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Qritiq Has Left The Building?

According to Neal Rauhauser, Qritiq was the formal authority on Weinergate, arriving just as the scandal broke, and now, leaving a somewhat cryptic farewell just before the second-coming of the Uncontrollable-Wiener-Holder

I have tons of screen caps of Neal trumpeting her expertise, and will follow-up this post with them. I find it highly irregular that lunch companion Ron Brynaert hasn’t mentioned her disappearance, nor has Neal. She was a good friend and ally to them.

Her sign-off does, however, coincide with many rumors about her identity.

Right, Jen Preston?


Lee Stranahan On VITB With Neal Rauhauser And……..

After two years of harassment, having to “move his family” out of fear, and numerous libelous statements made against him (and ALL of his CLOSEST friends) by Neal and his cohorts, the best LEE can muster up to ask him is………….(paraphrased)

Neal, after hearing your voice a few more times on this show, did you and I talk a few years ago on the phone…”?

Neal–” That’s a chestnut that I’d rather not break open anymore. That’s old news.”


He then mentioned the Trayvon Martin case.

He neglected to ask Neal AND MATT OSBORNE about the SWATTing tape purported to be CLOSE friend Brandon Darby pushed and spread by them.

He neglected to ask Neal about Darrah Ford, Jennifer George, along with the alleged charges brought against him by Ms. George in 2011 during the original Weinergate Saga.

Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y.(friend of Rauhauser and Beth Becker) Speaks Out Against Weiner

“I think he should pull out of the race. I think he needs serious psychiatric help,” Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y.

(or is he talking about Neal?)

(Druge Report Published This link)


Taken after Weiner resigned in 2011.

You can search her name and  Jerrod Nadler on Twicsy to see the proud image.


Note the irony here. Anthony Weiner offered his newest sexting partner a possible spot on  Politico Arena . Beth Becker carrying water for “Anthony “in 2011. Neal terrorizing people he claims “set up” Weiner since 2011..…..Birds Of A Feather Flock To Politico Together.

Beth Becker, Neal Rauhauser business partner, writes on May 31st, 2011 on Politico how someone should handle a “hacked Twitter account. Written immediately after Rep. Weiner insisted that he was hacked, and in unison with her paramour Neal, who claimed that I targeted The Weiner and was responsible for the non-existent “hacking”.



The third shot is the most interesting.


Her Bio:

Arena Profile: Beth Becker

Beth Becker is a co-founder of Progressive PST, a social media consulting firm that helps political campaigns, political non-profit organizations and legislative offices make the best use of social media to engage the community. Additionally, Beth recently joined as new media director. In her spare time, Beth blogs at Daily Kos and She also volunteers for Netroots for the Troops and Netroots Nation.


Neal helped found that company? Why no mention of him? Don’t you mean they re-named it to “Progressive Congress News” and put Darcy Burner in charge?



“Remember when I had to go into hiding…..?”

“The first and last words out of my mouth………..”

Blast From The Past- Neal Rauhauser’s “Wingnut Watch” -First In A Series Of Flashbacks

All credit goes and belongs to Patrick Read for this report

Link: HERE for the following image.

PSTREADLook at the fake bio Neal set up. Mind you, this is from the “man” who takes it upon himself to be the judge,  jury,  and executioner of his “enemies” and their rights as he sees them.

BIO: “Teabagger”

“Enraged About Blacks And Gays Getting Equal Rights

Could one of you imagine what would happen if Neal The Stalker, during his endless hours of stalking Twitter accounts, came upon this phrase in a conservative-owned or a Twitter account that was operated by one of his “enemies”?

He’d call for a block and report and then preach to the  few friends that he has left the virtues of stopping racists and homophobes like this. The account would be suspended in an instant.

Neal Rauhauser: Suppressor Of Free Speech.

For a long time, Neal denied that this was him, but there’s the famous phone number that he has plastered on every email and communication that he uses to stalk his victims.

neal4112kkRemember post 9/11 RAMADAM.

Maybe his new sock account should be @1000days of RAMADAM

Note To Neal Rauhauser On June 23rd 2013

Don’t SWAT Me Bro!!

200 Views Neal??? Hrmph!

According to Neal, his “Fuckery Files” saw 200 hits yesterday on PasteBin….

Close, but no cigar….

From article by Jon Thomas, Social Fresh

From article by Jon Thomas, Social Fresh

Gosh Who Do You Think Is Filling Weiner In ON All…The email where you allege to be feeding Anthony Weiner secrets, at last count….706 hits

Karma Is Coming!! about Neal’s friends (and his socks) doing what the do best-causing trouble–357 hits

Neal Rauhauser #OpTinFoil #OpHuntRauhauser 261 hits

Email to Ron B saying that  Neal I Know Who The Jester Is 363 hits

Let your voice be heard! #OpSheridan390 hits

Gaped Crusader Emails Redacted  317 hits

Neal Rauhauser Arrest Warrants 357 hits, 2 downloads, once by you Neal

The rauhauser emails     1006 hits

Montgomery  SWATTing Police Report 1400 hits 3 downloads, once by you Neal

You’re in the middle of all that FUCKERY.

"Local Is Local"

“Local Is Local”

, member of the United States House of Represe...

, member of the United States House of Representatives. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Flashback: Neal Rauhauser Does Protective Work For An NGO Volunteer

The question is, who protects them from Neal?

Questions arise:

Would the FBI agent be so annoyed that he’d wait until Monday?

Once again, Neal goes on a public message board to ask for “Help”, and not pursuing the matter through the proper authorities….If the FBI knew, why wouldn’t their star witnesses’ word be enough for them to act?

He “has concerns for this person’s safety”? But publicly airs his concerns? Inviting more people, if indeed he truly is concerned, to follow his information?

The response to Neal:

From: Bob Snyder
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2011 03:18:21 -0400

On Sat, Oct 22, 2011 at 12:56 AM, N Rauhauser gmail com> wrote:
 I do some protective service work, one client is the head of a Washington
D.C. NGO that faced a credible death threat last month. Tonight I received
information that the source of this threat traced one of the NGO's
volunteers to her home address via Comcast IP, and the location is a
relatively short drive away from a man who was arrested last month for
criminal harassment almost five hundred miles from his home. I have some genuine concerns for the physical safety of this Comcast
customer, and I'd like to talk to someone immediately. We've got an annoyed
FBI agent who will confirm the back story on this Monday, but the subjects
know they're under some sort of investigation and I'm afraid of what might
happen if further info leaks over the weekend.
Then your FBI agent should probably go through the channels
they have to speak to Comcast, especially if it involves a threat to
life and safety. Asking on NANOG for a Comcast contact to give you
customer information (which is what it seems like you're asking for)
probably isn't going to help and makes it look more like you're trying
to social engineer some information than trying to help someone.



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