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It Was All A Big Mistake…They’re Checking To Make Sure They ALL Come Down

Fingers Crossed

Updated From Last Night

But, needless to say, the article  has been edited with my name and the untrue allegations against me taken out.

 The new link is right here

The other sites that also carried this smear are being checked to make sure this nonsense has been taken down from them also. That has been assured to me via the communication that I received last night at 11:47 from Mr. Zeese.

Stay tuned.

The Smears Continue…….

A new, vicious smear was published about me today. (Not so new, but with a different angle this time)

This smear was already debunked early in the infancy of this blog, but somehow the narrative has changed a little,along with them being TOLD also  that I was at #OCCUPY in NYC.

The copy of the letter I sent to Mr.Zeese , Ms.Flowers  And My Attorney:

February 25, 2012

Kevin B Zeese

Margaret Flowers c/o

 2842 North Calvert Steet

 Baltimore, MD 21218


Dear Mr. Zeese & Ms. Flowers,

The above-referenced article dated 2/25/2012 entitled “InfiltrationTo Disrupt, Divide And Mis-direct Are Widespread In Occupy – Part I” has been brought to my attention in which Mr. Zeese and Ms. Flowers have included false statements against me.

Please retract the following false statements in their entirety or legal action for libel and defamation will commence forthwith:

“A few days later we uncovered the second infiltrator, Michael Stack,  when he was urging people on Freedom Plaza to resist police with force.  We later learned he was from the Leadership Institute which trains  youth in right wing ideology and tactics.  We were told he had also been at Occupy Wall Street provoking violence.”

These allegations are false and have been proven to be false.  Your article is a deliberate attempt to antagonize further and has not gone unnoticed.  If legal action becomes necessary, I will be seeking court costs and damages, jointly and severally.

A copy of this correspondence has been filed with my attorney.


Michael Stack


A Post Coming Up Later “Then And Now”

See You In A Little While

Just A Bit Of An Update With A Bit Of A Laugh At A Big Bit Of Failure

How the Imbroglio Bandits Bit the Bait Unbeknownst To Both!

How #Kookpocalypse Then May Have  Become #Kookpocalypse Today,Tomorrow, and To The Fourth Degree !

How Did #Kookpocalypse Stand Up To All Of The Pre-Event Hype?

How Did Certain Individuals Respond To The Allegations Contained Within? And To Whom?

How Certain Opinions STACK UP ……And FALL DOWN………In  Rank And File Organizations!

It’s Gonna Be A Mind Scrambler!!

@jgibsondem Replies And Stands By His Smear Of Me


Add This To The Lawsuit File

Although this piece of literary  trash has floated around since June, I never looked at it closely enough to notice the parts that stood out at me as they did this evening.

It’s from a blog called “DanaBusted”,(The author says as follows)  “This Blog is about the lies of Dana Loesch. Her fibs are called out full-stop on this blog.”  (Fibs, LOL)

It also makes sure to point out that it is not a “stalker blog”.

I screen capped all of this and have done what I needed to do with it. This post is for you to see some of the awful, defamatory ,untruthful things that have been said about me, with no recourse at all. How they print these outrageous lies and slander but cry like babies when you defend yourself is pure hypocrisy. But the hypocrisy and the attacks against me always  seems like it  traces back to…………..The Daily Kos. Yes………Show you that in a second.

I first discovered the DanaBusted Blog and saw on the sidebar that there was another blog/blogger attached to it  The JGibson Blog . As I looked at the Blogroll on the left, I saw The Daily Kos, and something told me that he must be a Diarist. Sure enough, my hunch was correct.

Mr. Gibson’s Kos Profile

Notice that on his blog he said “it’s not a stalker blog”? But, notice, 17 Dana Loesch tags, “Dear Dana Loesch”,  “CNN’s Dana Loesch”…on the right….

Here comes the stuff that is truly disturbing. It’s bad enough that these idiots had me guilty the day that the scandal happened, and that some are still pushing their agenda, but to print these types of things that are so vile and untrue is disgusting. If any of the following smears were true, doesn’t anyone think that they would have found more than DROPPED CHARGES ON AN ASSAULT and a DWI???

Please notice “ notorious child molesting sexist pervert Mike Stack” was a link. It has been scrubbed…It went back to …..THE DAILY KOS!!!! A post from 6/3/2011. I will comment on that in my next post.

 Another sickening lie:  “but not limited to: assaulting his girlfriend, engaged in obscene behaviors, moderated (his username was redgoat), and allegedly engaged in underage sex

Smear number three: ” That of course explains why his BFF online is a lover of incest pornography, right?

Well let me tell you that Mike Stack has been for a long time associated with extreme and illegal porn (non-consensual sex/rape, incest etc..).

This link and statement, “The biggest question is why the hell did she let a known creep go on her radio show to spew his dangerous lies without rebuttal? , goes back to my old friend, and Jgibson fellow stalker of Dana Loesch, St.Louis Activist Hub.(Adam Shriver) But, it has been scrubbed, also. Why all the scrubbing, fellows? I’m not going to forget about you guys in the lawsuits. I promise. Because there are real ones just starting to simmer. Thanks for leaving all of this stuff up long enough for you  to exercise your right to  freedom of speech and for me to #occupyacourtroom.

Check out@JGibsonDem on Twitter.

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