When They Don’t Want To Call It Quits, aka #EpicFail


They do it for the LuLz or because they can?

anyway, here is one example where they still think they have “something” but since it began in nov 2011 and almost all pastebin got deleted…

It’s #EpicFail!

why were they  deleted? i can’t tell as a certainty, but a sane mind should catch the why and stop the #EpicFail?  hell no… or at least play safe and not tempt  fate

here are the events…

DoxCak3 – my legal team is on your case



C1TYofFL1NT – my legal team is on your case


DoxCak3 had disappeared for an  obscure reason

C1TYofFL1NT is still on twitter

AnonMarcus (the 1st who released this dox) account is protected and inactive

4d4mbr0wn  (the 2nd who released  a modified version of this dox) still posts about it from time to time


Olivier stated clearly that he is NOT testeux1

if you are speaking with @testeux1, do NOT forgot the 1!!!!!


was this clear enough? it seems not for those obsessed with the #EpicFail  ;-)

and C1TYofFL1NT can’t accept his #EpicFail

from time to time, he who  i call a “tool” re-posted the dox, with the usual suspect in the background…

re-tweet of C1TYofFL1NT by @spOOktehk1tty??



spOOktehk1tty u don’t know what happened when this dox was 1st released?



#LAWLZSUIT Oliver http://pastebin.com/Mw8zsBUj


spOOktehk1tty prefers to stay ignorant…

maybe when he reads this article, he will see the light?

i have some doubts…


2 Responses to “When They Don’t Want To Call It Quits, aka #EpicFail”

  1. 1 The Time Shifter February 4, 2013 at 6:36 PM

    to what exactly are you referring to, in this article?

    i can’t find the word “retarded”… ;-)

  2. 2 underwatertroll February 4, 2013 at 5:26 PM

    So is that guy Neal, too? Because he used the word “retarded”?? You all said that’s his MO. Otherwise why are you writing about him?

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