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After a long day (it’s over 80 miles to Manassas from my house) of non-action in court reporting, I decided to take a look at FMNR’s Kookpocalypse. The site started to look like a nothing-to-see-here-move-along waste of time until I spotted an item he had posted that could only have come to him from The Dread Pirate Kimberlin and that TDPK could only have acquired through discovery in the Virginia Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit.

Judge Potter specifically told TDPK on 5 October that discovery was to be kept confidential between the parties, for counsel’s eyes only. Since TDPK is proceeding pro se, that means there is no one else with whom he may share the discovery materials he has received from Aaron Walker. No one. Not even one of the other defendants—they weren’t parties to that discovery.

<mockery>I simply don’t understand TDPK’s strategy of continuing to thumb…

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To Set The Record Straight- Part II

Whatever the KOOK puts in this edition of Kookpocalypse, my countdown starts immediately after its release for Monday morning.

That is when I will go to the Superior Court Of Somerset County, New Jersey and file for damages against Neal Rauhauser and all of those who have helped him in his quest to harass, terrorize, and soil my name and reputation.

I am also going to move against the person or persons helping release this, no matter WHO you are.

Along with Neal’s menagerie of “friends”, lawyers, clients, politicians,  “employer”, Twitter and WordPress, to name a few.

Including the guy who exposed this whole thing, Anthony, “I was hacked”, Weiner……..

I’m not scared of you, Neal.

The complete opposite is true.

I expect to now hear the threats and taunts of The Sock Puppetry.

Carry on, KOOK.

Just To Set The Record Straight

I have gone to the court. No one has prodded me to. Not Michelle, not Pat Frey, who was the person you named last time as the one pushing me to press charges. This post does not constitute harassment of any form. There are no maps, IP’s, school names, family pictures, pictures of minor children,  business names, etc., on this document. It is just me setting the facts straight.

This isn’t a letter to my police department. This isn’t a letter calling for family to check on someone’s health and welfare. This isn’t a request for an updated picture of me to replace my mug shot. This is definitely not a letter helping someone find the person responsible for my SWAT-ing.

This is a NOTICE, a letter, if you will, from the Montgomery/Hillsborough NJ, Court. Since it’s available to me and since I’m not going to waste my time seeing someone claim that they THINK I might make up charges ( or “fabricate” being the target word)  against them, here it is.  This one is based on the charge I filed on 8/29/2012.



Door Number 1, 2, Or 3

You decide!!!!

Where Occupy Rebellion Threatens Me And STILL Won’t Say A Last Name

This has an eerie resemblance to the email I received right before I was SWATT-ed in June of 2011.

This is the uncropped, unedited screenshot of the Hushmail email that I received. It arrived FOUR days before my SWATTing.

The SWATTing that CERTAIN people are STILL writing all kinds of conspiracy theories about.

The SWATTing that CERTAIN people were COMMITTED to helping me get to the bottom of:

Months after “helping” me and stalking many others, including myself, my right to make a post about someone else is automatically labeled stalking?

For the record: I have never stalked anyone, and have provided proof against your lies and falsehoods. Secondly, I have never broken into anyone’s home, and for you to allege it, as usual, hiding behind an anonymous TWITTER ID, is par for the course for you. Provide the proof, or lack of it, once again. There is none. I have never owned porn sites. Someone I knew attempted to do an MLM and I had a connection through my time as a moderator.  I was a moderator on a site, which you know all about, since you and your cohorts have tried your best to ruin my reputation since May of 2011. Tried.

Where We Vet The Loons,aka Friends/Followers Of Beth Becker, Social Media Strategist

Beth Becker, aka @Spedwybabs Social Media Strategist, Work for Progressive Congress, Managing Editor of Progressive Congress News.

This one has long been on the radar, but buried because of the amount of work involved. He is pure entertainment. Follows hackers, WikiLeaks, one ex”Weinergater”, and harasses a woman whom a certain “Ameripundit” used to terrorize on a daily basis.Also dear to his heart is SPEDWYBABS (and she follows him back) and seems to zero in on certain targets near and dear to our heart.

Now, his tweets and threats sound like they are right out of a certain playbook. They probably are, because this kid is learning fast. He calls Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker a “shitface”

Here he has some very interesting friends. Please note:

WOW!! LULZSEC and ANTHONY WEINER!!! What are the odds??

Posts a link to his blog that talks about an underage girl being taped performing a sex act and it being passed around the internet. Asher places a still pic on the front of his “blog” and then goes on to lecture others and report them for child porn. (the name blanked out by me)

Follows WikiLeaks:

Last, but not least: Stalking and harassing………..AND………


We have plucked out the bad actors and apples from the friends and followers of Beth Becker’s social media accounts. If she is representing potential  Congressional candidates and soon to be public servants in their social media campaigns, we believe that the person should be vetted in the same way that we on the “Enemies Hit List” are every day.

If history is any indicator, however, none of them will win. We’ll bet on that.

Where I Explain That Brett Kimberlin And Neal Took Videos of Me In Court May 15th

There was video taken of Doug Stewart and I by Brett in the courtroom on May 15th,2012.  So, you have my “current image in a natural setting”. Just use that. But, what for? To put the Air And Space Museum issue to bed?  It’s been put to bed. I wasn’t there, and the post/thread was pulled. The photographer said that IT WASN’T ME.

As for my objection to being recorded by Brett Kimberlin, it’s all in the court transcript. He then snuck out the side door when I brought it to the attention of the judge. Transcript coming soon.

Soliciting others, especially Doug, when he was listed as a witness, for info or a picture of me, is foolish. It goes against the mediation.

Begin forwarded message

From: neal rauhauser <> Date: October 19, 2012, 4:43:59 PM EDT To: undisclosed-recipients:; Subject: current Mike Stack photo?
I’m not supposed to talk to Stack, I know some of you do, and I *really* dislike only having the mugshot of him to use in his profile page. If someone has a current image in a natural setting I would very much like to have it so we can put an end to the “Mike Stack Air & Space” thing once and for all.

The Democratic Underground Saga can be found Here, here, here and here..  I have spoken to the person who was a part of it and they helped take down what they could.

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