Fragments of a Tortured Mind_sec

@Mind_Sec have lost his mind… rooted mind like they says, oh my!

“pedo slander is not deserving of a response”

but @mind_sec was desperate enough to insist, and he try to transfer his guilt

—> “you decide if he is one or not”

pedo slander is not deserving of a response
but he forget he blatantly accused me in here:
I have proof about thetimeshifter being a pedo 1 post

it’s anything else but the truth…
the facts are they didn’t like that i ask them to apologies for the illegal ddos attack at boychat forum…

these tweets, actually, prove his real motive: his internet feeling got hurt…

mind_sec libel

you noticed the usual suspect? hehe

i asked him to remove his libel, he is stubborn, it is still there…

it’s the kind of stupidity, i have to dealt with, while i try to help them to get away to commit crimes…

2 Responses to “Fragments of a Tortured Mind_sec”

  1. 1 The Time Shifter January 30, 2013 at 11:56 AM


    he deleted his main libelous tweet where he said “I have proof about “thetimeshifter”….”

    • 2 The Time Shifter January 31, 2013 at 3:23 PM

      this is somehow, my last reply on that matter

      both of us has won something, but he had more to lose than me, he is young? kk

      i’m old, it was a father son discussion, so to speak

      i mean, i have to show the example, and finally he does the same

      voila! ;-)

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