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The Dishonesty Continues

Lee Stranahan @Stranahan

              Stack to Breitbart editor:”Do you back up Lee insinuating  that if you’re not kissing his & Mandy’s ass, that you’re working  with Kimberlin?”

The actual TWEET, sent over a PUBLIC timeline, sent TO Larry O”Connor, who FOLLOWS me , was :

Almost like you wanted to hide that I did it out in public? And that I sent it to Larry? Why? Trying to control the narrative and demonize a group of people. Typical.

You and your buddies are not going to hammer me into silence nor intimidate me by ganging up on Twitter. You, Pat  and Mandy have made several cryptic comments about “mediation” and being friendly with certain people. The only way you could know detailed info is if you talked to the other side.The “bad guys” as you so-called “good guys” call them. So, expose yourself even more.

No Reason To Live Anymore

Woke Up To This Screen Cap In My Email:

I just hope Lee gets enough money in donations to break the big story on Obama before the election.

Because Andrew would definitely panhandle in search of  bucks to break a story that might change the outcome of an election .

You Can’t Hide Your Lyin’ Lies, Lee Lefty

I’d bet that Lee Stranahan doesn’t even know the full story of the emails. He’s a dupe for Mandy, Pat and anything Breitbart that he’ll just do as he’s told and shut up. He’s expendable. He whines about people trying to get him fired by “calling his employer”. He doesn’t tell the truth. Like a true leftist, and straw person for Mandy and crew, he says what he is programmed to say.

Patterico and Mandy Nagy obtained an email sent to Andrew, for his eyes only. Both Pat and Mandy have admitted it on Twitter. They thought they would be clever and send an email to the email address that it came from in order to do one of a few things:

Get a response back, thus a chance to check an IP and find out certain information.

Get a phone call back, thus getting a phone number to trace, and , once again, find out certain information.

The email went something like this ” Blah blah blah, I am….John Frey Pat Frey Patterico , and was wondering if you could share any information you have available on Neal Rauhauser and Darrah Ford with me”….


Well, they got neither of their options as a result. The email went to the phone ( like they all do ) of the owner of the company of the email exchanges. ( but not included in the exchanges were Pat, Mandy, Lee or anyone else for that matter. Larry Solov, Andrew’s best friend and partner, was the only other person who would have been OK’d to see these emails) Pat, being on the West Coast, sent the email and it arrived here in NJ at 4;20 or so AM, waking up the owner of the company.

The name “Patterico” and “Rauhauser” rang bells after some time and the hunt was on to get Pat on the phone to explain to someone as to how he got the business’ email address and why would he ask about Rauhauser and Ford. But most importantly, HOW DID HE GET THE EMAIL ADDRESS?

We’ll get to that part next. Getting Pat on the phone. And the excuses that he made up.

Originally posted on Qritiq:

From the 6/18/11 Lee Stranahan Blog Talk Radio Show (coincidentally ONE DAY after the Jennifer Preston NYT piece re fake Weinergate twitter teens)  – Caller @AG_Conservative aka Allen Ginzburg, known to be from the greater Detroit area, sounding somewhat hysterical:

From the 6/22/11  Lee Stranahan Blog Talk Radio Show [clip is edited] – Caller @razor419, known to be from the greater Detroit area, sounding somewhat hysterical:

[Update: Note - @Liberty_Chick sez these callers pronounce their vowels differently, and I would say that razor does sound older and more self-assured. Both callers oddly and breathlessly spout disinformation in a high-strung sing-song-y cadence. (Though it's possible AG is walking a dog.) And both calls make me laugh about the same amount.]

(As Lee has pointed out to us, it is a simple matter to make your voice sound higher or deeper on the phone.)

Of course a lot of people around…

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Originally posted on Ameristroika:

“…this will be the place to read all of my nonviolent rabble-rousing” -Ron Brynaert

“Fuck the Neo-cons!
Fuck the Fascists!
Fuck the Media!” – Ron Brynaert

I use to believe that Ron Brynaert probably started out well and with good intentions and somewhere along the way something went terribly wrong. My gut feeling was wrong. The above quote is from one of Ron’s first attempts at blogging; (freeze page here) And while he is unable to be honest with anyone he interacts with of late, I get a minimal amount of relief knowing he can be honest with himself. At least he knows of his violent intentions and expresses to his audience the need and sensibility of separating the rational side of his rants from the emotional, and most likely, extemporaneous rants.

And there is a pattern. I hate to be over critical of a respected NEWZ…

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