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Who Is “The Tea Party Refugee”?

I don’t know either, but, in a series of emails I will print tomorrow, he seems to become obsessed with one point in general:

“No mention of Tea Party AT ALL at the RNC?”

Other topics of interest for the Refugee:

Karl Rove

Ali, Lee Stranahan, Brandon Darby, Bill Murphy, Dan Backer (Aaron Worthing’s attorney), a cited work from The Democratic Underground AND Breitbart Unmasked.

The Tea Party Being Shut Out Of The RNC

Does anyone see a pattern here?

Boy, where have I heard this before?

Well, in a little Neal Rauhauser blog post today titled “Admin Note: Fameball Decomposition SNA Site Launched”, this quote makes up the second paragraph:

When the GOP pointedly ignored the Tea Party during the 2012 Republican National Convention I started to get the idea that my task was nearing an end. President Obama’s administration has been a disappointment on many fronts, but my feeling is the things that displease me are more the nature of the world today than the nature of the man himself. His reelection was a great relief to me and I called the job done in early December. Even so, as a relentless record keeper my phone still rings on occasion.”

There are many more blog posts like this one that say these same things over and over.

This email was FWD to me by Brooks Bayne during my time at The Trenches. Ironically enough, none of the recipients (as far as I can remember) have ever brought the emails and their subject to light. I will print all of them tomorrow.

Here’s one:


Ironic, Huh?


This, from a coward who pretends that the account is not run by Neal Rauhauser, Brett Kimberlin, or The Harassing Grouch….

According to this tweet, threatening rape at a Twitter account they think is a woman is okay, but the IRONY of them saying that “men do not abuse women, only pansies do” is probably lost only on them.

Neal has admitted to “roughing up” his wife, and she has plainly stated that he abused her , while the court documents published in the posts at Hogewash the past few days tells interesting stories about life at the Kimberlin household.

Attempted Swatting Service Framing Of Me

I don’t subscribe to crazy, and with not even three dozen views, I was not too concerned at first.
Until I thought about all the alibi- pushing lately by the most concerned citizen in the world about the SWATTING’s that took place over the past two years.
Ironically, the attempted framing of me by Neal Rauhauser in re: Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account, combined with many other conspiracy-laden posts and PasteBin documents he publishes, makes me very wary of what I am about to publish.
I will say, however, that whoever published this attempt at framing me ( even just by putting my former email address in it) I have contacted the police in the town that this alleged person lives in.

It’s such a lame attempt at framing that its no wonder so few people even look at Doctor Dandruff’s rumblings anymore.


Mike Stack’s Swatting Service

1. Swatting Services
3. Few cops: $20
4. 3-5 cop cars: $35
5. 3-5 cops/Ambulance/firetruck: $50
6. Full s.w.a.t team: $70
8. Aim: jon_jones17
9. Skype: yezs.jon22

1. I am starting a swatting service very cheap.
3. $10 USD via PayPal per swat
5. Contact info: Mike Stack
6. Country: US
7. State: New Jersey
8. City: Absecon
9. Address: 421 Whalers Drive
10. Zip Code/Postal: 08202
11. Email:
12. Home Number: 609-241-8120
13. Cellphone Number: 609-287-3875

@crappyairbags vs. Rauhauser Similarities, Anyone?


Paragraph 1–“If Anonymous doesn’t get him...’

Paragraph 2–“and there you go, poking your dick into a nest of retired intel peeps”


Guess Who’s Not Coming To Another Court Date?

Neal doesn’t read Aaron’s blog? He screen caps everything we write.

Neal won’t be at court?  You can bet on that being a GUARANTEED winner.


Neal Rauhauser Is Obsessed With Weiner(gate)

On Tuesday, Neal Rauhauser called my local police department to complain that my blogging about him has violated the mediation agreement that he was required to sign in lieu of my dropping four harassment charges against him. He emailed the Captain and told the detective that he will stop writing about me and will take everything down he’s ever written about me if I “do the same.” Why now?

Today’s gem from The Gaped Crusader:


Always “Mike Stack Holding The Bag”. Notice? From the guy with the gallons of sewage seeping over the top daily?

Sent To Montgomery Police Last Year By Neal Rauhauser-Written Off As He’s A “Crackpot”

English: A caver standing beside the column in...

English: A caver standing beside the column in Crackpot Cave (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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