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To The Fool Who Created A New @goatsred Account

The new account “just happens” to be following @Bitchiest  (Kelly Hallissey), Cats Are Important, @catsrimportant and looky here, Neal Rauhauser’s obsession-fueled-Weinergate “fake girl” “@Starchild111“.

I cancelled this account last year.

Here’s who the  new account follows:


Ironically,Dan Wolfe still follows the @starchild111 account


And, ironically, it has me following “starchild”. But, I had whatever entity or sockpuppet that took over the “@goatsred” account blocked before even discovering this. This means that 99 out 100 times it is  either  Neal Rauhauser or one of his thousands of sock puppet friends. Given his attempts to frame me countless times, this would be no surprise. These are the actions of a desperate man. I wouldn’t have my own old name of “goatsred” blocked.

Starchild111’s only follower? @goatsred. Makes it easy for Neal to start assembling more followers and accuse me of a new “crime”. Just documenting these things.


Their new tweets are below. Ironic that the actors involved continue to take part in games with Neal Rauhauser regardless of his ruined reputation, his maniacal obsessions, and his dangerous  attempts to hurt and punish his perceived enemies. This game was already foreseen by me, so I saved the emails from Twitter cancelling  my account, etc. I knew that Neal would be waiting in the wings to take the name and malign it further. I’ll post that in the next post, along with Neal’s dirty fingers poking around in something else to do with my life pre-SWATT-ing.

newgoatsredtweets2213aagoatsrednewtwittertweets2213bc(note the use of the word “retard” in the one tweet) Neal has used this lately to describe me in Pastebin pastes, tweets, and other various word salads that he regurgitates.

More to come……………….

The Straw Man: Sock puppet created to make its...

The Straw Man: Sock puppet created to make its point of view look silly, also known as the Plato Dialog Sock Puppet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Originally published 12/26/2011

Official White House Photo of U.S. Vice Presid...

Official White House Photo of U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Would I pop a cap into Dick Cheney  in order to protect, well, pretty much the rest of humanity?


“A Bodhisattva may use all means, both peaceful and wrathful, in order to protect the maximum number of sentient beings”.
 “Soon we must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy.” – Albus Dumbledore

As far as I can tell, Iowa Boy was first reported as also being Neal Rauhauser by Free Republic on 10/7/10 in a discussion following an article by Robert Stacy McCain of The Other McCain blog ( regarding the Twittergate scandal.  (
In the comments you can see that researchers there are finding proof the alias “Iowa Boy” who made the death threats towards former Vice President Cheney is Neal Rauhauser.  They lead the reader to a blog where Neal Rauhauser’s known alias, Stranded Wind, wrote an article.  The mishap occurs when Neal Rauhauser comments on his own post using the wrong handle.

That’s right!  He cross-posted using his other alias “Iowa Boy” with his renowned mug in the profile, leaving no doubt that this was Neal; the same person who posted the death threat during a time when the Vice-President was still holding office.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop at the one death threat.  There’s a pattern:
Yikes @Markos! Ever seen @DailyKos comments by banned @NealRauhauser account where he talks about hanging Republicans?…

Retweeted by ftanonoccupy (this feed was deleted earlier today)

11:47 AM – 24 Dec 11 via web!/ftanonoccupy/statuses/150813411708633088  (deleted)
“If Nixon had been hung Cheney would be an insurance agent.” @NealRauhauser aka Iowa Boy wrote day before July 4, 2007:…

Retweeted by ftanonoccupy  (this feed has been deleted sometime today. Strange)

11:49 AM – 24 Dec 11 via web!/ftanonoccupy/statuses/150813380725321728  (deleted)

Perhaps it’s time to wrap this up in a nice little “tidy” package along with the glock references and threats and address it to:

U.S. Secret Service
Office of Government and Public Affairs
245 Murray Drive,
Building 410,
Washington, DC 20223

Mediation Day Shenanigans-Neal Rauhauser and “Occupy Rebellion” Post #??

May 9th,2012 (before May 15th,2012 court case – mediation. Will note similarities between Neal texts, qritiq emails and these DM’s. ONE is SO SCARY.

Just to note that every topic discussed has to do with Neal’s enemies or people who have smeared,slandered or accused me of the same thing since Anthony Weiner sent a picture of his underwear on Memorial Day Weekend, 2011. The conversation was fascinating due to the fact that she proclaimed Darrah Ford’s innocence in any matters to do with events here, and of course told me that I was screwed by my “friends”, etc. All of the same nonsense that has been tweeted by the many voices and socks of Neal Rauhauser and his assortment of ghouls.

The funniest part was at  the mediation, just before we entered the room, Neal said to me, “I heard that you talked to Occupy Rebellion today….you know that’s Darrah Ford, right?” She’s an autistic adult that lives with her parents in Boston…”

Then he asked me about qritiq, to which I didn’t respond. I figured all of this would end up on the internet like Aaron’s courtroom audio. It was bad enough that Brett Kimberlin had taped Doug Stewart and I on May 15th, at our original court date.. I don’t trust him now and didn’t trust him then. He had an iPad with him and I know that I was being recorded and so was the meditation session by him.

IMG_0491IMG_0492IMG_0493IMG_0495IMG_0496IMG_0497(Mike Stack–The last DM there says the same thing qritiq says in her email to me about Aaron)

IMG_0498IMG_0499IMG_0500IMG_0501IMG_0502IMG_0503(Mike Stack-This reads verbatim from Neal’s and qritiq’s emails to me. Notice Occupy Rebellion tells me that she’s talking to Neal in chat right now? We’ll examine the times these were all written in the next post)

(Mike Stack-have to repeat this one to get last DM not gonna screen cap to keep pristine state and not allow for anyone to say that they were doctored)

IMG_0505IMG_0506IMG_0507IMG_0508IMG_0509IMG_0510IMG_0511IMG_0512IMG_0513(Mike Stack-Neal and Occupy Rebellion asking who told Stacy McCain about court? I did. So what.They’re dangerous? That’s a laugh)

IMG_0515(Mike Stack- this one’s out-of-order but wanted to include that I mentioned mediation)

IMG_0517(Mike Stack-another one out-of-order)

Official portrait of United States Congressman...

Official portrait of United States Congressman (D-NY). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mediation Day Shenanigans By Neal Rauhauser And qritiq

Isn’t this interesting?? This was from the Saturday before the mediation between Neal Rauhauser and I until just hours before.

Look for all the same keywords, tomfoolery, and gallons of crazy.

Highlighted parts will note similarities and what needs to be explained. There are lots to explain, but this is a little appetizer.

As for why I foolishly settled with mediation, I can answer this way: It was the stupidest decision I ever made in my life.

Well, maybe in the top five.

The Emails have been left in their pristine form, with exceptions for spacing and “To and From” lined up correctly.
From:Qritiq <>
Sent:Saturday, May 19, 2012 9:02 PM
Subject:your favorite subject: Neal
hey mike -
Neal told me he’d like to come to an agreement with you -he wants to take down every bad thing he said about you, if you would reciprocate. And he said he’d publicly appeal to Progressives to stop hassling you. I think when he saw you in person, he realized you’re not the zealot he thought you were.
I know it’s Neal, but I do think he is being sincere. About this anyway.
he also said something about Nadia being amenable to adding you to her case against Frey, if that would be something you are interested in. (But they haven’t asked the lawyer yet if they can.) Something to consider perhaps. I haven’t had all that much contact with her, but she seems like a nice girl to me.
anyway -you may want to think about it and contact neal to see what he proposes re a truce.Or if you’d prefer that i relay a message to him, of course that’s fine.
It seems like a good idea to me -you have enough going on without having to battle neal. But of course it’s understandable if you’re not exactly in the mood to be nice to him.
hope you are not too stressed and enjoying the weekend -I love May weather
Re: your favorite subject: Neal
May 19, 2012 10:09 PM
From:Mike Stack

“Mike Stack” <>;
To:Qritiq”Qritiq” <>
Thanks for passing the message on….
I’m definitely enjoying the weekend, tanning and blogging.
Thanks for the support and I’ll sleep and ponder on what you just wrote about.
Sent from my iPhone
May 19, 2012

May 23, 2012 1:39 PM

From:Qritiq”Qritiq” <>; mscart2012
Hey Mike -
guess you know Aaron skipped court. Sounds like judge not so happy about that.
I think Neal actually does have a pal in FBI counter-terror. He says he could probly arrange meeting for you if you want, but suggests you have lawyer with you during convo. (I assume that agent is in DC, but if they are in ny office, i could accompany you if you would like.) Neal also offering to sit down with you (and maybe FBI agent) in nyc to come to an agreement with you.
If you do talk to Neal re FBI/counter-terror/etc., keep in mind that around 70% of what Neal says is true, the rest could be based in truth but exaggerated. I can’t recall him flat-out lying to me before. I dunno tho, maybe I just forgot.
Neal would like to try to hammer out a truce/agreement with you before tomorrow morning. Again, I think taking down anything negative about each other is a good idea. If Neal has requests beyond that… well, I’d ask a lawyer before agreeing to anythingwith Neal.
off-topic, but when i gave a quick look to rsmccain’s twitter stream the other day, it read like it was scripted to me -just looked off and pre-planned re mccain’s “discovering” about Aaron’s battle with BK.
So later, when he said he had to move his family into hiding -well, that’s kinda hard to swallow. BK supporters are spinning it like rsmccain’s church booted him off their property because he was hosting/harboring a wacky David Kouresh-type race-baiter, and church leaders were concerned about it.
I suspect the actual truth is that mccain simply took his kids away for a Memorial Day vacation.

(Mike Stack-at the mediation,Neal recited the McCain,Walker,Frye, etc., “Hate Group, SPLC, Seventh Day Adventist” nonsense almost word-for-word rehearsed. It was at that point the mediator looked at him,stopped him and had him come back to the matters at hand. It was also the point where he stated “We were looking at Mike for the Anthony Weiner hacking but he did not have anything to do with it”..The cop who was sent into the room was also rolling his eyes at this point)

Re: neal-stuff
May 23, 2012 1:49 PM
Michael Stack

“Michael Stack” <>;
To:Qritiq”Qritiq” <>;
Reply To:
Michael Stack

“Michael Stack” <>
why do i need to talk to agent about counter-terror??
May 23, 2012

Re: neal-stuff
May 23, 2012 2:24 PM
Qritiq “Qritiq” <>;
Mike -does that mean you sent me an email before the one below in like the last half hour? cuz i didn’t receive one if you did
the only way that I will even consider talking about anything is if there is no camera or recording devices on me.
I will relay that.
Neal says his fbi contact would be more interested in your dealings with Frey and maybe some other folks, than in the SWAT. (Well, I think it’s all related though.) But he also did say that you may be able to get some help in investigating the swat from them.
ok -i will tell neal to use me as messenger to set up potential meeting

Fwd: neal-stuff
May 23, 2012 3:17 PM
Qritiq “Qritiq” <>;
ok -
Neal says he will not record you and there won’t be any “gotchas” like that.
He says he has already taken down negative things that he posted about you. He did get someone else to remove what they had said about you as well.
He’d like to talk to you to arrange his perhaps posting at your blog to encourage other progressives to leave you the hell alone.
He’d like to talk to you to ask you to delete some negative content (some items that are not about him might be part of that conversation)
He is fine with me relaying messages to arrange a potential meeting and awaits response.

Re: neal-stuff
May 23, 2012 3:26 PM
Qritiq “Qritiq” <>;
I don’t think you do need to talk re counter-terror. Or talk to the agent at all. (If you don’t want to, I’ll tell neal that.)
It’s “counter-terror” i think mainly because Neal’s fbi contact is a counter-terror agent. I guess I didn’t question it because I think of SWATting as a terroristic crime.
Neal told his fbi contact re Frey & co. shenanigans and that you had had dealings with them and he says that piqued his pal’s interest in you. Neal thought you could possibly interest them in investigating your swat, and i relayed that message to you because i thought fbi involvement might be helpful to you if it is actually an option.
—–Original Message—–
From: Michael Stack <>
To: Qritiq <>
Sent: Wed, May 23, 2012 3:12 pm
Subject: Re: neal-stuff
why do i need to talk to agent about counter-terror??
Re: neal-stuff
May 23, 2012 4:04 PM
Mike Stack “Mike Stack” <>;
Qritiq “Qritiq”
I will reply to you as soon as I get home
I’m helping a friend do something and leaving to go home in a little bit.
Sent from my iPhone

Re: neal-stuff
May 23, 2012 7:04 PM
Qritiq “Qritiq” <>;;
I’m willing to exchange email and get a preliminary agreement done that way, but … I don’t think it’s wise to assign a where/when that might leak…
Have Mike drop me a note if he’s serious. We’ll finish off this stuff tomorrow, and then we can discuss any future after that. It’s beyond unwise that he should talk about this at all …
Neal sez:
well, Neal sounds kinda paranoid/uptight to me.
GV: 202-642-1717
Re: neal-stuff
May 23, 2012 7:58 PM
Mike Stack “Mike Stack” <>;
Qritiq “Qritiq” <>;
Tell him that we can do it all tomorrow and that I am not having my witness with me. I am doing this to show good faith because I want the agreement to remain a secret.
I want it to be honorable
I can email him and we can always agree where and when to meet at that area
Sent from my iPhone

yes, meet
May 23, 2012 8:32 PM
Qritiq “Qritiq” <>;
To: nrauhauser
I’ve bcc-ed Mike on this.
Neal -
Mike sez you two can do it all tomorrow and that he will notbring his witness with him. He wants to do this to show good faith; he wants your agreement to remain a secret.
And he also says he wants it to be “honorable”
So, if you’ll consent to meet, Mike says he can email you; and that you can “always agree where and when to meet at that area”
I do think Mike’s proposal sounds good; it seems like it would just be easier to hash this stuff out eye to eye (at least the basics) with no-one else around to distract from the process.
And I also think keeping the agreement to yourselves is a good idea too. After all, it’s nobody else’s business anyway.
And if there’s other information that you may want to share but not in written form -well this way affords you that opportunity.
You both sound legitimately conciliatory to me, and I know that Stack willtreat this matter honorably, so I hope you’ll be able to get together.

(Mike Stack-She has NEVER called me “Stack”before..Only Occupy Rebellion does)

Fwd: yes, meet
May 23, 2012 8:57 PM
Qritiq “Qritiq” <>;
Mike -i will pass this off to you now to email him directly-I didn’t know which email address you wanted to use.
I’d suggest:
-agree as you said -to plan a general area/time and confirm it later if it makes you both more comfortable
-to confirm just in general terms what you want as the outcome(s) of your meeting
-when he starts to write you what hewants, try to filter out the spy-vs-spy rambling and keep him focused and concise
-try to remember that he has Aspberger’s and he can be kind of tone-deaf when it comes to emails/social interaction
lol -good luck
feel free to copy me on this stuff
—–Original Message—–
From: neal rauhauser <>
To: Qritiq <>
Sent: Wed, May 23, 2012 8:39 pm
Subject: Re: yes, meet
Maybe just openly send a note to the two of us -let’s get through this stuff tonight, so tomorrow goes quick, and then we can decide what needs to be done once we’re finished.
(Mike Stack-NOW The Crazy)
Re: Hey
May 24, 2012 11:25 AM
neal rauhauser “neal rauhauser” <>;
To:Mike Stack “Mike Stack” <>
Given that Doug was in court with us, as well as others who may not have spoke up, I think it’s very dangerous that we should appear together at a known time. You haven’t faced this stuff yet, but Gabbie took a bullet through the back of the head and Gabe Zimmerman died along with five others in Tucson. What McCain & Walker are doing is *way* more intense than the stuff that lead up to that mass shooting. I am truly worried we could end up caught in the middle of a gunfight between deputies and some extremist group. It’s never been made public, but there were members of Michigan Militia periodically patrolling the Occupy Lansing camp because they got a hint I was there, and before that it was some League of the South guy in South Carolina who got interviewed by FBI hate crimes squad.
As for your blog, I see the offer to take it down, but let’s play this one carefully. If you just take it all down and post an apology they know we talked. If you get quiet, say you’re thinking about it, then they are not sure. Long term I think what we do is this:
1. you make a post “I took down what I wrote about Neal Rauhauser, much of it was wrong”
2. I show up with my WordPress and make a one paragraph comment that says “We both got played, Mike & I disagree about politics, but we will not be attacking each other“. It’ll look nicer than this when I post, but the point is to leave something that is A.) Clearly me and B.) lets guys like vets74, or anyone who finds his writings, that he was mistaken about Air & Space and should leave you alone.
So I am sure there is a state grand jury for James O’Keefe because those words came out of the investigator’s mouth, and I really suspect there is a federal grand jury in D.C. for the stuff they did with people voting as Eric Holder. I have less of a sense of what is happening with Mike Grimm and the extortion case, but it all adds up to a centralized federal prosecution rather than the individual jurisdictions trying to do something on their own.

I have been close to one other big federal case -bought some used equipment in late 1990s and it turned out to be from a mafia freight theft operation in the San Francisco area. What I saw was that as they knew they were caught they threw *everyone* under the bus. I was in Nebraska at the time, but they went to great lengths to implicate me because I went to the feds to complain. If Frey or anyone around him can shift blame to you for anything that has happened they will try that.
The FBI agent in charge of counter-terror for NYC was interested after I told her a bit about what you had been close to, but after some consideration I think it is unwise for you to approach them on your own. I also think you might have some sort of claim against Frey, but it’s not as clear as what Nadia has. This being said I think what you should do is:
1. Just dismiss on tonight’s mediation. I really don’t want to lug a bunch of papers across three train systems in the rain and pay for a cab ride back and forth if we’re just going to agree that Frey & Co. are the real problem.
2. I will write a note introducing you and Jay Leiderman. He is Nadia’s lawyer, he is not mine, so you would be talking to him as if he were going to be your counsel in a civil suit against Frey, and he will advise you on the particulars of talking with the feds after what you have seen.
3. Once the dismissal is done I have some stuff on the most likely swatter. Don’t get excited, I think it’s a beanie and they are wicked tricksy. I hunted them a bit after 2010 and decided it was hopeless -too complex, too dangerous for me to handle. We’ll look what I have over -you, me, and qritiq, then we’ll share it with Allyn Lynd, the FBI agent who is most known for dealing with stuff like that. I think this is a separate issue from Frey and so forth -we can do this without either of us being exposed to any trouble.
4. We’ll see what Jay has to say about Frey & Co. I know the feds will want more information on them, but lets make sure you’re clear before that is set in motion.
OK, look at this and let me know … I have to leave about 3:00 to get out there by 7:00.
GV: 202-642-1717

On Thu, May 24, 2012 at 11:41 AM, Michael Stack <> wrote:
I can’t , in good faith, just dismiss. We need to go there and hammer out our differences and make an agreement.
Too much stuff happened between us and a year ofour lives was wasted with this. The judge and mediators will not be happy that they gave us a chance to settle it once and for all and we, especially me, did not take it.
As for me and the blog; I am not taking it down in whole, but taking down the posts about you and editing out your name in tags, posts and the like. I want to start blogging about things again post Weinergate.
I definitely need to be there tonight, unless you want to call and try to re-schedule.
If you do, I will not say a word. You have my word, and hopefully it will mean something, that todays events, etc., stay with me.
I want to take care of this ASAP.

Mike Stack/Jay Leiderman introduction
May 24, 2012 11:34 AM
From:neal rauhauser “neal rauhauser” <>;
To:Mike Stack “Mike Stack” <>; Jay Leiderman “Jay Leiderman” <>
Mike Stack is one of the people who was swept up in the Weinergate affair, and then the people behind that used him to try to get at me. Here are the issues at hand:
1. Mike was swatted, I think it was a beandog (untraceable, IMHO), but Frey & Co. played this up. Does Mike have a path to a settlement from Frey? Is this something where he could be compelled to settle for $10k -$20k just to avoid discovery?
2. Mike has said things to and about me and others, based on information he has received from people around John Patrick Frey, and I think some of them are also connected with Robert Stacy McCain. The nature of this is such that he could be considered an accessory in a federal hate crimes investigation. He is willing to talk to FBI to get at these guys for what they have done to him, but I am not sure this is a good plan.
3. We need some sort of agreement drafted between us -a mutual discharge of any civil liability, and whatever else you think we might need. I can pay for an hour or two of your time if we can tie up the loose ends here.
Jay can be reached at 805-861-8282and Mike is at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
GV: 202-642-1717

Re: Hey
May 24, 2012 11:48 AM
neal rauhauser “neal rauhauser” <>;
To:Michael Stack “Michael Stack” <>
Re: Hey
May 24, 2012 12:03 PM
neal rauhauser “neal rauhauser” <>;
Michael Stack “Michael Stack” <
Talked to the clerk, they expect us at 7:00. I guess that’s that :-)
As for you writing, I think you will remain a lightning rod. It’s your choice, but I bet you’ll find more people like vets74
GV: 202-642-1717

Re: Hey
May 24, 2012 12:03 PM
neal rauhauser “neal rauhauser” <>;
To:Michael Stack “Michael Stack” <>
Yeah, you really need to drop out. There is some stuff brewing in Wisconsin, I can’t go into details, but I could see how it would come back and get on you. I think the GOP is about to have their Weinergate and it’s not gonna be pretty.
We are having a talk here, doing so in an honorable fashion, and that’s a relief after some of the stuff that has gone on the last year. This is like what happened with me & Jeannie McBride -we used to fight as bad as you and I, then she had a falling out with Patrick Read. Her daughter was beaten & raped, and those jerks spent five months following her around, talking up the fact that they had her address, that they were going to help the rapist find them both -it was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. Now we *eyeroll* at each other’s politics, but we talk on the phone some times about kids and our health and these crazy guys around Pat that won’t leave us alone.
As for Jay, he is not my lawyer and he has not retained me as an investigator in that stuff with Nadia, but I’m kinda doing it, because what he needs is what Brett needs and that’s also what the New Hampshire AG needs. It would be a huge breach if I were to involve myself as I have this morning, and then break confidence.
And keep in mind when you talk with him that’s private -I’ll give him background, he won’t tell me what you discuss -that protects all three of us.
I presume you and I are gonna end up like Jeannie and I -*eyeroll* to each other over views, but not hating on each other, and probably ignoring and/or smacking down anyone who tries to stir up trouble between us.

(Mike Stack-This will be available via PDF with a huge release of emails but this correlates directly to the mediation shenanigans.)

FBI agent.

FBI agent. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hilarity Ensues…From The Rotten Mouth Of…..







“Tampering With A Victim, Witness, Or An Informant”..Or All Three?



WE know he’s a perpetual victim.

WE know he tells people what he’s witnessed.

WE know that he passes himself off as or is an informant.

That explains this…..


Talking like a man who threatens, sets people up, and gets away with murder.

Mr. Rauhauser Comes To Montgomery Township, New Jersey

Confirmed today, via a Lieutenant: Neal Rauhauser visited the Montgomery Township Police Department in May before my court case with him.

At first, the Lieutenant tried to feign amnesia when I questioned him  about the allegation today, until it was revealed to the Lieutenant that Neal has written extensively on his travels to my town and about his communications to them, the court, and has posted his emails to them on his blog. Then the Lt. “kind of” remembered Neal coming there and meeting with a few detectives. He then told me that he’d “get back to me”

Last June, the same Lieutenant tried to feign the same amnesia when asked if Neal was contacting them about my SWAT-Ting case. When pressed, he said that yes, indeed, Neal had called, offering information about WHO THE SWATTER WAS. He said that he told Neal if he had information, to call the Readington Township PD, where the call came into. Neal did that, also. I have just contacted them today to speak with the Chief on Monday. I’d like to make sure that they hear about Neal’s latest gig as a Confidential Informant. And if he’s so reliable, why is he pushing a libelous video/audio of Brandon Darby as the SWATTER? The case is closed, NEAL.

I made two more  calls today after today’s discussion with the Lieutenant. One to the newspaper that I have worked with for two months to get this whole story into focus and the second –not to the FBI, who is poisoned by Neal and his trademarked brand of crazy.

Here’s the fun part–a lot of things happened that May of 2012.

Here’s the most fun part–I have taken some corrective action on these things and because of Neal writing about, basically bragging about what he can get away with or has gotten away with, the correct people are opening their eyes. Of course, it is with persistence and determination that I am FORCING them to look into these actions.

Neal can write whatever he wants and can attempt to manipulate outcomes but the bottom line is this–the people he has manipulated are ultimately going to be held responsible. They made the decision to listen to him, to take his calls, and to allow themselves to get caught in his muddle. I warned them ahead of time, and it was allowed to  continue as time went on.

As time passed, their interest in bringing me justice passed also. Yet, they met with Neal in their headquarters, took emails and phone calls from him. All the while, being willfully ignorant of the history dating back a year between the two of us.

They called him a “crackpot, a lunatic, a weirdo, etc., ” It’s just the Internet”, “stop blogging”, “stay off the internet”, was repeated over and over to me, but they entertained him in their headquarters. On the day of our court case. When he had warrants out for his arrest. When they were fully aware of this due to me picking up a packet of discovery  on May 11,2012 and showing copies of the warrants.

Let’s wait and see. Justice will be served.

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