? What’s The Definition? And Who Always Accuses The Victims Of……


And who’s The King Of The Preemptive Strike? 
(Described to a “T”, Mr. Martin!!)

(From Neal’s blog) ( PDF here)

Preemptive Strike  

Sunday, September 30, 2012

7:48 AM

More trouble with Mike Stack
neal rauhauser 2:52 PM (4 hours ago) %.
to Jason
I am sorry to trouble you with this again, but the election is five weeks away and Mike Stack Is acting up. The people he is addressing here who’s names are known to me are Ron Brynaert (ronbryn), a former journalist on psychiatnc disability, and Seth Allen (Prepostericity), a Massachusetts resident on psych disability who was arrested in a Maryland court room about a year ago for threatening Brett Kimberlin.
There is a lot of other election related stuff happening now, serious business with federal grand juries, and there are a couple of people trying to stir Stack up enough to file municipal court charges against me again because I collected some of the evidence for one of the two cases and the details are starting to come out.
Mike and I had a mediation on 5124 and I strongly advised him to just disappear, but he can’t resist getting involved, and his judgment is such that he gets lead into trouble very easily. What do I do to ensure I don’t get summoned for something someone else is doing to him, specifically to target me?


This was earlier today. I had not planned on publishing it, but the chatter I see online has changed my mind.

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Link to document: CryingWolfeWiki

@crappyairbags vs. Rauhauser Similarities, Anyone?


Paragraph 1–“If Anonymous doesn’t get him...’

Paragraph 2–“and there you go, poking your dick into a nest of retired intel peeps”


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