Breitbart.CON Scam Artist Lee Stranahan Makes A List

Earlier, scam artist, opportunist, serial liar and “conservative” Lee Stranahan put out his list of who he suspects to be on “Team Kimberlin”

Lee Stranahan  continues to target people like Michelle, who he took emails from and helped ultimately get two innocent families harassed by Neal Rauhauser?  You think you are this untouchable, Lee, that you can make statements like this about certain people who actually work for a living and do not prey on suckers like you do?

Neal’s blog came down because proving the threats and untruths were actionable, and yours are just as bad. We’ll go through the proper channels so we are not accused of trying to “step on your Freedom Of Speech“. The First Amendment does not allow you to make outlandish, false claims because you hold a grudge against someone. I think you’re just using this opportunity of your site getting hit to get ready to beg for more money.

I hate a majority of these people but hate you more, yet, my only question is this: why is Michelle’s name on that list and not mine??

You’re the biggest scumbag ever, Lee.

Some of these people have merely questioned your associations and your money-grubbing ways, yet they are named “Team Kimberlin”?

Who’s On Team Kimberlin? (according to Lee Stranahan)

  • Brett Kimberlin
  • Neal Rauhauser
  • Unknown / @OccupyRebellion
  • Unknown / @nicolegennette
  • Ron Brynaert / @RonBryn
  • Bill Schmalfeldt / @LiberalGrouch
  • Matt Edelstein / @Shoq
  • Karoli Kuns / @Karoli
  • Matt Osborne / @OsborneInk
  • Rebecca D / @Beccas43
  • Melissa Brewer / @CatsRImportant
  • Brooks Bayne / @BrooksBayne
  • Unknown / @XCitizen10
  • Lane Lipton / @Qriti

The B Squad: Related To Team Kimberlin

This is a group of people that connect to Team Kimberlin in some aspects but not others. They could be loose cannons, innocent bystanders, dupes, sincerely misguided or something else entirely. 

  • Jason Wade Taylor aka Randy Hahn / @FarRightOfLeft
  • Nadia Naffe
  • Jerry Wilson
  • Paul Lemmen
  • Bradley Rees
  • Greg W. Howard
  • Michelle / @Zapem
  • Patrick Read / @Swiftread
  • Kelley Hallisey / Bitchiest

38 Responses to “Breitbart.CON Scam Artist Lee Stranahan Makes A List”

  1. 1 Crazy Cat Lady December 4, 2012 at 2:39 AM

    X0pht, we’ve never spoken, so I am puzzled greatly by this: “Emick had an opportunity to put the law down on Rauhauser and didn’t do it. Do it, or STFU.”

    I have had many dealings regarding Neal to LE, and his behavior IS being investigated. I’m not LE myself, nor do I give them marching orders!!

    I’m at a loss as to why a perfect stranger with no apparent connection to this (a friend of Michelle’s? that’s great…but without ever speaking to me, how can you criticize my choices?) is on my case over my decisions.

    Yes, I DID choose to put off pursuing the PPO until after certain other actions have completed. Neal has a habit of not turning up for hearings, and being told ‘no’ has hardly stopped him from harassing others in the past. I have my family to think about here, and your vicarious interests- not so much.

    My decisions about what to do with what has been done to me is- frankly- proceeding without your input. Or anyone else’s- just as I would not presume to tell Mike or Michelle or Pat how to deal with their own cases.

  2. 2 TheTimeShifter December 3, 2012 at 12:52 AM

    when someone cry wolf too much often, it is what happen…

  3. 6 Incognito December 2, 2012 at 8:48 PM

    Kelly, you were NOT swatted. Making some shit up months after the fact because you’re a pathological liar who is actually insane enough to be *jealous* of the attention others have gotten for being *victimized* is fucking SICK.

    Anyone curious can call the Temple, TX PD, who will happily verify no person in that town has ever been swatted, despite her made up “transcript.”

    • 7 William Welna December 2, 2012 at 9:59 PM

      I was thinking of replying but since you are I might as well too lol.

      It’s rather obvious she was picking a fight here rather then reading the post so she would understand this is being quoted from Stranahan because I posted the screencap of th3j35t3r’s TL.

      Who I am as I have said before commenting is not really relevant, I could just as easily post anonymously with the same effect I desire. I am not intimated nor scared of posting my thoughts publicly, these are my words and I claim responsibility for them. Who I am has no baring on what I say because it should be judged on it’s own merits not ad hominums against my character. I have done wrongs and so has a lot of people, no one is particularly perfect nor angelic.

      Now, onto the laundry list of crazy accusations.

      “D. The primary parties you are now treasuring as “sources” have known track records of using CP to extort young women (one of whom tried to commit suicide after her nudes were sent to her ENTIRE high school AND her mothers employees), were members of lulzsec, were Encyclopedia Dramatica admins, are still members of anonymous, stages fake suicide attempts for attention, supports HAMAS, supports arrested JIHADIS, AND runs dosnets. All of which are easily proved with a few google searches however if that is too much effort for you to “fact check” the bullshit you spew let me know and I will provide you with the links.” – by 1cokebottle1tinychat

      I don’t see much point in responding to the CP claim since you’ve been told many many times the girl was 18 at the time of the pictures and I never extorted her or any other underage girl. The actions you accuse me of were of her ex e-boyfriend Krashed. I do not admit what I did was correct but 8 months of constant harassment is just asking for it.

      I was never a member of lulzsec however I did have friends who I continue to this day being in touch with who were members of lulzsec. I find it ironic you want to point this out when you publicly make a big deal out of how you have friends on “both sides”, all I can say is you are pretty hypocritical trying to use that against me.

      I was never an ED admin nor ever any part of it’s staff.

      The staged fake suicide attempt you are referring to has also been pointed out, which you have logs from my stolen hard drive to verify, was the product of my batshit crazy exgf Terry. It was Terry’s idea and it was executed by her. Not much else to say besides I went along with her bad idea.

      I do not support HAMAS nor Israel, I am against the human rights violations which are abundant by Israel. I do not condone carpet bombings of civilians, the brutal disfigurations of children as a result, nor their basic human rights being deprived of the Palestinian population. I see the terrorist attacks on Israel as retaliatory for their own brutality however I do not support them going as low as the Israelis. I also forgot you are *cough* is a supporter th3j35t3r and arabs are not humans. Your racism fueled hatred is atrocious and any normal person with a little dab of decency.

      I am not sure where the “supports arrested JIHADS” is from.

      I don’t run “dosnets” and I have yet to see anyone prove anything more then some compiled fake logs by you.

      I don’t see how any of this is provable with a few google searches when it really doesn’t simply exist but inside your mind.

      I don’t get how he needs to “fact check” anything, if it is true it is true and if it is not it’s not. The only thing you’ve provided is a list of ad hominums which are frankly not relevant at all.

      Now, you were never swatted and you try to claim victim per usual, this swatting claim is a rather new thing of yours the past week but yet you seem to fail talking about it before last week. Is this a really silent swatting?

      Hey, I could mention how you found it hilarious when you encouraged my exgf to swat me and suggested it publicly along with extortion but I want to keep this reply short. :)

    • 8 Crazy Cat Lady December 4, 2012 at 8:21 AM

      She was definitely not swatted, she’s just sick in the head. She and Neal share their false victimization issues, it’s why they get along so well- at least, until their interests collide.

      The simple truth is, she makes up a SWAT when interest in her is at its lowest, so she can direct the spotlight back on her. I’ve learned this, so I just ignore her now, no matter how outrageous her antics. I just log it, report it, and move on, and suggest everyone do the same.

      LE know she’s lying, and the sort of slander she’s indulging in right now is criminal- and they will sort her out. Unlike Neal, I think she’s too gutless to continue anything along the lines of the brazen, open stalking he engages in. She just smears, plays victim, lather, rinse, repeat, as she’s been doing to little effect for twenty years.

  4. 10 Prepostericity December 2, 2012 at 3:43 PM

    This Kelly Hallissey person is bizarre imho. Does she have any proof she was SWATted? And what was up with, “I was swatted BY the people you are now chumming up with and MINE was set up to get me killed?” Mike, she appears to be yet one more person co-opting our story for whatever agenda. To repeat, anyone involving themselves in anything that has nothing to do with them is suspect. That of course includes Rauhauser. It also includes Stranahan, Akbar, Liberal Grouch, Qritiq – actually it’s now quite a big list of names.

    • 11 Incognito December 4, 2012 at 12:27 AM

      She has a serious craving for attention, which she gets either by attaching herself to popular/notorious people (The Jester, etc) or by attacking such.

      She was publicly attached to Sabu for a time before Jester, she made attacks against Adrian Lamo (she accused both Lamo and Sabu of pedophilia eventually)

      She’s now attached herself to Neal for whatever reason, and going in that theme, I guess she needed to be SWATted too.

      • 12 Kelly Hallissey December 4, 2012 at 12:34 AM

        Wow thats a pretty sick thing to say, that someone “needed” to be swatted. You people are so blinded by your own hatred you miss the truth in front of your face.

      • 13 William Welna December 4, 2012 at 3:51 AM

        funny you mention since I tweeted that out today here where she claims Lamo molests children.

      • 14 Prepostericity December 4, 2012 at 3:54 AM

        Aaah ok, thanks for filling me in. Seeing that Sabu was cointelpro, she probably is too. Or a nutjob. Either way I just put her on Twitter block.

        She spooked me a tweet with links allegedly proving she was SWATted. How sick is that? She writes me some cryptic tweet out of nowhere. I don’t comment here to get a creepy response at Twitter.

        It boils down to myself, Mike, and Ron having been patsies for some elaborate ARG resulting in money and crazy court drama. That is the truth that has not been suppressed.

      • 15 Incognito December 4, 2012 at 4:25 PM

        Before you go pulling any more attention-seeking stunts based on my words, I will clarify again: I was referring to YOUR sick NEED to invent things for attention. I do not believe for one second you were SWATted, but that YOU felt a NEED to have some attention, so you created a claim to have been so victimized.

        The fact that you charge in here with your baseless, silly claim after months of cozying up to Neal, denigrate Mike’s experience, and insist you are the only one in a sea of victims who actually matters, speaks volumes about your psychopathic lust to be the center of attention.

        Your sole purpose here is to cause chaos and strike out against people who have exposed you for the liar you are. Your past actions prove that just like Neal, you have no sense of boundaries or decency, nor any respect for the pain of others.

  5. 16 Kelly Hallissey December 2, 2012 at 2:31 PM

    So because I speak to people who talk to someone you don’t like, I am now on a list aiding & abetting someone I have never even spoken to? WOW!

    A Spell my name right, its Kelly Hallissey, 1 e in the first name 2 s’s in the last. TY.

    B Speak to me personally, don’t take two loons word for who I am or what I believe in, grow the nads to ask me yourself.

    C. I was swatted BY the people you are now chumming up with and MINE was set up to get me killed, you supporting them makes you the same type of person they are, total shit.

    D. The primary parties you are now treasuring as “sources” have known track records of using CP to extort young women (one of whom tried to commit suicide after her nudes were sent to her ENTIRE high school AND her mothers employees), were members of lulzsec, were Encyclopedia Dramatica admins, are still members of anonymous, stages fake suicide attempts for attention, supports HAMAS, supports arrested JIHADIS, AND runs dosnets. All of which are easily proved with a few google searches however if that is too much effort for you to “fact check” the bullshit you spew let me know and I will provide you with the links.

    Finally, all of you are blind. The only way to get to the “truth” is to talk to all sides, not to lob around accusations like they are truths, because they are not. The amount of ignorance shown by all parties involved in these swattings & subsequent political games astounds me. Out of everyone who was targetted? MY kids were the only ones who had guns pointed at their heads, not yours, MINE.

    SO nice of you to RE-victimize me again, I appreciate it, tons. My kid still won’t go outside alone after what happened at my home yet you support the pricks who did that to her. What a class act you are. The fact the lot of you ran around crying to the press “Woe is me I got swatted” tells me that you are more concerned with getting press & attention than solving who was behind it. Shockingly enough, I didn’t play that game either, I sat on it quietly as I was asked to by LE so they could do their JOBS and solve the CRIME. (Shocker! Because I didn’t play the run crying to the press game, I had the recording and radio/phone logs within days of MY swatting, see what you can do when you obey the law?)

    Fuck you and your political games, you labeled me as being a member of a group I have no role in other than I speak to people THEY talk to politely and civilly, an activity you “adults” should probably take some lessons in, maybe then you can pull your heads out of your asses.


    Kelly Hallissey aka Bitchiest

    PS Here are a few links you AND your readers should look at, that is, if you have the courage to step outside of the bullshit being fed to you and look at the TRUTH regarding your new “sources” and their friends.

    ED–Please allow Kelly to put these links on her blog, Twitter, or on Neal’s Twitter. I do not recognize ED links, nor will allow my blog to be a messenger service for the nonsense that they peddle. She has many avenues to print this nonsense, and it has been vastly disseminated. For that, please contact her to see her proof.

    • 17 TCW December 2, 2012 at 2:40 PM

      Lee Stranahan made this list. I did not.
      I do not need to explain myself to you at all. I obey the law.
      I know a lot more than you think. Don’t play victim. It doesn’t suit you with all of the stuff that I have seen, heard, and have sat in on.
      You do your thing if it’s so “honorable” with such people as Neal Rauhauser, and I’ll do mine.

      ED links are not welcome here.

      • 18 Kelly Hallissey December 2, 2012 at 2:51 PM

        Play victim? I was swatted by your friends, some that are reading this HAVE the radio and call logs, along with the recordings. I don’t have to “play” anything its legit. Amazing how you are hiding the fact that your sources traffic kiddie porn, claim to be Law Enforcement and are not (federal crime there btw), and are known criminals. *shocked look*

        YOU reprinted my name in this crap so IMHO you are equally as culpable and legally responsible.

      • 19 TCW December 2, 2012 at 2:55 PM

        I’m not going to go back and forth with you at all.
        Bother someone else.

      • 20 X0pht December 2, 2012 at 10:52 PM

        lob around accusations like they are truths

        Like where you said people aren’t LE and how that’s a federal crime to pose as one?

        1. You don’t know shit. You don’t know who the players are in this.

        2. I’m not a chick. I’m not ZAPEM. I wasn’t even in that group.

        Learn to dox better. When stuff like this gets back to me, and it always does, I reply.

        3. Everyone sees HallisSey talking friendly to Neal but behind the scenes, they claim Emick is a double-agent for Neal. We see no proof of that but we do see that Emick had an opportunity to put the law down on Rauhauser and didn’t do it. Do it, or STFU.

        For these reasons and others, I find you both suspect. This has already been hashed out on Twitter from what I was shown tonight, so bringing it here is an agenda. HallisSey knew Stranahan wrote it. She came in here after having it out with him and pretends it reads like Mike wrote it. Now we’re up to 4 people with an agenda. 5 if you count that Brooks Bayne asshole.

        This entire thing is hypocritical. You’ve got Rauhauser out there sending beheading videos to Mike Stack and calling Muslim lawyers, Anonymous, SPLC and any other villain he hopes will make him and Mike’s friends’ lives miserable. He’s sending bullshit reports and phone calls to authorities in the hopes they will call the whole thing crazy and ignore all of you. He takes it real life and hunts down where people work, the escalators they use to get there, the doors of their home, the minors, their mothers and fathers, the sick lies, the unbelievable amount of profiles proving the psychopath that he is and for the life of me, you brow-beating, fucking “anti-HAMAS” hypocrites have the nerve to walk in here and act just like them.

        That’s right. Every single one of you who turned your heads away, covered up evidence or snuggled up in bed with Rauhauser or got pissed off because you couldn’t control the drama your way, is a fucking hypocrite coward with agendas higher than what you tell everyone else you stand for.

  6. 21 Prepostericity December 2, 2012 at 12:42 PM

    Yeah Mike, I don’t mean to downplay what Stranahan has done. He has been a pivotal character from the start. But it was opportunism. I can’t believe the amount of nonsense he used to post on Weinergate.

    He was very easy to fall for. Until you see what he looks like, he seems to be a well-groomed, smart whatever dude into blogging. I first heard of him through Maryscott O’Connor’s My Left Wing.

    It wasn’t even until he started smearing me right after KimberlinGate erupted, that I finally felt forced to socratise the bugger.

    It seems clear Stranahan is someone who latches on and is not a primary thinker.

    I think Mandy’s like that too.

    And they can only survive when they are protected by the herd personality of the cult.

    If you notice, we seem to be the two who get the least attention for the stuff we’ve come up with. I believe that’s because both sides suck.

    Donkeytale made a decent observation. I did what I did exposing hoaxing and donation schemes set up by Brad Friedman and Kimberlin. Then the Breitbart cult stepped in and created a hoax off of that.

    Occam’s Razor says we are regular guys. Regular guys, while sometimes making mistakes, are pure of heart and always seeking the truth. This is why the two people who might understand what has been going on the best are ignored for the most part.

    Those “lefties” who should technically be on “my side” are no better. With TBogg, Karoli, Qritiq, et al there is also a widespread ignoring of our true stories. This isn’t about political differences. This is about convolution versus convolution.

    I don’t believe Rauhauser could have pulled this off all by himself. Maybe Stranahan is more culpable than I am implying. I think of it in terms of who has benefited. Frey is an obvious suspect for having teamed with Neal Rauhauser the whole scam. Or Dustin with Rauhauser. Or both.

    People like Mandy, Aaron, and Lee, imho, are much more difficult to pin down. Respectively they could be a latch-on wannabe, a conspiracy kook, and an incompetent yet persistent sheister.

  7. 22 AfterShock December 2, 2012 at 3:17 AM

    The B Squad: Related To Team Kimberlin

    Don’t you just love lists that contain zero evidence?

    This is a group of people that connect to Team Kimberlin in some aspects but not others.

    Translation: I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about. I’m just picking out people I don’t like and am listing them to defame them since Neal’s blog isn’t giving me the desired effect. Some idiot may bite just like the idiots who believed Neal’s Karl Rove conspiracy. There’s a sucker born everyday.

    They could be loose cannons, innocent bystanders, dupes, sincerely misguided or something else entirely.

    Lay off the meth, dude. Everyone knows this is hardly a disclaimer and is more like projection than anything else. Loose cannon? You. Sincerely misguided? You again. Something else entirely? For a guy whose wife’s nudes went up on Rauhauser’s site without so much as a peep out of you, I’d say you’re definitely something else entirely.

    But seriously folks, these are just more attempts at convolution. People that must insert themselves into the drama for two reasons:

    1. Money (of course); and
    2. Manipulating what actually happened for their own agendas.

    I also want to point out that when people can’t think for themselves, like Stranahan, they copy what our people have had to say and act out their jealousy with determined hatred for our friends. These are also shared traits of Neal Rauhauser, Ron Brynaert, Karol Kuns, Occupyrebellion, Brooks Anthony Martin (alias: Brooks Bayne) and many others. If you’re hated by any of them, take it as a compliment.

  8. 25 plemmen December 1, 2012 at 11:52 PM

    Such delusion. I am only on the team of truth, brutal truth. That calls all to be responsible for their own actions and words. Period.

    • 26 TCW December 1, 2012 at 11:55 PM

      That being said, Paul, if you call out Lee’s past or criticize his associations with others of ill repute, he employs the same tactics that he cries are being done upon him.
      This man just opened the largest can of worms.

      • 27 plemmen December 2, 2012 at 1:11 AM

        Don’t I know it! Why do you think I’m on the list! Because I dared to question dishonorable and possible illegal activities by people with hidden past criminal convictions that need to be exposed and expunged from fund raising. Lee and his bully-boy tactics as well as the whisper blacklist to attack and destroy my tiny blog. The truth scares the sh!t out of these criminals, so I live rent free in their heads. A blog that has in it’s entire existence accumulated less than 80,000 views on a total of 439 posts. Most of which have nothing to do with these idiots.
        Truth is the most powerful disinfectant!

  9. 28 The Working Class Conservative December 1, 2012 at 10:24 PM

    WTF? I wonder what category Lee falls under?

    • 29 TCW December 1, 2012 at 10:31 PM

      Loser, con artist, halitosis survivor/carrier, porn producer, scammer, liar, leech, pariah, section 8, pimp, douchebag, tax evader, allergic to paying bills, allergic to credit card debt…..More???

    • 32 AfterShock December 2, 2012 at 3:52 AM

      WTF? I wonder what category Lee falls under?

      Former paid employee of Brooks Bayne should answer that question. Two peas in a pod. One wanted to take over the “Breitbart Empire” when AB died and insisted on getting a meeting with their lawyers to make it happen, –DENIED–, the other just soaked the name for all it was worth.

      The category is MONEY.

  10. 33 meme-ory December 1, 2012 at 9:11 PM

    Also, he needs to move kelly to thr first list…

    • 35 quixotic December 2, 2012 at 3:33 AM

      There’s something up with that character and why she has shoved her way into this drama and befriended a psycho like NR. Unfollowed her and that @th3j35t3r clown when I saw them buddying up with the criminals. They talk a good game but they aren’t who they claim they are. I judge people by the company they spit on.

      • 36 Prepostericity December 2, 2012 at 11:55 AM

        A good sign something ain’t right is when people who should have nothing to do with any of it are acting like players.

        The only two people I can think of who didn’t ask for trouble but got it were myself and Mike.

        Add Qritiq to the list of those who should go crawl back under theirr rocks. Why on earth would she re-blog a Rauhauser entry let alone allow him to blog on her website?

      • 37 TCW December 2, 2012 at 12:08 PM

        Agreed 100%
        But Lee took money from master criminal Ali for making an anti Kimberlin video, and took money for ” moving expenses” amid the usual controversy that he stirs up.
        Where there’s scams and money to be made on fake blogging classes, Lee Stranahan is right there, front and center, shamelessly proud and unrepentant .
        No one deserves to be maligned by a serial piece of shit who himself and shady associates refuse to answer questions about their transgressions
        Qritiq has chosen to get in bed and promote who she wants and if that means allowing Rauhauser et al to pollute her blog with their nonsense, so be it. She has laid down with the dogs.
        Realistically, nobody deserves to be maligned by that toothless hypocritical piece of shit.

      • 38 William Welna December 2, 2012 at 1:40 PM

        Greetings My Child,
        I always have the best screencaps

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