After months of sitting on the sidelines and watching the usual suspects smear and Google-bomb my name and reputation POST-Weinergate, I’ve decided (with no second thoughts) to post all of the lies, slander and libel here. Many, many things are still missing, however. People from different outlets have offered to comb through archives and assist me in my quest to expose those who have taken every opportunity to destroy my reputation. They are the very same people who spread the lies and insist there was a conspiracy ON MY PART to frame or to “take down” Anthony Weiner.

I am going to show tons of these screen caps and police reports. The reports will be password-protected for those who are approved. I will make no apologies for what I post, due to the fact that it was not originally posted by me, and I’d estimate that 99%  (ironic, huh?) is still up in some way, shape, or form. My disclaimer will be the same as the ingenious ones I have seen on other WordPress sites. If you’re looking for the NY Times, don’t look here. I will be 100% honest as to who posted these originally and even show where the screen cap came from.

I’ve compiled a long list of people to shine the light on here. There is no rhyme or reason as to how I am going to do it.

But I will thank those in advance who have offered to help in this venture.

Conversely, individuals who hide behind computer monitors like KK, NR, RB, DF, MF and the rest-say what you want about me — but there are people who want to see that the truth comes out about  your behavior. You’ve spent six months terrorizing my friends and I. But I think you will see in these pages that the six months was a blessing in disguise for me. I compiled lots of info, tweets, contacts and became aquainted with  fellow victims of your abuse.

I have gained access to DM’s that you shared with others, emails that you thought stayed private, conversations that you thought you were having with me. Many upon many offered these to me or offered their services when they saw what I was going through…

I’ve gotten very tired of keeping my mouth shut. I’ve also found quite a few “Smoking Guns” to say the least.

Okti Cokt !

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