Del Harvey, @delbius, Keep Us In Your Good Graces And Keep Us Safe (wink,wink)

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I find it interesting that numerous complaints, going back to the Fall of 2010, were ignored by Twitter. Specifically, this woman -

Del Harvey
Director of Trust & Safety

delharvey1Image courtesy of

As Director of Trust and Safety at Twitter, Del Harvey works to define policy and to ensure user safety and security in the challenging realm of modern social media. Twitter strongly believes in the importance of defending and respecting the voice of the user; Del’s team works 24×7 to do just that, along with working to protect users from bots and bad actors.

Prior to joining Twitter in 2008, she spent five years as the co-administrator and law enforcement liaison for a 501(c)3 non-profit charity, working with agencies ranging from local police departments to the FBI, US Marshals, and the Secret Service.

Twitter doesn’t give a hoot about ‘bad actors’ or the ‘voice of the user’. They have demonstrated repeatedly their bias and discrimination, often blaming their use of automated tools as an excuse when being called out for said biases. This and other proof of what they do on the inside, that I might comment on at another time, is ample reason for why we don’t make use of this service.

In the Fall of 2010, Twitter was called upon to take action against a group who co-mingled with Neal Rauhauser where evidence of illegal pedophilia threatened children. Del Harvey (@delbius) did nothing about it. In fact, they authorized Neal Rauhauser with a white-listed account and made exceptions for him and his hundreds of socks while enforcing their TOU upon others. It comes as no surprise that in the midst of all this, it now becomes evident that a Twitter War Engine was being built with the released leak by

This attitude by Twitter, Inc., changed the face of social media, giving the green light to predators, thugs, terrorists, political & civilian character assassinations, Government corruption, SWAT’ings, stalking, threats, lawfare games, and the reckless doxing and abuse of anyone and everyone in a predator’s path, especially innocents. DOX a predator like @Ronbryn and @NealRauhauser, however, and watch how fast @delbius will swoop down to wipe out your account to protect complete and utter lunatics.

I can appreciate the solemn need for anonymity when your family, friends and associates become murderous targets of predators that this woman, who claims to work with those who correct such ‘bad’ behavior, smugly chooses who she will defend and who she will cooperate with to the authorities. It’s also interesting the common faces in citizenry, of whom both entities have ignored.

So, you work with the FBI, Ms. Harvey? How interesting………

19 Responses to “Del Harvey, @delbius, Keep Us In Your Good Graces And Keep Us Safe (wink,wink)”

  1. 1 UglyAssDyke April 16, 2014 at 8:55 AM

    Allison Shea, err, Del Harvey is a fraud who belong to a crew of goons that tampered with chat logs before handing them over to police. A lot of mysterious backup data tended to disappear a lot.

  2. 3 Details in the Devil September 13, 2013 at 3:12 PM

    Now, that’s interesting; N stated on his blog a little while ago that he had acquired some law-enforcement restricted software in his quest to dox the J35t3r. At the time, I thought he was blowing smoke – now, I have to wonder….

  3. 5 Recursive January 23, 2013 at 11:35 AM

    Gotta love those cheap services that timeout in 10min, eh X? ahahaha

  4. 6 Caboose January 22, 2013 at 10:29 PM


    The response and the inaction to 3 reported bot-accounts:

    @delbius and Twitter will ignore this until they start getting really bad press. Then, like in Greg Howard’s case when his kids were pornographically depicted on Twitter by beandogs that Neal Rauhauser was paling around with, and Greg made a fuss over it, Twitter banned that father’s account. Twitter is evil.

    Twitter Refuses to Take Down Pedophilic Tweeter

    Today, a tweet came through from a Twitter user, using extremely graphic language in reference to my children in the following tweet.

    The language is graphic:

    Who knew that @gregwhoward has sexy, fuckable children???


    I immediately filed a complaint. This is the response. Notice the language where Twitter says this does not violate their rules.

    ## Please do not write below this line ##
    ginja, Sep 01 03:38 pm (PDT):Greg,

    I sent you a long message yesterday in response to Ticket #1145292 about how to file reports of abusive behavior. In that response, I said:

    “If an account is bothering you and you would like us to review the account, then you should block that account and not engage them in any further conversation (including retweeting them, @replying them or contacting them from your other accounts).”

    You continue to engage the users that you’re reporting for abuse:

    This user account will not be removed at this time, because these Tweets are not in violation of our rules or terms of service. I understand your frustration at being involved in these kinds of situations, but you need to stop engaging these users by commenting on their behavior. Please review our help page here about cyberbullying and blocking users, which outlines best practices for de-escalating situations like this:

    Our rules are outlined here, and we will not be able to remove user content, even if distasteful or inflammatory, that is not in violation:

    This email is a service from Twitter Support

  5. 9 Sightseer January 22, 2013 at 8:06 PM

    Clueless Carrots need to do their homework.

    @delbius is responsible for the 2010 child pornography attacks made on Twitter. She specifically stated she wasn’t going to do a thing about it. They were extremely vile and illegal. There were hundreds of instances that were screen-capped and many complaints. When it hit a blog back then, Twitter acted like they weren’t aware of it but the evidence said otherwise.

    @delbius also knew about the trouble Neal Rauhauser was causing, including death threats that were tweeted out by the account @OccupyRebellion, which was never banned for it. That account is confirmed to also be controlled by Neal Rauhauser and the identity of @OccupyRebellion aka Darrah Ford is in the works. The tweets coming from that account linked to his blog that were making the death threats, putting out maps to people’s homes and profiling pictures of people from random crazy thoughts in his head.

    Del Harvey (@delbius) claims to work with the FBI and LE to stop this sort of abuse and she did nothing about it except ban the victims.

    She deserves everything in this post and more.

  6. 10 Kelly January 22, 2013 at 7:49 PM

    Tell Michael Haneke ‏@carrotcrown on Twitter that that’s not his real name and he’s the sorry troll who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    Del Harvey most certainly did ignore hundreds of complaints against Neal Rauhauser that were against Twitter’s own Terms of Service and she did it for *TWO* freaking years.

    Know what you’re talking about before you open your mouth.

  1. 1 Crime Is a People Problem: Why @Twitter Must Prosecute Fake Account Makers : The Other McCain Trackback on September 13, 2013 at 2:35 PM

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