EDiot Neal Rauhauser – in lulz he trust (UPDATED)

Neal Rauhauser’s lulzy post on qritiq’s blog: EDiots, /b/tards, Boxxy (December 8, 2011)

and the jackass who shat it out was “Ronald Ann“:  http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/Special:Contributions/Ronald-Ann

Ronald Ann’s wiki log (August 2011):

Patrick Swift Read

Greg W. Howard

This is good stuff, huh? It’s always nice to stumble upon fake Wikipedia pages dedicated exclusively to yours truly. In fact, I knew nothing about this site until doing research and asking for people to send in everything they knew about Rauhauser and his twisted methods he refers to as “social engineering”. One can only ponder who might have seen this or had it sent to them by Rauhauser and his Merry Band of Morons.

But posting anything about him that used facts and screen caps to paint a truthful picture used to bring a sternly worded “Scribd lawsuit”.  Bullying bully likes to bully.

Greg W. Howard and Pat Read do not deserve this. No one does. Rauhauser does not care. If you are on his radar,he will shoot first then “social engineer” you and your reputation to dirt.

4 Responses to “EDiot Neal Rauhauser – in lulz he trust (UPDATED)”

  1. 1 Xerthus January 10, 2012 at 1:46 AM

    “in lulz he trust” ?

    What makes you think Anonymous agrees with or even likes Neal Rauhauser? Do you think they don’t know who is wearing the political mask and who isn’t? Despite the identical-looking Guy Fawkes mutations, Rauhauser is one person with no legion behind him.

  2. 2 Xerthus January 10, 2012 at 1:35 AM

    We’re taking it all in, Joshua.

  3. 3 Joshua December 30, 2011 at 8:48 AM

    ok.. came here from the link out on Twitter.. please read!

    In defense of Pat Read, Greg Howard and the rest who were victims of the Twittergate scandal instigated by Neal Rauhauser who obviously wrote that libel you quote, all I have to say is that Pat never had any law authority investigating him. What happened was they put out his wedding info and then **he** called the cops because the comments along with the info were threatening. He and others also got threatening emails. It’s total bull that anyone had a complaint against Pat. Pat and his wife made the complaint against **them**!

    This Rauhauser is a spin-artist and is eventually going to wind up in jail, facing multiple law suits or both including dragging in all his friends who help him spread the lies and attack these people for no good reason except reporting what he’s doing to **them**!

    The research can’t be denied. It was reported on by journalists bigger than Pat! The proof is all there what Rauhauser did and he’s been taking it out on his original victims for over a year now. Everyone on Twitter from #TCOT knows at least something about what he’s done or has been attacked themselves. ASK AROUND!!! I know because I have quite a few threats to add if they want them. He’s attacked all of us!!

    I don’t know if Pat is aware of the scheme to defame him on this wiki-whatever site but I’ll reach out to him today and let him know about that and these blogs he’s posting these lies on. Greg should know too. All these people need a **swift** lesson. When it starts costing them money, it won’t be so .. what did he say??? “lulzy”? Doubt any judge is going to find this “lulzy”. This is sick lying stuff!

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