Where I Explain That Brett Kimberlin And Neal Took Videos of Me In Court May 15th

There was video taken of Doug Stewart and I by Brett in the courtroom on May 15th,2012.  So, you have my “current image in a natural setting”. Just use that. But, what for? To put the Air And Space Museum issue to bed?  It’s been put to bed. I wasn’t there, and the post/thread was pulled. The photographer said that IT WASN’T ME.

As for my objection to being recorded by Brett Kimberlin, it’s all in the court transcript. He then snuck out the side door when I brought it to the attention of the judge. Transcript coming soon.

Soliciting others, especially Doug, when he was listed as a witness, for info or a picture of me, is foolish. It goes against the mediation.

Begin forwarded message

From: neal rauhauser <nrauhauser@gmail.com> Date: October 19, 2012, 4:43:59 PM EDT To: undisclosed-recipients:; Subject: current Mike Stack photo?
I’m not supposed to talk to Stack, I know some of you do, and I *really* dislike only having the mugshot of him to use in his profile page. If someone has a current image in a natural setting I would very much like to have it so we can put an end to the “Mike Stack Air & Space” thing once and for all.

The Democratic Underground Saga can be found Here, here, here and here..  I have spoken to the person who was a part of it and they helped take down what they could.

1 Response to “Where I Explain That Brett Kimberlin And Neal Took Videos of Me In Court May 15th”

  1. 1 offshore corporation October 24, 2012 at 9:51 AM

    But this … Mike Stack grilling Ron Brynaert about what an alleged source told him? This would be the ‘source’ that Ron thinks is me, which he emailed eight days ago? I will again repeat what I said in Attention: Ron Brynaert – you have my unreserved permission to post to pastebin any email which you believe you have from me. I’d like to see what this likely member of Pat Frey’s Sock Puppet Army has been feeding you.

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