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“The first and last words out of my mouth………..”

“This is beyond us – it needs the FBI. NOW.”

 devil found in details (207+ / 0-)

If you go read the individual tweet streams you can tell he was picked as a target, then they went about engineering the event.

@patriotusa76 and @goatsred were in the middle of it, but it looks like this whole group was involved in making it happen.

This is beyond us – it needs the FBI. NOW.

“I See Beandogs Prowling Around”……..

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     I see beandogs prowling around. Underage girls? Porno site? Goats? They won’t be able to resist the fun …

    Go read Twittergate: How Internet  Jerks Pranked The Tea Party for some idea of what is liable to come Mike Stack’s way in short order.

    He trolled Congressman Weiner with spectacular results. Trolling like that means he’s one of them now, ready or not … I expect the whole bunch will get run down by the 4chan party van any minute.

The Most Likely Suspect Is @goatsred…..”got his name, address, birthdate…”

 actually, guy is in NJ (11+ / 0-)

 The most likely suspect is that @goatsred person and he’s definitely in New Jersey – got name, address, birthdate, the whole shootin’ match.

If you’re sure this Haystack guy is 53 and he’s in Broward county it definitely ain’t the same man …

Objective Facts, Progressive Views

by Stranded Wind on Fri Jun 03, 2011 at 08:02:23 AM PDT

Neal Rauhauser Recognized By 87 Republican House Offices ? Believe It. Neal Says So.

We were checking out Neal’s LinkedIn

Centre for study of Intelligence Operations

page today, due to the dire warning he gave us on his COMMENTS page.  He claims that he’s the admin there, and this is one of the three places that he will only “discuss topics openly“.

Please, please do not pass out when you read the unbelievable lines of bullshit (even for Neal) that he spews in every sentence.

He claims that  “ I received special recognition from a group of 87 Republican House offices. I am not one to hog the glory, so I arranged to share this honor with some of my more precocious students.” (this was “given to him for “teaching an obscure experiential (sic) ethics seminar in 2011 and 2012″)  VERY OBSCURE!!!!!!

He also brags about his association with Anonymous and the thrill he receives when “they [Anonymous] do hideous, yet hilarious stuff to the activists that wandering (sic) into their territory and set up camp.”

Never one to let his association with Project Vigilant go to waste (today, it’s the hottest thing to discuss with people who don’t know his bullshit, around the rest of the population that know him better, he denies, denies, denies most of his time with them)

Maybe his “slight autism” as he calls it, slipped up, because he had to get this classic Neal line into the discussion: Not a security guy, an infrastructure guy who doesn’t share well with others, so I play in dangerous places and manage to do so w/o uninvited guests joyriding with my stuff.”



If there are legit Intelligence people in here, how Intelligent are they to be talking to Neal Rauhauser about Intelligence?

LinkedIn is definitely a non-vetting entity. If they only knew about this guy who was posing as just an “interested” party…

Blast From The Past- Neal Rauhauser’s “Wingnut Watch” -First In A Series Of Flashbacks

All credit goes and belongs to Patrick Read for this report

Link: HERE for the following image.

PSTREADLook at the fake bio Neal set up. Mind you, this is from the “man” who takes it upon himself to be the judge,  jury,  and executioner of his “enemies” and their rights as he sees them.

BIO: “Teabagger”

“Enraged About Blacks And Gays Getting Equal Rights

Could one of you imagine what would happen if Neal The Stalker, during his endless hours of stalking Twitter accounts, came upon this phrase in a conservative-owned or a Twitter account that was operated by one of his “enemies”?

He’d call for a block and report and then preach to the  few friends that he has left the virtues of stopping racists and homophobes like this. The account would be suspended in an instant.

Neal Rauhauser: Suppressor Of Free Speech.

For a long time, Neal denied that this was him, but there’s the famous phone number that he has plastered on every email and communication that he uses to stalk his victims.

neal4112kkRemember post 9/11 RAMADAM.

Maybe his new sock account should be @1000days of RAMADAM

200 Views Neal??? Hrmph!

According to Neal, his “Fuckery Files” saw 200 hits yesterday on PasteBin….

Close, but no cigar….

From article by Jon Thomas, Social Fresh

From article by Jon Thomas, Social Fresh

Gosh Who Do You Think Is Filling Weiner In ON All…The email where you allege to be feeding Anthony Weiner secrets, at last count….706 hits

Karma Is Coming!! about Neal’s friends (and his socks) doing what the do best-causing trouble–357 hits

Neal Rauhauser #OpTinFoil #OpHuntRauhauser 261 hits

Email to Ron B saying that  Neal I Know Who The Jester Is 363 hits

Let your voice be heard! #OpSheridan390 hits

Gaped Crusader Emails Redacted  317 hits

Neal Rauhauser Arrest Warrants 357 hits, 2 downloads, once by you Neal

The rauhauser emails     1006 hits

Montgomery  SWATTing Police Report 1400 hits 3 downloads, once by you Neal

You’re in the middle of all that FUCKERY.

"Local Is Local"

“Local Is Local”

, member of the United States House of Represe...

, member of the United States House of Representatives. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Top Performers On SlideShare

From article by Jon Thomas, Social Fresh

From article by Jon Thomas, Social Fresh

“Gosh Who Do You Think Is Filling Weiner In ON All Of This”

2 weeks ago, 2 pages, 391 views

An Interesting Pastebin Pops Up

1 week ago, 3 slides, 228 views

Tom Ryan Lies

6 days ago, 2 pages, 155 views

Mike The Executioner Rogers By Neal Rauhauser

1 month ago, 2 pages, 74 views

Gaped Crusader Emails Redacted

1 month ago, 15 pages, 50 views


1 month ago, 2 pages, 100 views, 1 download  (Neal Rauhauser )


3 months ago, 3 pages, 1127 views, 2 downloads  ( one is Neal Rauhauser)

The rauhauser emails

4 months ago, 36 pages, 724 views, 3 downloads

Update–Ron Calls Me From A Blocked Number- Ron Lies

Ron called the Montgomery Township, NJ, Police yesterday, after his call to me ended with me telling him to “please call them”.

But the disinformation Ron tweeted was humorous, at best. He walked a Rauhauser-esque line, following that script to a “T”.

Let’s review:

IMG_4149aaIMG_4150aaLet’s tackle this quickly.

Detectives do not work on Sunday

He spoke to a sergeant.

He spoke to the sergeant who was at my front door on June 23rd, 2011, pointing a shotgun at my face from about 18 inches away. So I’m pretty sure he has an idea what a SWAT-Ting is.

He told Ron the same thing they tell Neal–” If you want to press charges, go to your local PD, and do so”.

Neal Rauhauser bugging police?  Crickets…………………………

He told Ron ” We do not take complaints from third parties” ( Just like they told Neal when he wanted to intervene on the behalf of missing porn blogger Darrah Ford and Desi Foxx)

Ron told the sergeant that I faked my own swatting. Please tell that to the three other townships that got the same call, Ron.

I’m dropping off the hundreds of emails and tweets of you offering your “help” and pressing people to help me find my SWATTer, not once mentioning in those that I swatted myself. Those include the emails to Jennifer George, begging her to talk to the police to help in the investigation.

This will just give this sergeant a taste of your credibility. You did tell me that they’d believe you because you could talk to them sanely and calmly, and explain to them that you’re a journalist.

After putting up an old picture of my cop friend years ago that his “research” found, I told him that my friend was a cop and would be pissed and why did he have to do that?  This is when Ron was smearing me when I wouldn’t play ball with him and share my documents.

He told the sergeant that I have pictures of me with cops and that I threaten people, telling them that my “cop friends” are going to “kick people’s asses”.

hexicon61013aaBut I’m sure if he calls in tomorrow, he’ll mention this blog post but not this gem:


It hasn’t been easy sometimes making the police and prosecutors understand these things, the characters and lunatics involved, but I’m glad that the aforementioned make themselves available without any prodding. As it has been said, the internet is still a very grey area, but the police can only do what they can do. As Doctor Dandruff said, “Local is Local”

"Local Is Local"

“Local Is Local”

Blast From The Past: The Gaped Crusader vs. Neal Rauhauser


Neal, on Tom Ryan

From The Powers That Beat  

This post shows the similarities between Neal and his obsession with Kimala Harris, Steve Cooley, others directly involved in Los Angeles County. Ahem, just like the Gaped Crusader…. (PDF)  (© Elyssa Durant and The Powers That Beat © 2010-2011)

Neal and his obsession with John Reid and the “fake” teens. Written by none other than “Stranded Wind” himself….


They both push “recommended reading” on Lane Lipton’s, aka “qritiq” blog….

The greatest indictment is here in Neal’s own diary on Kos. Almost all of the Gaped Crusader’s future material including his “expose” on Peter Pavel.
Finally, do you know where the Gaped Crusader idea came from?
He is/was a porn character. Just Google the name.
How could porn-hating, smearing, holier-than-thou Neal Rauhauser EVER come across an idea to name himself after a PORN character? Easy. He has plenty of connections to people in the business. ( Darrah Ford, Monica Foster, Desi Foxx and others ) Just like his habit of projecting upon others the past and present demons that haunt him.
  Some examples are his drug and alcohol problems, beating his wife (which he wrote about), being a deadbeat dad, a fugitive from justice, and all-around hypocrite. Not to leave out being guilty of trying to frame innocent people, going after others’ jobs, stalking and harassing while  hiding behind many Twitter socks while  privatizing his account and deleting offending tweets.

Part II Coming Up

How Long Have Neal and Darrah Ford Known One Another?

Exploring The Darrah Ford-Occupy Rebellion-Rauhauser/ Raincoaster Connection


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