Why Have The Investigators Ignored The Swattings?

Maybe its way too challenging and time-consuming to take the attention away from ticketing speeders and busting high-school kids for possession of pot.

On Thursday, May 10th, I came home to find a note ( at 2:30 PM) that was handwritten and slipped underneath my front door. It said ” Better watch your back. We are coming for you.”

I know for a fact that it was someone local because they didn’t attract attention from my neighbors , nor did they have any fear of going straight to my front door, which is 25 feet from the road.

Better yet, PSEG road crews were installing new telephone poles down the street while three police units were doing traffic control 50 yards down the road.

I grabbed the note and went to the police station. There I was told that I’d have to wait, because the traffic detail was coming in from the road. I waited about fifteen minutes, and when I was finally met by an officer, I was taken aback by the pained look on his face…It said, “Not Mike Stack again.”

With anger in his voice and what seemed like a rush to get finished, he asked me questions about who might have done this, and I told him about an episode that had taken place with an ex-friend who had made this threat before. It had been documented with the Montgomery Police before the swatting incident.

He seemed aggravated that I couldn’t remember certain dates and phone numbers, although they were listed in another report. He made me feel as though I was the perpetrator and that I was being given the third degree as to decide my guilt.

His last comment to me was ” Mr. Stack, you certainly have a lot of problems in your life.”

How was I to answer?  With these people protecting me and serving my community, I feel like an intruder going to the police about anything.  I have been made to feel as if I am being a nuisance. As a matter of fact, it has been stated that I am kind of “pain in the ass” as told to someone calling in reference to a matter about me. It was not a low-ranking officer, either.

Two weeks and a day have gone by. I have yet to receive a phone call or follow-up on the information that I gave them. When I do finally call and ask why nobody has contacted me, I’m sure that the answer will be, “you know that you have to come here to pick up a report.” To that I will say, ” But sir, since there is someone threatening violence against me, I think it was in your best interest to contact me”

Then, a blank stare from the uniform in front of me. I predict this and dread it all at the same time.

The incompetence and negligence that have been displayed from the very start by BOTH departments are the reasons that I pause at a rush to judgement on any evidence. There is a BlogTalkRadio phone number that was offered to us as long as a subpoena was issued for it. My cops refused. Why? Traffic tickets are much easier.

Meanwhile, many lives are being affected in many ways.

“Coverup” does not pass a smell test with me when it comes to these authorities. “Lack of experience when dealing with internet” is a shitty excuse too. Why? Because they spend thousands of man-hours stinging people on Craigslist . They have a cyber-crimes unit in both Somerset and Hunterdon Counties ( the locations of the swatting call/event) Most of all, they have a responsibility not to punt a difficult case into oblivion.

I have spoken with people and there is a plan to try to get to the bottom of why these cases were treated like typical harmless prank type cases. One could only imagine the fallout if someone injured in this Swatting were a cop or their family. This case would have been wrapped up with a bow, on TV, and many people receiving awards and grinning ear to ear.

Instead, it’s the same old story.

Update Monday and the plan unleashed….

9 Responses to “Why Have The Investigators Ignored The Swattings?”

  1. 4 bret May 27, 2012 at 7:45 PM

    I think the simple answer is there is not obvious or major harm (outwardly) in what has transpired so far (I’m ot belittling what has happened to you and others – his is just my guess at what the authorities are thinking). Nobody has been physically hurt, so that counts against you. I would also guess most of their harassment/stalker focus is on protecting women from men- not men from unidentified people.

    Its stupid and not fair, but thats my guess. Its likely going to take some kind of escalation to get them to engage. But if having somebody physically show up at your door when all previous contact was from afar isnt considered escalation enough, I’m not sure what’ll motivate them short of actual physical violence.

    Be careful. Coming to your door is a major change in M.O., and either means their goals have changed or they have a new player involved not so worried about getting their hands dirty.

  2. 5 The Working Class Conservative May 26, 2012 at 9:27 AM

    One more thing. I listened to Lee’s show from the 22nd. 403 IS the swatter, no doubt, same inflection and tone. I do not think if was a affectation, that seems to be his voice pattern, If it is he is a well practiced mimic.

    • 6 JR9 May 27, 2012 at 8:24 PM

      Yeah, that 403 caller was the same as the 2 swatters and all 3 of those sound like a certain former quasi-journo.

  3. 7 The Working Class Conservative May 25, 2012 at 6:44 PM

    The real question is this. Why would they not investigate as a matter of course. They were induced to muster a group of police and respond to Pat’s and your house. Why is neither department interested in who and why and more importantly why don’t they apply justice evenly and go after the fake caller. Who by the way sounds EXACTLY the same in both audios.

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