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The First Three Wolfe Sent To Me–Part 2-Tuesday

Tuesday Part II

After being assisted by the photographer who owns the copyright to the photos used to smear and defame me,along with her six emails threatening a lawsuit ,the post was finally deleted.

The photographer informed me that “tuffsnotenough” contacted her many times, even after she asked him not to.(apparently contacting her to try to convince her of my guilt). Finally,she gave me the email address that he kept using to contact her. Here is that part of the email:

i will share with you, if i haven’t already, the email address that tuffsnotenuff provided me:

Beccanet?  Where have I heard “Becca” before? I thought and I thought and I thought. A few days later it hit me-and the first email I’d ever saved from the entity named Dan Wolfe came into memory.

I searched “beccanet” first and found a few results

One of the more interesting ones–

You can reply here. Or to beccanet at the …

This One– (hey–vets74 again)

try me — beccanet at hotmail dut com by vets74, Tue Jan 15, 2008 at 04:40:07 PM PST (0+ / 0-) She’s a good singer. by Casey, Thu Jan 17, 2008 at 08:52:51 AM PST …

At Firedoglake– (tuffsnotenuff) (we now have both of my antagonists here)

beccanet/hotmail — s’il vous plait. BeachPopulist January 31st, 2011 at 2:14 pm …

Then the search of gave me some very interesting clues……

 Google Search

Occupy Wall Street connected to tuffsnotenuff to vets74?

Hmmmm…Kossack Diarist and #OWS-er?

How does this tie to a girl named Becca Rutenberg? Let’s see:

-Another young woman who is a fan of Anthony Weiner

-Did she say or do something to get on Dan Wolfe’s radar?

-Did Rep.Weiner ever follow her, or vice versa?

-Did she respond to #WeinerYes ?

-Did she RT many Weiner tweets?

-Just how BIG of a Rep Weiner fan was she?

-Was this a set-up?

QUICK TEASE-Becca Rutenberg

beccaruuBecca Rutenberg


Next post– We answer these questions and look at the next woman — Feministabolous (Kos diarist)


The First Three Wolfe Sent To Me–Part 1

This is a post that sets out to introduce to you, the reader, the first three girls that were “offered up to me” to try to expose to the world as “groupies”/”crushes” of Rep. Weiner. This was right around the time that the person known as “Dan Wolfe” asked me to RT his “rumor” about the possible scandal in the works.

The second goal of this post is to show a connection between these girls, the Daily Kos, and an email to the photographer who took the pictures in the Democratic Underground thread intended to smear me. Hopefully, its easy enough to understand.




I didn’t think much of this because it was the first time he had sent an email pointing out a specific group of young women. He had found the real teen known as “M ___________” already. To the best of my knowledge, I don’t think he RT’d this list of women.  I didn’t really understand his plans at the time and found  suspicious the “If you tweet them to me with an extension I can retweet. ” comment. I didn’t know why he wanted to do this and I left it alone.

I have made this assertion for a very long time now that DW wanted me to tweet something so that he could RT it–many times over. There is the proof that he not only asked/mentioned it, but he joked about the fact that it would be done “multiple” times.

I never really looked at those attachments and women’s names. It wasn’t until some things happened in October of 2011 that the connection continued to stand out and it lead back to a few old friends……..


Read up on these till the next post…..

“vets74″ – Democratic Underground Poster AND Daily Kos Diarist Stranded Wind

vets74, Stranded Wind, and Certitude

Inciteful Troll Is Inciteful–UPDATED

Reporter’s Flickr Account Hacked – Before/After Photos

Today-The First Three Girls Dan Wolfe Emailed Me About

For some reason, two out of the three were never mentioned again .

Why they are important to my expose and their connection to the Daily Kos, vets74 ( as usual) The Democratic Underground smear of me, and the email address used to contact photographer Cheryl Biren that helped open up this can of worms.

NEW Post Nikki Reid / Gennette Cordova / Dan Wolfe -Get Your Story Straight!

Thanks to a heads-up tipster (@Blackburnsghost)  a critical lapse in judgement/continuity of which sock was talking to whom and when…..

Dan Wolfe/Joe Brooks Conversation 06/04/12   Go to 10 24:34

10: 34:24 PM) dwp676740 Mike said they had lined up some top Democratic Donor of Weiner’s that paid young girls to entertain DEMS. They said it was gonna come out this past Tuesday. It never did

On Tue, Aug 2, 2011 at 2:08 PM, Gen Cor [ REDACTED]> wrote:

Hey Mike,

I understand. I want you to know that I never had any ill intentions towards you or anyone else for that matter. I’m sorry for all of the crap that you had to go through during all of this.
Here’s the email:
From: Nikki Reid (
Sent: Sun 5/29/11 12:46 PM
To: Gennette.Cordova@xxxxx (Gennette.Cordova@xxxxxxx)
Hi Gennette - I wish we could IM or something because there is TONS.

(TCW- Yes,this person wishes that they could IM because then the same people who made my DW DM’s disappear could have totally wiped the conversations off of the board.-Line missing? Because she says….)

I am involved already. I trust you as my friend you won’t share this either.
Andrew Breitbart and those same crazy nutjobs all set this up. They came after me and Marianela – remember my friend?
We both had to shut down twitter yesterday.
They wanted us to make up lies and say rep weiner and one of his top DEM donors were asking/paying us to go on dates with these dems as underage girls.
They WOULD NOT stop, Gennette.
I have those messages.
I also have a screen shot that is VERY SIGNIFICANT — before I shut my twitter down – it is the convo with you and me — it is only a couple of messages — I deleted the ones where both you and I said we had crushes on rep weiner.

(TCW–wouldn’t Gennette say to this person, “Why are you screencapping our convos”?)

I left the ones were both you and I said rep weiner never flirted with either of us and this gave us both hope in politicians and politics in general that they aren’t man-whores.

(TCW–once again, if GC was totally innocent in all of this, she would have said ” I did nothing wrong. Why do we need to present false evidence to defend this man?”)

It’s only those couple tweets. I believe this is also HUGE because it shows way, way before any of thise both of us saying how he never did anything in a private DM convo.

(TCW–collusion? So he DID say stuff in a private convo?)

Of course, we both know you were never involved with him.

(TCW–Covering your ass here, setting up an alibi. “We both know…” WINK)

I know that was a hack. They actively hacked him and I am working to prove that now too.

There is proof in their twitter timelines — @patrioutusa76 @goatsred and all the rest of them.
@patriotusa76 was THE FIRST person to get the screen shot and tweet to everyone about it THE SECOND IT HAPPENED HE HAD THIS LIVE.
What are the chances that one of that group — the SAME EXACT group that have been hating on rep weiner, spewing sick things about him, harassing all of us girls for MONTHS — what are the chances that of ALL THE MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of people on twitter that @patriotusa76 is the EXACT person that catches this go down live?  PLEASE.
This was a set-up. There is ample proof in their time-lines even without the fact that Breitbart and them contact me and Marianela.

(TCW -she is sure that it was a hack, a setup. But she was screencapping their convo and deleting other traces of conversations about AW being involved with them–it almost sounds like NR knew ahead of time to get rid of all of her stuff)

I can tell you more but tell me what you think of all this so far????
BIG right?
I am involved. Too late.

(TCW–Something deleted? “Too late?” )

I also went back and did some digging of my own.

Two different conversations. 

Three different people who did not know one another.

Two different stories.


(TCW–How did Nikki know this information before Dan Wolfe gave it in the interview? Wouldn’t they both  have told the same story if they “claim” that it came from me ? Nikki said THEY.. Dan never said that the story changed, or that he was unsure.He said directly what he claims that I told him.)

” 10: 34:24 PM) dwp676740 Mike said they had lined up some top Democratic Donor of Weiner’s that paid young girls to entertain DEMS. They said it was gonna come out this past Tuesday. It never did” (06/04)

Nikki Reid To Gennette–” They wanted us to make up lies and say rep weiner and one of his top DEM donors were asking/paying us to go on dates with these dems as underage girls”(05/29/11 12:46 PM)

TCW–What I was TOLD by Dan Wolfe is that he found a donor of Anthony Weiner’s that had connections to the porn industry and was donating large sums of money to his campaign. This was allegedly during the time when AW was known as a “playboy” on the Washington/New York circuit. This was strictly while he was single and around the time the news reported that he was “flying in models” to go to various events and dropping his name and status as a Representative to any woman who would listen.

Dan Wolfe was an Anthony Weiner authority. He knew who his biggest contributors were and it wasn’t until I really started digging that certain “followers” of his that had ties to different industries became clear to me. I will post these links and screenshots today.

The Dan Wolfe original emails that I own also pick holes in the Wolfe-Brooks chat.

So,Neal Rauhauser Sent Me Another Email Today………

I’m not going to continue being  bullied by you Neal. I have not committed any crimes, nor am I covering up for the ones “I didn’t commit”. I’m putting this out here so people become more and more aware of what you do and what you are.

I’ll wait here for you to give me a list of my crimes. Out in the open. No more emails.

“Weinergate” (this time) Kos Commenter “vets74″

I’ve been told that I have developed a keen eye since the Weinergate Hoax took place. I didn’t see it coming , but learned afterwards to save the all the  words that speak untruths and lies about me. What I have found,however, after poring through tens of thousands of the screen caps, are some remarkable coincidences and language that just make what happened to me seem even more diabolical.

First Set vets74 commented “Conspiracy”-To take down a sitting Congressman?-I’ve heard this alot..”Misrepresentation of indentity”-By all means. (like the fake teens sent to me?) unmitigated glee at a situation that is how many days old?  Judge and Jury-“vets74″

Screencap #2–vets74 ” I like suing people” “No way these girls get less than $100,000. From each conspirator”. (can fake girls sue? do they get stimulus money? )

Appearing before that comment is “Babsnc” “Babs”? Do I know of anybody with the nickname “Babs”? Nah. Can’t be…Why would anybody use an “obvious nickname obvious?” She picks up the meme of harassment, and mentions the “girls mother”..But doesn’t the “mother” come later in the story?

Screencap 3 –With logic like this, and all the Kos Kids putting their heads together,this “crime” should have been solved in a day. Ironically enough, this poster “Organized Crime” knows down to the very minute DW or someone would be sitting at their computer. Why? How? Could they have sent a text over a VOIP ? Then an email? Hmmmmmm…….An interesting topic

Unwavering support for the victim, Gennette. Until AW comes out on the 6th and admits to sending the picture. Hints that “Veronica” might be graduating college in 2012? With a degree in ethics? A veiled insinuation that the commenter makes after that “someone might be interested in her part in this”…BTW- is there such a statute for “libeling a seated US Congressman”?

 Here it is, settled!!! Case closed!!!We got it! Ummmmmm…Oops……

And it begins……..

The shiteth starteth to hitteth the faneth….


Did the Weiner get saved by the Baker ?

My Lex Luthor ,vets74, rears his head in DailyKos comments about Weinergate..Same old “lawsuits and federal prosecution “ of Mike Stack rhetoric….( BTW—-I’m still not being accused of hacking Rep. Weiner, am I, “vets”?)

Responses to the questions/posts of the last few days?

The silence is deafening from one …………Lots of stuff to publish…..

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