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Swatted Wolfe –Complete Call – Audio Levels Fixed

Swatted Wolfe Call –Just Caller

What Was Old Is New Again or Same Fu…..Scams PART ONE

 So, Jennifer George filed a police report last summer against Lee Stranahan. A police report, being a LEGAL document, has all necessary information to confirm or strike down any doubts about her identity. Lee makes many points in the comments section about JG’s supposed identity and how we must follow certain leads to get to the crux of this investigation. It is my belief that if these “leads” were followed up on last summer,we might have gotten some results by now.

Had I not been kept in the dark about many of these events, I would not be writing about this today. I am laying a foundation about why I am dismayed about the lack of communication when it came to me receiving pertinent facts and information. On the other hand, I was bombarded with requests daily and shared all that I had. Foolishly. Simple things like this were not even shared.

I had an opportunity to speak with Detective Thornton of the Boston Police Department yesterday (he is the one who took the report last year). Strangely, he is a Domestic Violence Officer ( the second we’ve met in this bumpy ride) but explained to me that he could not talk about his case. He gave me the extension to ask for the Records Division to request the police report for this incident. I mailed it today and hope to have it back ASAP. Hopefully it will answer some questions.

Why was it not requested months ago?

If these “threatening” Alicia Pain” emails were enough to write posts after post about, why wasn’t I given the opportunity (or offered) to see the originals (or screen caps, if scared of  headers being run). The emails are now being downplayed like they were “no big deal”, but they were enough to make readers  believe that Pat’s or ACE’s lives “were in danger”.  Also they were enough to generate web traffic and discussions for days. I requested to see these screen caps and/or emails last week and I have yet to receive a reply back or the requested materials from this party.

Thinking back, it seems as though only two people have seen the original, hard copy Alicia Pain emails. They both wanted nothing to do with reporting them, nor (once again) provided them to me, as someone who was threatened and had so many people “showing interest” in helping me. One would think that it would have been at the top of the priority  list.

I also find it somewhat humorous that  John Reid and “family” appeared  after Rep. Weiner gets caught. The girls served their purpose. After Tommy Christopher perpetuated his fraud, it should have been “lights out” for them.  But nope. Someone saw it as a great opportunity, once again, to drag on a story, and muddy the already filthy waters. But the best was yet to come.

John Reid offered to give incriminating  DM’s about Gennette Cordova  to the first person who promised to print them “unedited”. Then John Reid ( who obviously has been front and center in this whole controversy) asks “who has a blog?” and brokers a deal with  Ken Of All Media @wittier  Ken Danielli to print them for all to see . It drags on and on and on and……

 I won’t mention the obvious fact that John asks this of someone who follows all the Breitbart bloggers and most media types. What were the chances that Ken knew someone who had a blog?

PART TWO Tomorrow

Today’s {UNREDACTED} Report *POSTED*

There are lots of things bothering me with the SWATTING incident from Day One until this very moment. Many things just do not add up. In hindsight, these things stick out:

There were too many outside forces at play , too much interest in  my information, some (now) weird LE choices brought in , and refusals to coöperate.

To top it all off, why did I have to discover certain things now when they should have been shared with me as easily as my information was being shared with other parties at the time? It almost seems like these facts and/or events were kept from me.

Here is the {UNREDACTED} version of the police report towards the end of this investigation in Montgomery  Township, NJ.  This case is closed here. I am pursuing other options with The Readington Police Department where the call was actually taken. The Discovery process has just begun.


Note: “Stranahan”should not be included on the line that also mentions the Fairfax County Sheriff’s Department. According to reports and emails, it is another individual named “ACE”.

I will weigh in regarding some weird bedfellows in my next posts….

Uh-Oh. Paging John Reid, Nikki Reid, Marianela, Wittier (for DM’s) and All The Socks!

Don’t Blame Me, This Happened in Detroit.


Video: Lessons of Weinergate apparently lost on some people:

Posted at 2:01 pm on April 24, 2012 by Ed Morrissey

If one lesson in public life should have risen to the level of received wisdom, it’s this: Don’t publish naked or near-naked photos of yourself, ever.  Not on Twitter, not on Craigslist, and certainly not to your employees, especially those with spouses.    And yet … Judge Wade McCree of Detroit, Michigan, seems oddly proud of his picture — even after a television reporter shows up to ask him questions about it:

More here from HOT AIR…..

Irony. It’s what’s for dinner.

Update- The Elusive “vets74″

A tipster has contacted us to let us know that “vets74“, whom I have written about on this blog, is indeed a real/different blogger entity from the tri-state area. He is also an “OWS advisor”

He had been very active behind the scenes  with his ramblings on The Democratic Underground Blog stating that I was responsible for riots at the Air and Space Museum in Washington DC in October 2011.

Just sayin’…More soon.

Strange Things Discovered Wednesday

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Yesterday, I added about ten thousand words to a picture that I had painted and re-painted over and over for the better part of a year now.

With the help of some divine intervention and a great lawyer, some new, unmentioned facts from the swatting that took place on June 23rd, 2011 were unearthed.

This is verbatim from the police report, but redacted by me…The date that these were entered is VERY disturbing to me.

” I contacted Detective {REDACTED} from the {REDACTED} County Sheriff’s Department. They advised that {REDACTED} is NOT cooperating with the investigation”

” I was contacted by {REDACTED} who advised he is an {REDACTED}. He advised that he has NOT reported this matter to his local PD because “they’re not interested in this”.  I advised him that he should RECONSIDER and report the matter. {REDACTED} DID NOT provide any information that is useful to this investigation”

 More tomorrow. Or later.

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